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5000 Local Friend Require In Facebook

i have a facebook account for, i need make friends "school student in india".please let me know how much time it will take.

my budget is 30 usd.

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ASP – VBSCRIPT Authenticate User/password Against AD

I am looking for a small piece of code here.

This needs to be written in classic asp with VB script.

I need a a .asp page that has 2 text boxs 1 for username 1 for password.
I will click the "submit button"

and it will check the username / password agaginst active directory.

Thats it, I will test code in my enviorment, first one to get working code, gets the cash!

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Full Time ASP.NET VB Programmer Needed

We are looking for a creative programmer to join our team to develop web applications in Were currently using 3.5 and will be moving to 4 soon.

Were looking for someone to work with us on our time zone: 10 am to 6 pm (EST or GMT -5) as a team member, communicate with us using MSN Messenger.

Were using a simple style of coding that requires less code, and use more of the controls to interact with data. Were serving small businesses, so our style of coding is creative, quick, and has to be flexible to upgrades/change.

The person were looking for must be able to adapt to our style of coding. For this, we prepared a test, we ask that you take this test on

We ask applicants to take this test to see if theyll be comfortable to work with our style. Were offering $600/month (Canadian Dollars).

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Full-time 2.0 + Front End Developer Needed (a)

Developers from ukraine, bulgaria, russia, cuba, poland, hungary preferred.

looking to hire a senior/advanced 2.0 + (c#) / js developer + front end implementation expert full-time on a monthly basis.

your task will be 2 things:

– implement new functionality ( 2.0 c#, mssql)
– implement design supplied (css / xhtml supplied; but you need to know js)

you have to be able to do BOTH (1) build new functionality and (2) implementation of the design (no psd slicing required as CSS / XHTML will be supplied).

code is managed via sub-version tool tortoise svn.

you have to be available on skype.

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Emergency Response Preparedness Inventory

Project is for a US Department of Justice Grant.
Hardware portion:
We need two servers setup with LAMP environments and secured as necessary, with grsecurity, suhosin, mod_security, etc., and pen-tested to assure security. A Dell R510 will serve as a DB server, and a Dell R210 will serve as the web server.

Software Engineering:

There is a current system is written using ASP.NET/MSSQL/C# that we would like to convert to PHP/MySQL or PHP/PostgreSQL. The current program is at: you can view specs and all relevant information, and also play with a demo of the system there.
We would like a mapping function integrated into the finished system that would use the Google maps API as well as some other minor tweaks.
The mapping feature is currently based on ESRI mapping and wed like it to use Google Maps, the new version should let a user enter a query to find all the resources within a specified radius, and display them on the map with a mouseover of transit distance, contact information, and quantity of resource available.

Quote should include estimated hours, rate, and total costs, as well as some company / developer information.

This project is currently in quote gathering stage of planning.
Principals only, must be US Citizens.

Qualified quotes will be added to proposal and contacted if proposal is accepted by Grant Agency.

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Simple asp contact form


I am looking for somebody to create a simple contact form and have the information send to my e-mail address.
My website is hosted through Microsoft Office live websites so it needs to be done using ASP. I think.

Please find enclosed an image with the exact contact form that I need. I will need the same exact form in two different pages on my website.

Fields are:

Practice Name:
Contact Name:


All the fields need to be validated.
I need this done as soon as possible.
Please let me know time estimate for this,
Thank you.

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