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Joomla Jobs

I have a job list that have to be done. Everything have to be done in good way and work well.

This is for an Joomla webshop in virtuemart

This are the main things out of the list:

– Get the terms out of the automatic generated order email.
– Get my artciles inside my XML sitemap
– Redesign of the frontpage / homepage -> I want my latest products to be loaded inside my frontpage, latest 3 articles, and latest 3 newsletters.
– Acy mailing newsletters must come in the website under the articles section
– New Comments / review system , the standard joomla one sucks
– Install Virtuemart autoresponder module properly
– Change the autom. generated email for new registred users
– Add the share for Facebook button
– If possible i want to have an waiting list somewhere to be shown. Now people can add themself to the waiting list when a product is sold out but i cant see who is on the waiting list.

Everything need to be fixed in a maximum of 2 weeks.

Let me know if you can do it .

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==== Immediate Start ==

1) Integrate regional search filter based on area and category into our exsiting site

2) Configure and set up each section based on full JReviews functionality seen in demo-> for example ,->

* Most Recent Listings
* Most Popular Listings
* Most Reviewed Listings
* Featured Listings
* Directory
* Advanced Search
* Latest Editor Reviews
* Latest User Reviews
* Latest Comments
* Top Reviewers
* JomSocial

3) Upon completion test for full functionality by implimenting a few examples for each section

Tech Skills for this project include:

1) Good Familiarity With JReviews Script
2) Familiarity with JA TELINE 4 template
2) Good PHP/MySQL /HTML Skill Set

We are looking for long term relationship with chosen developer and can offer continued projects based on satisfactory completion of this deliverable

————- Max Budget On This Project Is $60 ———

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Favicon, Latest Members, Alpha User Point

1) My favicon shows up on Firefox, but not IE. I need someone to help me fix it.

2) Latest members module for joomla does not work. Please help.

3) I need someone to help setup the alpha user points component for joomla. Please help.


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PSD -> HTML And Latest Opencart

Hello i need programmer (urgent), from Photoshop PSD to HTML (valid + css) and to OpenCart
I need this finnished before monday.

See attached low quality design file.

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WordPress Theme Modifications

Have a multi-author news site built on WordPress, using a theme from

Need relatively minor tweaks:
– Frontpage has multiple content boxes, one box for each category. Each box displays the latest post for its respective category. I need it modified so that each box displays the latest post, as it does now, and 3 to 5 links to earlier posts below that.

– Create and configure additional ad spots. We sell our ads directly to our own advertising customers. We need more spots, and they have to be configured to work with our very standard ad management system. All ad sizes and locations on the page are very standard.

Preferences for US Military Vets, and for US citizens.

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WordPress MU Design

I have the latest version of WordPress MU on my Linux server, and I need my design theme integrated into the programming.

The design is in PHP/CSS styles on the existing website. The design will be taken from the website, and modified for the WordPress blog.

1. Blog Homepage
2. Blog Content page (with comments layout)

These pages need to be designed within the WordPress system, and render exactly as designed in the PowerPoint presentation we will supply.

The site needs to be tested within:
WIN XP – IE 7 and 8, FireFox
Win VISTA – 7 and 8, Firefox
Mac – Safari and Firefox

The project needs to be completed within 3 days of project winner acceptance.

In your opening bid, simply say "I am interested". Then make a PM with the following details. I will delete all bids who do not meet this requirement.

1. How much money to complete the project
2. When the project can be completed
3. Your latest WordPress package project website address

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Upgrade From Magento To 1.5 Latest Version

Looking for someone to assist in upgrade Magento to latest 1.5 version. Using elegance theme and one page shopping cart extension. Looking for US based company to do the job.

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Upgrade Oscommence 2.2 Version To 3.0 (or The Latest Version

Current oscommence version 2.2 shopping cart been hacking recently and i been told that the version ive got is too old and need to update to the latest version.

The new version need to be able to use Westpac Merchant online credit card facility.

and meanwhile, im thinking to change few looks for the website as well.

1. add the "news" for us to update our current information. will explain more details.
2. maybe change the interface a bit
3. add the "command" at invoice when printing out from back office. Currently just not showing the command from the customers on the invoice.
4. few small changes.

Wish to get this done asap but not urgent.

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WordPress Widget

I require a WordPress widget (and associated configuration settings page) that displays the latest text from an external rss feed and a Yes button that when a visitor to the website clicks – then it will send that latest text value to the email address inserted in the the widget configuration settings.

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Mobile App (content)

Mobile App

Music (free projects) + (pay2play)
Videos (latest videos)
News – (latest blog post) ( website )
Store – mobile store (website)



this app is for a site currently development we wish to be able to provide mobile content

for reference we recommend viewing and the datpiff mobile app for android it is the only close example we could find of what we had even begun to conceptualize

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Nice Cheap Product Website I Need Latest 2.0 Ajax

I need many websites made over the next few months.. I need someone who can make them for me for $200 a website. I need very nice and latest technology. I want cool effects when customers are looking at the images. I want an easy 1 page checkout, I want everything very simple to manage, easy to use platform

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Bollywood News, Review And Gossip Writer Needed – FROM INDIA

I am looking for a Indian Writer to write articles, news, reviews and gossip for the bollywood themed website.

You should be passionate about bollywood and follow the latest happening on bollywood. So that you can write the gossip and latest news on bollywood.

I need movies reviews as well, every seturday or by sunday. 2-3 per week, 10-12 in a month depend on the movies releases in the month.

This is a testing project, if you provide good result youll be hire for longterm for the work.

Ill pay weekly.

$5 for every 10 article/news/review/gossip you provide.

Dont use any software for spinning article, ill not pay for it.

All article need to be well written, rewrite and should be copyscaped passed.

Ill select 2-3 writer for this position.

Please bid only if you are happy with the price and the terms.

Show me your similar work in PMB or write a quick small article based on latest happening on bollywood. Need to be original or well rewritten.

Thanks for the bidding.

Happy Bidding…..

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Magento Update To The Latest Version Needed

I am looking for someone with experience in Magento Ecommerce to update Magento. We have 6-7 Magento sites installed and so we want them upgraded to the latest version as well as updating all security updates both minor and major.

Our sites have max 80 products in it at the moment but there is a part on the site that is probably done by custom magento core code which needs to be backed up incase something goes wrong.

The freelancer who takes this project must be very familiar with Magento and must know how to properly update the site including making a back up just incase something does goes wrong when updating.

We want this project to be done very soon.

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Customize A Template And Integrated CMS

I need a website that utilizes the Facebook login plugin to allow users to register to the site with their Facebook account. Upon registration the users profile picture should appear under a "Newly Registered" section that will need to be created on the homepage. A "Latest Projects" section should be created next to the "Newly Registered" section which will update based on content added in the Portfolios section of the website. The last section should move the "Latest News" area to accompany the "Newly Registered" and "Latest Projects" sections. "Latest News" should stream a feed from the Blog page.

On the top left of the page there currently is something about "Follow us on:" which is followed by different social network icons. This should be replaced with a "Login with:" code followed by a SM icon and then by the Facebook Login. Once logged in this should be replaced with a Welcome: #USERNAME.

The last modification will be editing the footer to look like header with just the website address on the left side and..

© Copyright YourSiteName. All Rights Reserved
Home | Contact | RSS (DT) Website Templates

…on the right.

The website will need a Content Management System to manage the "Newly Registered", "Latest News" and "Latest Projects" sections. The feeds MUST automatically update as content is published or as users are registered.

Im not entirely sure if the Blog web page actually works so it might need to be tweaked so I can use it as a proper Blog for my startup. Additionally, I want only registered users to be able to view the blog webpage. When an unregistered user tries to access the page they should be prompted to register or sign in.

If you have any questions please shoot me a message and I will respond as quick as I can to help eliminate any confusion.

The template:

Compatibilities: Valid XHTML/CSS. Tableless. PSD files Included. Utilizes Flash technology.

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Ipad App For Blog

We have a blog / news website and we would like to create an ipad app version. The existing site is built on linux / mysql / php / coldfusion. This is the first application in a long line of apps we currently plan on launching, therefore a longer term relationship can be forged with the successful freelancer.

Here is a brief outline of what we require.

1. A main page showing all the latest stories
2. Search functionality
3. A list of all categories ( we have about 50 ), and pages listing the latest stories in the specified category.
4. User sign in and commenting
5. subscription service, most likely using paypal pro as payment processor.

Proof of previously developed apps are required.

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Search Engine Project

Hello All,

Planning to launch an India based search engine, which should be a B2B and B2C platform.

I have got two websites in my mind for this:


Now these websites have been mentioned here, such that you can ONLY take an Idea as to what I am thinking. I don

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Route Mapper (Google & OS Maps)

I would like a route mapper creating for my website.

Here is an example of one that is currently available on the internet:

I want to mine to be practically the same. However, I would like mine to bridge with phpBB2x. Routes should require the user to log in to be able to save it, and save it under that persons phpBB username.

I would like each route to have its own individual rating and comment system. Comments to be bridged with phpBB too.

Rather than having the actual mapper displayed on the page like that shown in the example, I would prefer the latest routes/top rated routes and latest comments to be displayed on the page, and the mapper to open up in a popup. If a user isnt logged in it should allow him to create a route but not save it (the user should be notified about this though).

I would also like the users profile to have an activity feed from the routes page. For example in the users profile if he had just posted a route, and commented on another you would see: "Latest activity: Posted a route: routename / Left a comment on routename"

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Writers Needed To Write Articles On Latest Movie News


Im looking for very good writers who can contribute to the movie news section on
The writer must be able to research and write on the latest news in the movie industry. Articles must be around 250 words. Original content only please. All articles will be run through copyscape to ensure authenticity. I will need one sample of an article written on the latest movie news before awarding the bid.

I will require 5 articles every week and will be paying usd 20 for the 5 articles. If you have further questions, let me know.

Thanks, M

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Oscommece Upgrade From 2.2-MS2 To Latest On Jewelry Site

My website using very old version

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Mobile Application For Entertainment News Website

I own and operate an entertainment news website called Reel Empire ( In order to keep up with our competition, were looking for someone or a team to develop us a mobile application that can be downloaded via both the Iphone and Android marketplaces.

What we request in the app is simple. We want an application that has our logo at the top and at least fifteen of our latest headlines underneath. I want an appealing application. Not some crummy application that nobody is going to download.

The app should utilize our websites colors. Users should be able to download the application, view latest headlines (nothing else should be on the page), each headline should link to its appropriate article. Its simple. The landing page should consist of the latest headlines with the authors name as well as date the article was added underneath the title. Also, users should be able to rate the article just like they can do on the website. They should also be able to post comments as well as share via Facebook, Twitter and E-mail just like on our site.

I dont want our site merely to open in a browser as a mobile site. It should be a true application. Please pm me for more details if interested. Please have samples of your work available. I should be able to create image that say "Download our app on iPhone or Android" and each image link to the respected download file.

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Phone App Required

We need a basic phone app for our website, so users can search the sites content to play an mp3 as well as buy a song, album, tickets, apps and merchandise. Browse the latest charts, preview the latest tracks and discover, purchase & download high quality, music directly to their BlackBerry smartphone, ipad or iphone etc…

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Joomla Conversion In Latest Version

We need joomla conversion in latest version more info through pmb.

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Install & Configure Latest Habbo Emu And Cms

I am looking for someone who has lots and lots of experience running custom habbo sites.

I looked into it and because there are so many different CMSs and emulators Im looking for someone who has experience with this to put up one for my kid & his buddies.

I do have a license for the phoenix project but if you are advising a different, more complete emulator please do so. It should work with one of the latest habbo versions that is completely working, i dont want stuff that works 40%.

for the cms, it should be a complete one, the best one you recommend.

ONLY folks that really worked with habbo emus should reply, because otherwise you dont know what you are starting with. Please place the bid with comment I worked with habbo emus so I know you are for real.

I dont want to spend a lot on it, 30$ – 40$…

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Website Needed To Find,review And Rate Doctors

The overall goal of this project is to build a website, where a typical Indian consumer can go and look for best rated doctor in his city. As a phase-1 of this project, we will build a web 2.0 standard website with latest technologies to accomplish the following tasks:

1)The website can be used to search for a best rated doctor in a city for a particular health condition.

2)The website should allow a user to rate a doctor.

3)Website should allow user to review the doctors and feedback given by other users for a doctor.

Other features of this website should be:

1)The website should be user friendly.

2)Should be search engine friendly.(we will provide the keywords, around which the website pages should be build).

We also wanted to take the developers suggestions, to make this website the latest and greatest. So please let us know all the possible choices so that we make use of the best and latest technology in building this website.

we are looking for PHP/Mysql for building the website, we also need the logo to be designed as part of the website design. The website should be dynamic to update the content etc and SEO friendly. I detailed spec for the website will be provided later.


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Joomla Website


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Install The Latest Modules On A VPS Server For ClipBucket

I need an expert to install the latest modules on a VPS server for Clipbucket.

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Xcode Iphone App To Display Joomla News


I need an Iphone app to display latest News from a Joomla website (ex:

1) The app can read the 10 latest news (title and small description)
2) Any news can display the complete news
3) Button refresh
4) Button previous and next news
5) Button open in browser

Thanks for your answer…

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Indian Equity Companies (NSE/BSE Traded) Latest Database

I need such fundamental historical data for past 10 years.
[Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin]

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WordPress Plugin – "Latest Post" Nav Bar

I want a plugin where i can fix the post order and post displayed in the navigation bar.

I want to display only a few selected posts under my "Latest Post" nav bar. Currently by default whenever i post a new article/post it gets displayed under the "Latest Post" nav bar, so to overcome that i have to manually back date the new posts, so as to prevent it to appear under the "Latest Post" list, but this prevents me from scheduling any posts as this will disturb the Post nav bar.

So want a wordpress plugin which;

1. Allows me to sort and fix the posts to be displayed under "Latest Post" nav bar.

2. Allow me to schedule future posts, without disturbing the "Latest Post" nav bar.

You have to also provide me with the source code of the plugin.

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Need to design a CRM HRM & POS for IT company it should have compatibility with latest latest technologies for informing all employees & Customers. Moto of company they are dealing with CRM, POS,HRM, Inventory sales so they want to develop a software for every platform something like they need to utilize same tools for all business people like Finance, Transport, Education, Associates, Legal, Telecoms etc., They requested a tool for CRM, POS, HRM & Inventory with customized options so they will create interfaces with options according to client requirement.

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