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Shopify Assistance

I have an online store with SHOPIFY and need a small task done (it is just over my head) which involves using their editing program LIQUID or HTML ( I am pretty sure).
I have had various people help me put the online store
together and revise various issues along the way…am delighted to find this method of finding help.

Am not a computer whiz, but am looking for someone who is and can do this task for me. Im pretty sure what you need to know is HTML, but cant promise you that.!
Like I said, this is just not my specialty, which is why I need you.

Im fairly certain it wont take more than 1 hour, 2 tops.

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SimpleXML Function Config And Php Project Support.


Im building a demo website to show some off back end functionality, the demo site is html and php.
Its a long time since I built a site and never in php before, so im looking for some assistance.

The first task is to add a php function to render some external xml content to connect the demo to some external cms content.

Id like a simpleXML function where i can easily specify the end point.

Although this task is simple, probably around 30 mins work, id like to chat (IM) through the process so may take a little longer.

Following the initial task there will be several other items to attend to so Im looking for someone to support me through the rest of the build too. Although unceratin what this will contain at present.


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Costume Pledge "component" In CiviCRM

We need to make costume pledge "web page" or "component for CiviCRM.

We have CiviCRM integrated into joomla 1.5. but this is not so simple like we want-to (our old sistem (not on civicrm) worked better:

What is to do: When potential donor come to the page see:
1. monthly amaount a)10EUR b)15EUR c)30EUR d)50EUR e)100EUR f)other amaount (but not less than 10EUR)
2. i want to make transation every a )month (possible only for b and c paymend process) b) 3 month c) half year d) year

And CiviCRM should send remainder (how much is to pay, for whic date exct) for his "plan" till someone cancell it. Now it works so only with paypal but not works with off line payment.

3. choose how to pay a) off line thru e-bank (CiviCRM should send always automatic personalized e-mail for reminder) b) pay offline with Diners card (we don

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Opencart And Igt Intregation (for Irimia Sebastian)

U already know.

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Stock Quote Conversion…


We are looking for java to Flash converstion..
of stock quote…given below from the url……to be added in our website

example :

also let us know the requirement & price…
+ time… to be taken to complete the project…

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Only For Arunbkumar

You know what to do

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Private Project For Shreesoftech

I need a software developer with experience in C#.NET,ASP.NET,PHP, VB.NET, SQL [MS SQL server, MS Access]

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Monthly Provider Of Backlink Packages


Let me be very clear. I DO NOT want YOU to build the links! I will build the links MYSELF but I want the forums to post my links on.

I would like a monthly provider of Paul & Angelas backlinks, 200 working forums per month. So these need to be the packages with the links so I can build the links MYSELF.

See : to see such a provider as per my request. I already have his package and the one from Angela. And the one from Terry. So if they are the same as those i will be deleting and not paying any month. I need unique domains and quality.

– If one of them doesnt work I want a replacement site for that site.
– They all need to be .com, .edu TLD (Only english language sites)
– They need to be PR4+ to PR9 (I will be checking)
– Register Page has to be provided
– Screenshots of where to post the links
– Need them every single month without exceptions

– If you are up to the job I would like another Package of PR6 to PR9 sites, these I want every month also and would like 50 fresh ones every month. Same as above so only .com, .edu, Replacement etc.

You do not have the right to resell these package to anyone else. If you have any other offers please let me know. I want a long term business relationship and will be a good customer for allot of months to come if you provide me with quality. I would like to pay through paypal and I will make a recurring payment.


11/07/2010 at 5:06 EST:

I Will Delete Any Comment That Does not begin Their reaction with : LWLPackage

If this is not in the comment I will delete your bid instantly. You need to read everything before reacting.

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Supplier For 5,000 Aluminium Cans (300ml Slimline) W Print

I have created an innovative beverage. I am looking to manufacture 5,000 cans for promotional use only.

The aluminium can suppliers (Visy and Amcor) in Australia have a minimum 80,000 order.

I need 5,000 cans only (give or take a few thousand). I have the designs which need to be printed on the can.

Here is a link of the can I need:

If you know a beverage filler that would fill the 5,000 cans there is a bonus otherwise I am just after the 5,000 printed aluminium cans.

Please give me an indicative cost price.

I am offering money (finders fee) for the person who sources a company that will do the above.

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Scraper For DeliverIT

You know what this is

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PhProject 6 Installed On Dreamhost (in Subdomain)

I am needing someone to install PHProject 6 on my shared dreamhost account in a subdomain.
When I do this, it appears that everything is going fine and then after the setup, I get the following error all throughout the subdomain . . .

You dont have permission to access /htdocs/index.php on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I need this done immediately . . . please help.

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Singer / Vocalist For 50 Songs (Pop, Classical, Love, Reggae

We have 50 sensational songs that we seek to put vocals on. The songs are a variety of genres, and for different endeavors we have (inde movies, tv pilots, album demos, single and album releases, PSAs, commercials).

You will sing either the lead, choruses, verses. Sometimes youll do all of these, at other times youll do one the choruses and verses, or bridges and verses.

In addition to the payment you receive from this bid, well also pay a one-time bonus if any song you perform on goes RIAA Gold.

Legal: We own and will continue to own all copyrights and publishing rights in the songs.

Technical: a) You will receive an MP3 mix of the song, with rough vocals and music. You will also receive the vocals as individual MP3 files so that you can hear the arrangements individually. c) Finally you will also receive the lyrics color-coded so that you know exactly which vocals to sing.

What you should send us: a) You must be able to record the vocals using a professional microphone, and send us .wave files of your vocals. b) Each wave file must be a separate vocal track.

On this project, we are replacing a Freelancer singer who did not work out at all.

When you bid be sure to include samples of your singing.

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Pligg Design

This ia a very simple posting

I am looking for someone REAL Good With either PLIGG CMS or PHPLD software

They must be able to work side by side with me on SKYPE or Telephone, so that we can see design changes at the same time-(High Speed connection CRUCIAL)

This is a short 2-4 hr job and if all works out, there will be more work for you every month

Time need is Sept 9th-13th to complete job, but more after

Please apply with qualifications. If you can HONESTLY say that you know PLIGG or PHP with your eyes closed, then you are who I am looking for

Post Hourly pay you are willing to work for, and lowest bids will be considered FIRST
Thank you

John B

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Should know about the basics of finance etc

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Oscommerce Add-ons And Store Editing

Need someone to install a few add ons to my store and some simple website modification.

Very easy tasks if you know php and how oscommerce work

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Earn Around 100$ By Just Finding Advertisers

Purehack is an International Blogging Company with blogs on several niches.We are looking for freelancers who can bring advertisers to our blog on the topic "Increase Windows 7 Speed".Our Blog is listed in the first page,when you search google for the keyword "Increase Windows 7 Speed".Here is the link to our blog:

We will be paying you through paypal or credit card.And we pay you 80% of what the advertisers you bring to us pay.As all of you know it is not difficult to get advertisers for a blog that ranks high in goolgle for its niche,so we will be closing this bid soon,when we get sufficient number of advertisers[we allow maximum of 2 adcertiments only to appear in our blog].

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Satellite T.V. Instructions

I need somebody who is currently getting ALL the satellite channels to describe the terminology and answer my questions. I want to know what the options are and what communication methods are required. Everything can be done via a chat session.

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Corporate Warfare – How To Defend/attack In The Cyberspace

Looking for a provider to write a book of 100 pages, 400 words on the topic of corporate cyberwar.
The book should cover the following
1. use of black hat and white hat strategies to win the competition
2. need to protect oneself from a cyber attack
3. need to know the vicious cyberwar tactics that can attack you

Interested provider, please send samples of relevant work done

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Only For Netcoder

As you just know

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only 4 TheAce

you know what to do

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