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Get Me LIKES From Different, Legit Facebook Accounts!

I need to get as many Facebook likes as possible within the next week, from legitimate Facebook accounts.

It is not an actual Facebook business page that needs the likes, but a like button that is on another page.

I would like to get around 2500 likes over the next week, before April 13th.

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Install Poker Scipt Has To Be Legit With Licence

Install a poker script please do not use a pirated or non licensed script.

has to be poker multiplayer php

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U.S Legit E-Mail Broken By Down By City

I am in need of millions of real, fresh emails from people broken down by city. LIST MUST BE LEGIT. We are looking for a long term relationship and person/group to work with on a continuous basis.

1. They must be fresh, with proof of date collected
2. I need to be able to see the source where they were scraped from OR if they are opt-in
3. Without the email and their correct city, its worthless to me. Example Orland, Fl.Must be location targeted or specific

If you are selling a list you have, I will need a lot of data to prove where you got it from, the source, and to make sure it is legit.

If you are scraping – thats fine too, as long as we can see, email, city, and source (site) scrapped from.

Ready to roll!!!

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Facebook Profile With Friends

** Bids without reading in full WILL BE REPORTED.

I need a facebook profile, strictly adhering to the following,

1) At least 2500+ US friends
2) An old, legit-looking profile with regular interaction preferred, even if the profile is smaller.
3) Legit profile ONLY – (or at least legit looking, with REAL friends in it)

Please send me your PROFILE URL in the first message and any helpful info regarding the profile.

Please make a BID and tell me how many friends you have in the account.


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Facebook Profile With Friends

** Bids without reading in full WILL BE REPORTED.

I need a facebook profile, strictly adhering to the following,

1) At least 2500+ US friends
2) An old, legit-looking profile with regular interaction preferred, even if the profile is smaller.
3) Legit profile ONLY – (or at least legit looking, with REAL friends in it)

Please send me your PROFILE URL in the first message and any helpful info regarding the profile.

Please make a BID and tell me how many friends you have in the account.


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After a long research, I found these sites are legit. I have gone through a lot of scam and experienced a lot of Cheating and after a lot of days work, I got these legit sites where We can earn easily. Every site is different in its work style. So you wont be get bored off. Please avoid scam. As there are a lot of people are facing such situations. The scam to legit website ratio is 30:1. And here are examples of some good websites. Try to join all the websites and earn some amount from all and as combined it will be a huge amount. Out of hundreds of websites I sorted this much, otherwise we can say I got only this much websites. But you can rely on this.
From now pl avoid scam. Please don

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Get Paid For Legit Email Sign-ups


Looking for Sydney and Melbourne based freelancers to generate legitimate email sign-ups. Easy pickings – it is a email magazine delivered once Monday to Friday. It is lifestyle based, covering new restaurants, bars and other experiences.

You must use ethical methods. Looking for someone who can generate at least 5000 new sign-ups over the next 2 months. NO computer generated clicks or fake identities, PLEASE.

The signups are 100% email based. Users will also be encouraged to enter further detail like age and income range however, this is not required. Sign-up does not require credit cards or upfront payments.

* ALL signups must have a unique IP address and confirmed email address.
(Note: Please dont create signups by yourself)
* NO spam (strictly)
* NO autobots
* NO fraudulent signups
* No proxies allowed
* Signups must be from people in Sydney and Melbourne only!

You may use

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Looking For Free Sign Ups.


I am looking for a provider who can deliver 100-150 free sign ups per day. Sign ups must be legit and no black hat method allowed. Payment is confirmed as long as your sign ups are legit. Please place your bid and let me know how can you deliver the result I am expecting from you.

Happy bidding.


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Earn More Than 1000$ Per Month By Referring Others(legit)

Hi to all,

this is easy to earn money,i have earned more than 4500$ in this site,

for qualification: must have a paypal verified account

2.this business is based on referring only.

thats all,you can make real money for your paypal

to know the secret how to earn

contact me at gtalk – g.somasundaram2009

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Simple Lead Generation! Only Around 100/day! Email Submits!


I need someone who can generate 100-200 Job Leads per day! (I will provide you with website when you PM me and want to start the trial)

Rate is 10 dollars / 100 leads.

Leads MUST be legit. Here are accepted lead locations :

1. Pay per click
2. article
3. Craigslist and other classified ads
4. Emails harvested from resume sites
5. Email marketing with emails (subscribed) from people looking for job.

Theres 90% sign up if you can send legit leads. I have tested, and this does get sign ups.
Leads HAVE to be American and related to people looking for jobs.

Just a quick trial of 100 leads. Once I see that they are legit and convert, I will go ahead and accept you and start paying you!

BONUSES if you continue to send high quality traffic!
Be able to start generating leads fast!

SEND Me a PM if you are interested. Bid 50 please.

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Lead Generation

We are searching for affiliates to generate *REAL* quality sign-ups to our financial (free) and biz opp (CC) offers.

All traffic must be from US, CAN, UK.

You will be able to track all traffic, traffic must be real users who are interested in the offers.

You can drive traffic by mailing social networks such as twitter, myspace, facebook (Mailing is the best method) Social bookmarking, SEO, Articles, Classified ads, blogs, and banners (Whitehat Methods)

NO Fake traffic
NO Fake Signups
NO Forced Clicks
NO Autosurf Traffic


Payment Details are as follows:

All payments will be made Saturdays by ODesk or Paypal for your lead generation.

Financial offer: $1.50 per real legit sign up
Biz Opp: $15.00 per sign up

All rates can increase depending on the quality and volume of sign ups per day.

If you are interested in this position please send us a PM with the word "affiliate" and how you will be sending traffic to our offers.

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Paying $10 Per Adult Leads! FREE To Sign Up LEADS!


I need someone who can get LEGIT adult leads. NO FRAUDS! There is a method of detecting fraud methods, and it will NOT BE TOLERATED.

Lead is signing up for an adult website for FREE. The only thing is that there is a Credit Card VERIFICATION to confirm the persons age!

This HAS to be legit leads!

First time pay will be at $5 per lead for the first 6 leads. ($30)
After that, if you do it correctly, you will be paid 10 dollars per lead.

YOU ARE EXPECTED TO get at least 50 sign ups PER WEEK.

I will send you statistics at the end of every single day!

PLEASE PM me with a brief technique you will be using and implementing! Please bid for the FIRST 15 leads ($30) Pay will be through ESCROW on GaF!

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Need Someone To Get 200 Unique Zipcode Submits Per Day!

I am looking for someone who can bring me 200 (no more) unique zipcode submits! Each zipcode must have an unique ip or it wont count. I am currently looking to start the pay at 0.35 cents per zipcode submit. At 200 submits per day you could earn at least 350 a week. If all the submits clear and I get paid you will be paid by paypal each week. Again I will say this sorry to sound mean but you are agreeing to this if you take the job. If I dont get paid you dont. If you consistantly bring me 200 submits per day, a raise could be brought about. I am looking for only dedicated and trustworthy people. I will give you constant updated stats per your request. There is no way I can show the stats atm. I will screen shot though and send you the screen. We will also talk about how you need this setup to run the best once you agree to work. Again this is simple zip code submits 200 per day and you could easily get $350 per week.

You bring me good legit leads we might upgrade to something more profitable involving some bigger offers but we are starting small 😉

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Paying $0.40 Per UNIQUE Email Submission. [US ONLY.]

These must be from the US only. I will pay out daily via Paypal.

About stats tracking: You will have to trust me in providing you with your stats 🙂 There is simply no way for me to give you third party access to view them. Im an honest guy and will provide periodic screenshots for you whenever requested.

$0.40 per UNIQUE, LEGIT email submission, form users in the UNITED STATES. Feel free to use any LEGAL means of advertising to get them 🙂 This email submission has a great converting landing page, and is for a free Victorias Secret gift ccard.

Message me to get started. Ill set you up with a link ASAP!

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Need Adult Webcam Site Free Sign Ups: Project For THEDMTIC


This is a test project and I want 10 legit paid sign ups this week for an adult affiliate.

All must have a real e-mail for verification! No spam or bots
All must have CC for sign up!
All sign up should be placed from a unique IP!

I will pay $10/signup initially.

I am open to how the sign ups are obtained as long as it is legit.
I would need a list of people you send to me or a verification about the signups you sent to me

Please let me know how many sign ups you could get weekly

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Assistant, Marketing Specialist, Admin, Web Campaign, Social

Looking for a quazi virtual assistant to take care of the following:

1. Provide 40 hours a week of being an assistant.
2. Be able to perform Excel work at a quick and proficient rate.
3. Must be very, very fluent in English. No grammar errors, no sentence problems.
4. Must have significant experience in Social Marketing, Web Advertisement, etc.
5. Goal is to handle admin work and get many true visitors to our website. (Legit and focused visitors, not BS).
6. Significant internet research, blog posting, etc.
7. Any coding, graphic design and website work is a major bonus.
8. Work any hours I require (I will usually be good to your time zone).
10. Work spread out each day, but need at least 2 hours on each day of the weekends….

Tell me why you will be the best candidate for this role.

18 Hours a week – Excel type work
3 hours a week – Random
19 hours a week – Advertisement.

Tell me how many posts a day you can do on a blog, etc.

respond back with cost per month..Thx.

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Dating Site Signups $$


We are looking for a team of hard working people we can trust, got English knowledge, and access to computer/internet. We see this as an high potential project for many months and beyond.

We do not require ANY educational background at all. We will teach the team out methods under contract so the team is obliged with confidential marketing information for dating affiliates.

The time zones for this work is preferred to be between 21.00-05.00 US NY time. The age of the workers must be above 18 years old and the work days must be between 8-12 hours a day.

The workers will do some marketing techniques taught my us under confidentiality agreement for promoting dating sites.
We will pay provision based payment:
1-10 sales: 20% of the revenue
10+ sales:25% of revenue
10 sales give 60USD to a worker.

We expect approx at least one sale each hour and the workers must work 8 hours a day.
We will start with 5 people. We have a trial period of 7 days and after 3 days of training, if you pass, the sky is the limit, if you fail you are not in.
Send a message with your company information, what you do best and why you think you are the best company we should put on a trial with and we might contact you back if it looks promising. Experienced people goes first.

We are already well-known and experienced people willing to put in all effort to make both YOUand us the most profit out from this, no hassle, no fake people, no tricks or scam. We are 100% Legit in this buisness.

Hope to hear back from you soon.

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US Real Free Signups Required-send Legit Traffic

I need someone who can get me 2000 people a week to opt-in to my website to check out my home-based business opportunity. All subscribers will be given my FREE audio for opt-in to my site. These need to be REAL, LEGIT people who are looking are opportunity seekers. Please do not send BOT TRAFFIC or fake hits as all subscribers will be validated. I need this to be U.S. traffic only.

Please PM me on how you plan on getting this traffic to my site. If you cannot get me 2000 opt-ins per week please PM me on how many can do per week. I need this to run for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks I will gladly introduce your service to all of my team members so they can buy from you as well. I am looking for long-term deal here.

I will not do FULL PAYMENT upfront. I will gladly do PARTIAL or MILE STONE payment with you until we trust each other.

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Send Us 3 Legit Signups

We offer web hosting at competitive rates. We need you to direct 3 legit signups. We will pay you $75 for all 3. The link and more details will be given to the selected salesman.

We dont mind paying good money for a good salesman. The first 2 words of your application must be "top gun" otherwise we will not choose you.


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$$$ Seeking Experienced Marketer For Lead Generation

Seeking a long-term relationship with an experienced marketer specializing in lead generation.

We are looking for U.S targeted signups, this first project is a test to obtain about 1,000 free legitimate email signups in a minimum of 7 days. There is no cost associated with the sign ups, all that is required for people signing up is to enter a valid U.S. based email address.

Please PM me with your experience in this field and provide full details of the methods you intend to implement to get leads.

ONLY professionals with experience in getting leads need to apply. WHITE HAT Marketing methods ONLY!!!

Landing page can not be modified in any way. It is very important to note that only legitimate methods are acceptable to generate the leads to our offers. Provider also MUST give daily updates.

Repeat experienced professionals only. Inexperienced need not apply.

NO spam
NO autobots
NO fraudulent signups
NO proxies allowed
Traffic can not be cloacked (need to have referral and valid USER-AGENT).

Only Real US Traffic & Sign Ups Only
Only Legitimate Methods
Each signup Must Be A Real Person
Each signup MUST BE FROM THE US.
Each signup must have a valid email address and originate from unique IP addresses
None of the offers may be incentivized

Noncompliance to any of these guidelines will result in immediate termination of your services and no payment will be issued to the provider. IP addressed and quality of leads (% of customers completing more than 1 page in the offers sequence) will be evaluated and tracked continuously.

You can expect much more business in the future if this test is successful, your leads are legit and advertiser is satisfied with the lead quality. We can then look at forming a long-term partnership.

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