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Social Networking Membership Site

This is a website directed at Nigeria University Students in various states in Nigeria. Interface is of the utmost priority! It has to be elegant in functions and form! I dont want a site that looks like a cheap template with basically functioning tools.
I am looking to create a membership site with social network functionality, as well as a series of online web apps.
I want no flash, and I want it to run smoothly on smart phones, blackberry browser.
The regular side of the page will allow you to sign up and create a profile and select a layout from a set of templates. On this profile, you can host your pictures, interests, links to friends, bio(all like any other social networking site) as well as host videos, pictures(sort of an online portfolio) as well as list projects you have worked on or about to. The projects will usually be materials or e-books and will be linkable to friends and/or friends of friends who also want to embark on a same……

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Membership Site

Hi, am looking for someone who can complete a project(membership site) that was left halfway by the developer. Actually it was sabotaged before the guy left. so one of the problems is this error –
Warning: include(includes/dashboard_body.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/daggy86/public_html/dashboard.php on line 22

No one can login

Aside from that i also want updates on the visual aspect as well a bit on the functionality.

I need someone who knows what he is doing. a fair budget will also be appreciated

i will provide the actual details in person through private message


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WordPress Membership Site

I have domaine and hosting. I need a flexible membership site built with wishlist with different levels of membership to promote and sell webinars, programs, e-books, etc. The design concet is mine, 1st page should have logo, video + capture visitors contacts. Il accept recommendations for Premium templates, etc. No need to develop those. Should be fully linked to AWeber (includind Newsletter generation) and use PayPal (restrictions apply to shopping cart providers because we are in Europe). It must have fixed content pages, sales/squeeze pages for different products (preferably optimize press),a blog and links to Linkedin, FB and RSS feeds plus be mobile friendly. Once it is set up I will be managing it. Samples of previous similar work required.

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Paypal Membership Site

Simple Project for the right person.

We do NOT require any design and layout work.

We DO need working code.

OVERVIEW: Site will allow user to enter business listings to include: (As an example)
Level 1 Company Name, Address and Phone
Level 2 they can Add all the above plus a Website Link and brief Description
Level 3 they can Add all the above plus A small Logo and Google Maps Locator


Need Admin Side and Subscriber Side.

Admin will be able to Modify any Account including blocking the ip for spam
Admin will be able to modify Subscription Packages (Add/Edit/Create/Delete)

Subscriber will be able to modify their own accounts and information with login.
Password recovery is required.
Subscriber will be able to upgrade the package at anytime
Subscribers information will be available as long as they are paid to date and current
If and When the subscription runs out, their info (Listing) will NOT be available for public viewing.

You must enter "I read this whole thing" for your bid to be considered.

We use LIVE CHAT support AFTER we have chosen a provider – NOT BEFORE!

If you develop a successful working site – YOU might get 2 or 3 more minimum. And we will py the same price again.

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Install/Setup Membership/Subscription For Joomla Site

I need a solid, easy to manage membership/subscription component installed and setup on my Joomla website. I have tons of content, I have about 10 membership levels that need to be setup.

I need the tool to allow customers to easily pay with credit card (if via Paypal, I need a method that doesnt require customers to create a paypal account)

The tool must be able to add subscribers to Aweber email list (I have Joomla Aweber plugin installed).

I must be very professional and the subscription process must have limited steps.

I have Joomla AEC subscription tool currently installed, but I am flexible as long as its a good tool.


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Get Traffic And Signups For Membership Site


I want to get Signups PAID AND TRAFFIC that
is targeted to one of my sites that i will reveal
if i find somebody with good background with marketing online.
This will be long time project and always be paid on time always
if expected goals are reached – 100 signups is a must in a month.

This is exampel of a site i could have !!

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Rapidweaver Membership Site

I have developed a site in Rapidweaver. I want the site to have paid limited membership access. Members will be given 6 months access to the site for a fee. I would need access to the site to be limited to Username/Password and allow for only one member at time to use that Username/PAssword and a limited number of places a Username/Password could connect from. The site replaces a text for a course and I want to limit Username/Password as much as possible. I use a Paypal business accont rightnow for sale of the paperback text. I do not have any skills for this. I know there are a number of relatively inexpensive products out there to do this but dont know the best one to use or how to use it.

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Site Modification And Feature Insertion

I have this site

need membership feature and little bit modification in the code required..

i need it done asap..

consider it a small project before the big one landing in same providers dish..

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Membership Site Built And Database For Queries

Objective: To have a functioning membership website which is clean and professional in design; database to store data and run reports for end users; the site should follow best practices for SEO guidelines
General Web pages:

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WordPress Membership Site Designer Needed

I just bought a new domain and installed WordPress and the "Wishlist Member" plugin to create a members only site. I need the following…

1) I have about 80 individual articles (parsed from a 300 page ebook) I need posted. The categories are already written down. You cut and paste, categorize, and check membership level box (all given to you)
2) I need a template that is easy on the eyes (so members can stay longer) and very well organized. (I need a menu, sub-menu, and sub-sub-menu in the template that doesnt take up room unless the mouse rolls over it.) (pm me if you have a different idea for the organization and well discuss it.)
3) Setup Wishlist Membership Plug-in (most of the setting are in place. Just needs to little work to finish)
4) Make site very professional
5) Setup RSS for members (Wishlist plug-in does this for you)
6) Make it easy to post new articles
7) Leave room for expansion (I will add a few more plug-ins in the coming months)

Do a good job on this website for a fair price and well discuss my other 3 websites that still need work plus the SEO/Linkbuilding Ill need for this website directly after this project is finished.

pm me with any questions.

Happy bidding

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Web Designer For WP Membership Site

I have about 80 articles I needed cut and pasted into a new website inside menus/submenus. You must create the menus and submenus, cut-and-paste the articles inside, as well as install a few other plugins/widgets.

If youre proficient at WP this project should take you about 2 hours.

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Template Integration (For A Membership Site)

Hi There,

I have a membership site and I want to change it "Front End" design or look.

I already have a sliced template (HTML) that I want to use. I just need someone to integrate it on my site. and add some more CSS coding for all kind of text styles and content. as well as make the signup box work.

The membership scrip im running is: EasyMemberpro So please visit their site and enter their demo to see how much work it might be.

My site and the Template link will be provided to the bidders only.

Im looking to spend about $30 to $40 for the integration.


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Need Framework For Membership Site Set Up

We are looking only to get a shell website, with the framework, site, and design set up, with membership functionality and affiliate functionality. We will add our product and product functionality later.

You need to have some experience in designing membership sites with monthly renewals. Please do NOT show us a portfolio full of templated Zencart, WordPress, and Joomla sites. We need more professional foundations to handle many members since most of services are going to free.


Site should be Ajax and have the same quality and functionality as these sites:
– (yes, you know this one)

We need:
– Graphic design of home page only (to see what you can do)
– Design the database for the site
– Payment gateway integration using script (or if you have a better membership script)
– Development of some static pages (that could possibly be access through CMS)
– Allow for integration of an affiliate script using iDevAffilate script at (or suggest a better one)


– Allow users to sign up to the website by entering their name, email address, contact numbers, address etc. and passing a disclaimer
– Allow user to pay for membership (handled by script).
– Upon confirmation of payment, the users will receive a verification/confirmation email with a link to the login page with User ID (Email address) and password
– Allow users to login to the website using username (email address) and password
– Allow users to change password and retrieve forgotten password
– Allow users to login to the website and edit personal information
– Allow users to access a control panel (that will have functionality added later)
– Allow users to access an accounting page showing their payments and expiry time


– The back end admin panel that will be accessible using a unique username and password hidden the users of the site. – There should be several admins accounts possible
– Allow admin to login to the website and change password
– Allow admin to retrieve forgotten password
– User Management: Allow admin to add/edit/delete users on the website via the admin control panel, and see what the users see
– Allow admin to view payment transactions made on the website


– The back end super admin panel that will be accessible using a unique username and password hidden from the users and admins of the site. There should be only one Super Admin account
– Allow super admin to login to the website and change password
– Allow super admin to retrieve forgotten password
– User Management: Allow super admin to add/edit/delete admin levels, and user levels, on the website via the super admin control panel
– Allow super admin to view all accesses of the admin level and user level areas

You must have FULLY COMPLETED sites in your portfolio, not just minor jobs. Please have some examples of sites that you have done, that are similar as the ones described above.

Again, we are only looking for a Shell website, with all the design, tabs, membership script ready, support script ready, affiliate script ready, and design of the Home Page only. We will add the Product implementation and designs on other static pages later, after we see what you can do.

We only do membership sites, so a person with a good working knowledge of this type of site could get other similar jobs from us.

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Paypal IPN Membership Site

I need a membership site preferred to based on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal with the following feature.
1. Membership signup can be FREE or paid a fee using Paypal.
2. Member are provided with instruction how to setup their paypal account IPN setting and member profile setting (IPN verification) for them to sell products using paypal
3. Each Member selling products and receiving payment using paypal. We need to record the sales and customers info eg Shippment address (From PayPal IPN) into MySQL.
4. Admin can see all members sales transactions and Members can only see their own sales transaction.

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Web Directory Membership Site Based On Joomla

Design and build of a web directory website.

The website should be built on Joomla and ideally use existing open source or commercial products – Community Builder, SOBI2 for example – customised for the task. If heavy customisation is necessary this should be through modules or plugins that are separate to the main components to allow necessary upgrades in future.

The Joomla template will need to be developed from the visual design provided. It must be possible to install a different template in future if needed, without a re-design.

The directory will have several, customisable levels of membership, including Free, and then a number of paid levels: probably 3. Payment will be taken through a Paypal account. The data that can be entered will vary per level and should be customisable from a set of fields that can be changed in future. These will include text, radio button, pull down list, URLs and uploadable files, such as images.

The directory will have a customisable level of categories, and users will be able to list their details in one or many categories, depending on their membership level. It must be possible to select several categories, and how many categories can be selected must be linked to membership level, and customisable.

The directory will also have geographic areas as one of the primary fields. This must be customisable by the administrator. It must be possible to select several geographic areas, and how many area can be selected must be linked to membership level, and customisable.

Additionally, users will have the option of selecting additional services they wish to purchase. These services must be customisable in terms of description, price, options, information required and whether they are renewed on a periodic basis (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) or on a one-off basis. These additional services should be able to be marketed to existing users through a combination of online information provided on the website when they login (e.g. through text and images) and through email marketing (see below for more on this).

All users data should be maintained in such a way that it is able to be used for email marketing. This can either be done by integrating a further component for this, or enabling the data to be extracted for loading to a further component. Currently our preferred component for this is Phil Taylors ListMessenger, though you may recommend another with explanation of why this should be chosen.

The directory must have SEO capabilities built-in, again ideally utilising an existing SEO tool customised, or using well documented customised code. SEO must be possible for the overall website, per category, per geographic area, and per users individual listing details.

Documentation must be provided to show how the customisation has been achieved and can be used. Documentation for open source or commercial products used isnt necessary.

This is the first of many projects.

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WordPress Real Estate Membership Site

Looking to hire a wordpress / php developer to finish off a site that is in progress.
The base of the site is complete (post property listings, search for listing etc), however many things remain to be completed , such as having listings expire after a certain amount of time, email notification on expiring, saved searches to member profiles , some more work on google maps integration in the site. Plus finish off the permissions based on user role / purchased access level. As well as set up the transactions through Pay Pal, either using Foxycart or perhaps a plugin for wordpress.

Im the graphic designer of the project, so would be handling all the skinning of templates, Im just looking for someone to help finish off the functionality and to help get this project launched for the client.

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Creating Web Membership Site

Our company is looking for somebody who can
create a special web site for us.
This web site includes:
1. membership
2. inside currency for members
3. tracking with other affiliate networks
4. sending invitation to other people

Our new web site need to be almost the same as this one:

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Payment Implementation For My Membership-site

Setting up a new membership site based on wordpress using the wishlist member plugin.

I need two custom payment implementation for the site:

1. clickbank (already integrated with the plugin).

(is not yet integrated with the plugin, so you must write the code for this)

You bid on setting up the site untill it runs without problems
(the plugin is installed already and there are only some small bugs to fix)
and the full integration of the two payment options mentioned above.

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Getting Signups To A New Membership Site

I have just purchased a PLR to a membership software site which allows members to create an unlimited new sites quick and easy. Every month they will get new templates, products etc which they can use in there own sites, and almost everything is done ready for them.

For details pls see my URL:

The monthly membership fee is Usd 27,- and there is also an affiliate program included which will make them 50% commission for each new sign up.

I am not familiar with how to get traffic, and will need help in the beginning to have signups.

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Flash Interactive Membership Site

We have the front page flash animation with audio
which needs to lead to the registration page which we have the graphics for
once registered the site needs to send out an email to complete registration which we also have
Once a registered person is logged in they can change their personal profile charactors look which we have already got and then they can go to the map which we also have
Once on the map they need to be able to click into places on the map and have their charactor enter into the games, so far we have two games
The scores from the game need to record to add coins to their profile so they can spend their money at the shop to buy new clothes or enter a dance club
we want the members to be able to chat to each other so it is interactive and hold up to 10 friends in their friends list, we must be able to disallow certain words and phrases as this is a kids website
Each month we need to add a new game
While registration is free it only allows them to play games not store points and not choose certain items in the catalogs so we also need a function for memberships which is different to registrations
we need a news page which we will supply the graphic for which admin must be able to enter in info which will slot into an area of the graphic
The site must be able to automatically send out membership info and close off the extra functions to a registration once membership ends

There will be on going work on this site with additions and changes so we are looking for someone who works well with flash and we can strike up a good long term relationship with

We already have our animator for this project so it is really the functions and putting it all together

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Online E-books Library With Membership And DRM – Joomla CMS

Calling all Joomla experts….

I would like to setup a website using Joomla CMS offering membership on online IT ebook library.
Distribution of ebooks will be strictly controlled by a DRM (Digital Rights Management).
Members will only be permitted to download and read e-books on a single user and a single computer basis. Printing by default will be prevented.

I will also need some on-page basic SEO to be done on the website (permalink, meta description, etc).
Dont worry about the off-page SEO (such as building backlins), I will arrange that on a different project.

I have almost everything needed for this project. I already have the web hosting, joomla template, membership plugin, as well as the DRM plugin. I have not purchase the DRM plugin, but I have done the research and I already have a choice on the DRM plugin.

The membership plugin will be from:

The DRM plugin will be from:

The only missing is the additional SEO plugin (if not using the default SEO feature), and I am open to any suggestion.

I will buy and provide all the plug-ins, basically what I need on this project are:

1. Install all the plugins, integrate and making sure everything is working properly. I might enable all the features available on the plugin, such as I might need to set/offer a package on membership access only for a specific topic/subject.

2. Lots of downloading and uploading work, since all the materials (hundreds could be thousands of ebooks), are hosted somewhere else on a 3rd party (I will provide you with the username and password for this). You will also be responsible on making sure that the content is in pdf format (might need reliable converter from .chm to .pdf, as some ebooks are in .chm format) and also making sure that there are no duplicate content. You will need a high speed Internet connection to speed up the download and uploading work.

3. I might also use a newsletter/email marketing system which I already have and hosted somewhere else, integration most likely will be very simple, only by providing external http link to subscribe to our newsletter.

I have a very limited budget and I dont believe this is a complicated job. Most time you will spend is on downloading and uploading the materials.

You may take a look at my website at

I will be waiting for your bidding and when you bid, besides the price, please mention the estimate completion time for this job as well as some similar project reference (if any).


Note: since I am located in Indonesia, I would prefer the job is taken by Indonesian people purely for easier control and communication. However, I am still open for any bid from around the world.

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Membership Site – Paypal Pro API

I am looking for someone who can incorporate PayPal Pros REOCCURRING API into my already designed and CSS coded website. I have the design and CSS code completely done, I just need the front end membership and initial charge scripted in php and the admin area done. In the admin area i need to be able to add new members, re-activate existing cutovers whos card has declined (manually) and search for users.

If you have never had any experience with PayPal Pro please do not bid on this project, Im 2 weeks past my dead line as it is and I need someone who can confidently get this project done asap!

I will send you all of the php files and CSS, again I just need the script to work and input information into the MySQL database.

Looking to have this deon for under $250 and within a week.

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Plugin For A Membership Site

I would like a plugin developed to connect my members with each other through blog posting to each other from the main membership site. The plugin will be given to each member who are interested in connecting with other members. You also have to make sure the plugin is interfaced to work with the membership site.

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