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Fix Windows PC Software Problems

Toshiba Satellite Laptop PSAA8A with Windows XP service pack?
Symptom : If the laptop is started with an external screen plugged into the the VGA port the external screen (a Samsung LCD ) comes up in a low resolution mode and the only way to fix it is to restart it without the screen plugged in. On another laptop (Acer Aspire 5738PZG running Windows 7) a similar thing happens but the problem can be resolved if the external screen is switched to portrait and then back to landscape.

Solution required: A fix that allows the Satellite laptop to start up with the external monitor plugged in and still provides support for the maximum resolution supported by the external monitor.

Symptom: When starting Visio 2010 it appears to run all the install/setup/config programs that I have used over the last X months? I have to kill about 50 processes before it runs as it should. I have unistalled Visio and reinstalled it but to no effect.

Solution required: Make Visio 2010 start as normal.
LabView remote panels do not work with Trend micro running, provide a workaround to enable these to work compatibly.

Please specify your quote for each or all tasks.


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Symbian/Qt Application

This would consist of a Symbian/Qt application that is used by the instructor to take the attendance of the students registered in the class by discovering their Bluetooth mobile devices. In first time of using the application, the laptop of instructor will ask each student about their ID and password via mobile , in order to register their unique Bluetooth Mac address in database beside their name , ID, event of attendance(absent, attended) and mobile number. Next times the application will discover the Bluetooth Mac address without asking about user name and password. Once the student is registered in database a message will be sent to mobile of laptop with

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Patient Record DataBase


I am a medical doctor and I need a database to keep track of my new customers, returning customers, the items they purchase, the costs, revenue, demographic information, date of visit, number of visits, and reports etc. I have around 100 new customers/patients visiting my clinic everyday. Moreover I want this solution to be able to run on my windows based laptop and my ipad.

So essentially in my office i use my laptop where i ll be entering data into the DB but then once i am traveling i ll copy the DB in my flash drive and connect it to my Ipad to view and update my customers info in case they call me.

This company should also be well established since I will probably need updates done from time to time in the future.



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Laptop Parts Information Data Entry

You would go on The Laptop manufacturers website and copy detailed information off every model listed.
For example we would need to know the laptops, Ram type and capacity, LCD screen type, Hard drive size and type. The information should be provided to us in an Excel sheet.

We would decide the amount of models harvested per hour and pay accordingly.

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Technical Support For Computer/Laptop

This project involves calling to USA customers and if they are facing any kind of problem with their windows computer/laptop then fix up those problems on the spot if you can else we have the technical team also for it. Later on we have some subscription plans which will provide complete technical support for future which you will have to sell them also.

I am looking for the people/team/call centers who have technical knowledge for this project and can do it.
People/Teams/Call Centers from India would be preferred.

Leads and training would be provided.

If anyone has the experience with this campaign then let me know .But if you dont have experience with this campaign then dont worry I will provide you the training, just you should have basic technical knowledge about computer/laptop and operating system and a little bit of experience with any sales campaign so you can understand how to make a sale.

Commission: Between 15% to 35% of the generated revenue.
Weekly payment.
Very good opportunity to earn because we have very good subscription plans to generate good revenue.It totally depends how do you show your technical skills to the customers and how do you convince them.

I need immediate start up.


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Shopping Cart For Laptop Website

I will need a simply shopping cart for my laptop sales company. any cart will do just as long as it will be functional, look good, can customize header and footer and can intergrate the following payment options:

1. form for offline credit card payments
2. Bank/wire transfer
3. Western union

There should be a add to cart and view cart system and ultimately a checkout system

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2 Banners Designed For Laptop Sales Company

The banners will need to be professional and in 2 sizes 468 x 60 and also 728 x 90 all info will be given at end of bidding. full payment will be released at jobs completion

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Laptop Bags

Project is of designing bags ( backpacks, toploaders) for laptops. Person with knowledge of material like nylon/polyester will be an added advantage.

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20 Short Laptop Repairing Articles

I am looking for someone to write 20 quality articles based on a list of keyword phrases
related to Laptop repairing.
Each article must be a minimum of 200 words and up to 300+ words in length and use
the keyword density rules supplied by me.
The goal is to create relevant articles that readers feel are informative that also do well in
the search engines.
All content you provide must be original and publishable by me with no fear of infringing
on someone

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Internet/LAN Data Filtering And Sharing Gateway

I need a win32 console application written in C/C++ that can compile with Visual Studio 6 and run on Windows XP and Windows 7. It is a console application, so NO nice user interface, just a text interface (printf, cin, cout) with configuration taken in a config.ini text file.

The application must enable Internet connection sharing via any standard Windows computer. Example: I

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EBay Advertisement Layout Design Template

Want someone that is experienced in doing templates and similar ebay advertisements.

I want similar to these sites


Only need a HTML template of the layout and colour scheme. I can provide photos for you but would also like to make them detailed like in those examples

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WordPress CMS Design

This project is to design and built a website for WordPress. It will be a comparison site and therefore must not look like a standard blog. WordPress will be used as a CMS system for the site.

The site will be a "free laptop comparison" site targetted for the UK market only. Once the design is complete and payment is made in full I will retain 100% ownership and copyright of the site/design. It should also not have a "designed by" statement or link in the footer area.

To give you an idea, these are some websites that offer free laptop comparisons and your design structure should look something like these:

Like the examples shown above the site should have a comparison table on the top and article content at the bottom.

I will supply all content included articles and images. Ideal bidder will be a WordPress expert, good user experience and with some level of SEO understanding. All bidders please supply your example work for WordPress only.

Deadline is not important to me. If you can complete work witihin 7 days, great but if you need more time, thats not a problem as long as the maximum time is 30 days for completion.

If any bidder does a quick mock up in image format and send over the design or explains what exactly you can do to make it like a good functional CMS and also the design with great user experience, you will stand a very high chance of winning the bid.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me. Im here to help you as much as you are here to help me.

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22 Unique Laptop Related Articles – 800 Words Each

This project is to write a total of 22 articles. All articles must be 100% unique and consist of a minimum of 800 words per article.

Each individual articles must of the following subjects below:
1. Acer Laptops
2. Advent Laptops
3. Apple Laptops
4. Asus Laptops
5. Compaq Laptops
6. Dell Laptops
7. EI Systems Laptops
8. Hewlett Packard Laptops
9. Packard Bell Laptops
10. Samsung Laptops
11. Sony Laptops
12. Toshiba Laptops
13. Mobile Broadband with Laptops
14. Mobile Contracts with Laptops
15. Free Netbooks
16. Free Laptops for Students
17. Free Laptops for Businesses
18. Free Laptops on 3
19. Free Laptops on O2
20. Free Laptops on Orange
21. Free Laptops on T-Mobile
22. Free Laptops on Vodafone
One article for each subject mentioned above. The articles are for a mobile broadband website that offers free laptops when you sign up for a mobile broadband contract. You must know the UK mobile broadband market very well and also have a good knowledge on laptops. To learn more about free laptops with mobile broadband you can visit, or

There must not be any spelling or gammatical errors and your writing style must be good and creative.

If you can supply samples of your copywriting skills that will be good. Please contact me if any questions.


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Small Simple Website Needed For Laptop Sales Company

We sell 5 different products (laptops) and require a simple 2 page website (index) and contact. we will supply all images and text. this will be a simple site however it must be professional and eye catching visually. No shopping cart required just a simple buy now button for each product which we will supply.

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From My Camera To Website Live

I am reporter for some TV and i making some meeting with people , i want to
transfer the meeting from my CAMERA to my LAPTOP after that to a WEBSITE LIVE .

1.I need a software on my laptop so that if there is no meeting i will play some videos from my laptop
2.I need it in shorter time (maximum 5 days)
3.I will get(buy) any hardwares or softwares needed for this project
4.THIS PROJECT IS JUST FOR PEARSONS HOW DO THAT BEFORE because i need it in very short time.
5.You can use any language but work efficient without any problems

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Article Writers Requred To Write About Laptop, Computers Etc

Article Writers Requred to write about laptop and desktop computers and virus and malware.

Good English skills and computer knowledge is required to write articles for support section of our website.

We prefer long term writers. Please bid with your sample article and resume. Please mention how many hours you can work for this job, and your experience in article writing.

We must be able to communicate with the writer via phone after he/she has been awarded the job and article writer MUST live in the US, England or Australia and english must be their first language. We will require 10 articles to start off and 2 to 4 per week. Which means you will be bidding to write 10 articles.

Best of luck.

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Encryption Tool/software

We are looking for some to design a basic tool/software to be able to encrypt laptops, desktops and servers hard drives. We would like to be able to give employees permission to log in to their laptop or desktop but if the laptop is stolen. No one could get the information. If anyone thinks they could develop software like this and has additional security features please let us know. We need the script when completed. Price is always an issue, so please keep it as low as possible.


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Expert Network Admin Needed + PHP

This is a complex project so please read all details.

We are looking for an experienced network administrator to setup the following:

Current setup:
We have a laptop connected to the internet via a DSL modem (via at&t). In addition, this laptop is also connected to the internet via wifi (via comcast). Two internet connections, 1 laptop.

The requirement:
To enable someone to remotely use the laptops DSL connection from their OWN computer. Similar to a proxy.

If you are suggesting using teamviewer to log into the laptop to access the DSL remotely, that is inccorect. The user MUST be able to access the DSL connection like a proxy. I was told this setup is complex and may involve setting up a website where the user can login to access the DSL proxy.

When applying, please BRIEFLY describe how you plan to setup a working solution so we know you understand the project correctly.

Looking to hire ASAP. Thank you

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Article Writers Requred To Write About Laptop, Computers Etc

Article Writers Requred to write about laptop, computers etc

Good English skills and computer knowledge is required to write articles for support section of our website.

We prefer long term writers. Please bid with your sample article and resume. Please mention how many hours you can work for this job, and your experience in article writing.

Best of luck.

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Switch The Microphone Between Skype And Simple Audiochat


Im talking for Skype audio only /to chat with users only in audio/ and probably a software /script/
with which the moderator could manually /or better automatically/ change the "status" of his microphone in that way when he finishes the Skype chat, to could continue talking on the SAME microphone, for respond at the incoming mails and so one.This will be handled by Flash media encoder from his laptop /and the supposed software should be also on his laptop/.
We dont need anything else /for ex. to record the Skype sound, because it will be recorded together with the camcorders video in .flv file/
I appreciate your help, maybe you has a good idea.

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Expert Network Admin Needed

Expert Network Admin Needed

I am looking for a windows network admin to setup the following:

Current Setup:
I have a laptop connected to a dynamic DSL connection in bridged mode with teamviewer installed. I am able to renew IPs simply by running a script. This is all working perfectly.

What I Need:
I would like to be able to log in to this laptop via my wifi connection (not DSL) and once connected, use the dynamic DSL connection for internet explorer. So basicly I would use the wifi connection to connected to the laptop and the DSL to surf the internet on the laptop.

Please submit your bid for this solution. I would prefer someone to talk me through it via skype or similar. I will give you access to the laptop via teamviewer.

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Part Number Extraction

I need part information extracted from a website. The information needs to include the part number, part description, the model number to the machine it goes to and the machine type (laptop, desktop, or server). I only need laptop, desktop and server part information pulled, and I will provide a sample of exactly what information I need extracted. The website is

The file will have to be in .CVS, or in MS Access. I expect there to be several thousand lines items.

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IPad & Laptop Templates

IPad & Laptop Templates — 35 templates of each = $40

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Toshiba Laptop Does Not Open Memory Stick

Toshiba Portege M500 with Microsoft Windows on it has suddenly stopped opening USB content. The USB is visible as "removable disk" when the "my computer" is opened, but when clicked on to open, it shows the "timer" for a few seconds, however it does not open. This happens when I use several different memory sticks, however the port does recognise the plug in of a mouse.
Please ensure you have the capability to remotely login to my laptop to resolve this issue.

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Simple Website Design For Computer Sales And Repair Business

I need a simple website designed for my computer sales and repair business. I sell desktop and laptop computers and parts. My inventory is under 50 different products. I also repair desktop and laptop computers in my shop and through remote control software. I want to be able to promote and sell my products and services from this website and not overwhelm the viewer with too much information and fancy features.

The site will need to be able to accept Paypal and credit card payments and have a secure shopping cart and checkout. My domain is and it is hosted at 1And1 Networks. 1And1 Networks should be used for hosting my site unless you have more efficient and cost effective solution.

The site needs to be easy to update and manage. I think an opensource CMS could be used, but its not absolutely necessary. If you have a better and easier way to approach this, I am open to your suggestions.

My business logo can be found at .The website will need to use my logo. The colors selected when designing the website should be consistent with my logo.

My business approach is to keep things simple. I want gentle colors and smooth fonts, the overall style of the website should be easy on the eyes and not too busy. Photos and text description of my products and services will be used, products should be easy to see, read and purchase from the website.

Navigation Menus:

Home, Blog, Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Parts, Support.

Home page with company information and changing photos of computers.

Link to my blog site (

Desktop Computers:
Sub navigation to available desktop computers, Administrator ability to add and delete inventory.

Laptop Computers:
Sub navigation to available laptop computers, Administrator ability to add and delete inventory.

Sub navigation to available parts, Administrator ability to add and delete inventory.

Company contact information, link to remote control software.

Please include 4 samples of work you have in your portfolio.

I look forward to working with a professional experienced group or individual.

Thank you for your bid.

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Web Site Design For Laptop Covers

Hi There,

We are looking for someone to design a website which looks like and

We would be selling similar items such as; laptop / ipod covers

We would like the site to look and work similar to

If you could provide previous examples and have good account feedback the project will be awarded to you straight away

if you are interested please get back to me

Thank you

Nate Jones


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Installation Of Tomcat6 On CentOS5.4 Server


I need help in installing Tomcat6 on a CentOS5.4 server.

My budget for this is $30 and it should be done today.

Access to the server is through my laptop in VNC, as its behind firewall and I have VPN access. I have SSH access to the server from my laptop.

Thank you in advance.


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