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Remove A Listing From Google

Basically I need a single listing on Google removed/pushed down.

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Google Adwords Coupon Codes

I need Someone who can either sell or generate coupon codes. You may use this link:

An expert on Google adwords will know how to generate multiple coupon code from here. We will not show you how to do this, the bidder must know how to generate codes. We will purchase hundreds per month.

Our adwords account is an English account.

Or alternatively we will pay you for Google Sponsored listing positions, for example the keyword Virtual Receptionist we will pay monthly to be on page 1 in Google Sponsored listings. If you know how you can get our company listed in the sponsored listings in for Virtual Receptionist on page 1 top 3 for less than $100 for a full month then you will be successful.



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Copywrting: Reviews And Content Pages

S | Reviews

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Copywrting: Reviews and content pages  

Copywrting: Reviews and content pages is project number 923156
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 01/23/2011 at 9:12 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

02/22/2011 at 9:12 EST
(29d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (1 reviews)



I am an affiliate marketer and I am in need of 5-7 keyword rich content writing for me.
I need 7 content pages and 7 reviews (web services reviews).

– All content must be written by a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING writer. The content will need to be concise and to the point.
– Each article has to be minimum of 200 words
– All work must be 100% original and pass Copyscape and Plagiarism Detect.
– Keyword rich, good SEO organized
– The article title and description must contain the keyword and should be interesting.
– The keyword should appear 2 to 3 time on the article body with 1 within the first 50 words.
– The content should be informative, sales directed and call to action.

I am looking for this service as a long term thing so the successful person will be getting a lot of regular work.

However i will not pay if:
– Any articles that do not pass Copyscape
– If an article is submitted to me was copied or has spelling and punctuation mistakes it will be refused, I will not pay for that article until it is corrected and resubmitted to me for approval.

I will not be able to pay if all requirements in this listing arent met, so please dont bid if you cant meet these requirements.
Please indicate the number of articles you can write in a day.

NOTICE: I will own all copyrights to all work upon payment. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any any way for any reason (including resell, reuse, re-write or give away).
You agree that upon sending me the articles all rights to the articles transfer to me.
Please send me an email stating that you have read and understand each requirement.

When bidding please bid on the first project of 7 content pages and 7 reviews (web services reviews).

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Local Listing Citations

I need 40 citations built fast… Hotfrog, Yelp and others…. etc. Please do this within 2 days.

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Additional Tabs With Exactly Same Look As External Web Pages

There are Facebook Fans pages for businesses page having additional menu tabs that contain exactly the same look as the external php / html web pages, including any graphics (and hyperlinks on these graphics), flash files, and video files, there are on these external web pages.

It is puzzling how the additional tabs can be added with exactly the same look intact as the external webpage as if the latter is on the Facebook page as well, and not just found on the external website.

Have a 200-words description written with step-by-step procedure (many steps are needed to illustrate in detail) how the above is done, with a few real "live" examples of these cases that are already being implemented on existing Facebook fans pages. Not more than 50 words devoted to such examples for my reading. Total word count needed is 200 words of useful, clear, easy-to-follow instructions to me of how to do this.

You can cite such examples as links on the messages to me, so I can ascertain that you know what I want.

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Cheap Deals Website

I need design + logo + the ORIGINAL script (Everything should be copyrighted to me and you are not allowed to showcase the website or resell it contents)

website name ""

Our website, have to crawl into 1000s of major retailers website and grab the cheap deals and display it on our website. It have to display the items on our website category. This should be a complete auto pilot system.

On the display result, we should be able to display our affiliates products first then display the search results.

Front page – should have today biggest saving
then customer should be able to search via category or search box

– customer should be able to create an account, to leave their review on that project.

We need have to spots for ads, it could be good ads or our own ads. We need spots on every page, including results pages.

we should have listing from small gadgets, hostings, electronics, cars, entertainment,holidays etc

I just got a rough idea. anyway bid with the quote "cheap deals". I would like to see a rough design before choosing a progammer.



p.s Dont bid ridiculously!

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SEO For Web Hosting Company.

We are looking for a freelancer skilled in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Weve laid out the design in photoshop, but are looking for an SEO master to prod the design into being more SEO appropriate, direct what kind of HTML code needs to be implemented, and then to get us listed on the front page using our selected keyword(s).

We need you to:
– Direct the design and coding to be more SEO friendly.
– Teach us how to HELP maintain the SEO and use the tactics to bring more visitors.
– Get us listed on the front page of google!

While the initial payment will be around $350, and while this is NOT a position in the company, we expect to pay per month after the initial payment to keep page ranked very high. Also, while this is not a commision based project, the more we pull in as a result of SEO, the more we will increase the monthly payout.

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Web Redesign

We are searching for a web designer for our startup website. The delivered product will be a CSS and the static files for the design and the changes or recommendations for the underlying HTML.

The web design must have the next characteristics:

– Simple, clear but attractive redesign.
– Compatible with the most common internet browsers.
– Light to download.
– Redesign mainly based on CSS and PNGs, but some minor changes to the underlying HTML are allowed.
– Future space reserved for Google Ads.
– A logo is optional.

The site to redesign is: (a we site to support complains, and causes)

We have other websites to redesign, so if good results are obtained, it will be more opportunities to collaborate in the next future.

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Google News Web Site Needed

Must have previous experience with establishing a Google news site.
Must be able to provide confirmation of establishing a previous Google news site
Needs to be familiar with Google news site TOS
Will be using a premium Word press magazine template
Designer does Not have to do any content writing

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Project 100 – Web Link Creation

I am looking for a link builder to get 100 one-way back links for a Real Estate related site in the next 3 weeks. This project should be completed in 3 phases. Specific details will be provided later.

Week 1- 30 Links on PR 6,7,8,9 web sites as per the frequency provided below
Week 2

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Health Authority Sites Blogpost

Im expecting that you have [B]health authority sites[/B] Pr1-5 that can provide me quality blogpost
I need a person who really have this sites, no broker, no bad links in side

I need health authority sites that each have [B]500 more google indexed pages and at least 1000 subscribers
Ill pay you more..[/B]

Just let me know if you have it

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Web Link Function Restore0

Must be experienced in mambo system:

I need email functions to be restored.
Site text editor restored.
Additional text.

Need someone to handle right away. Very simple job

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Three Web-pages For – Technical Subjects

GreenSQL is looking for a talented techie and brilliant copywriter to write about database security issues for the site

Writings should cover in-depth information about certain technical subjects- yet, they need to be market oriented landing pages and mainly discuss the advantages of the company product as they relate to each subject accordingly.

We will only choose a born and raised american copywriter, proficient with American English.

We are in need for a total of 25 articles but since we must make sure that the writer fits the job this project is for three web-page writings. around 800 words each.
If the job is completed to our satisfactory we will ask for the rest as described in:

– The writer should base his writings upon main keywords as well as given topics for each subject.
– Main Keyword density 3%-5%. Main keyword should apear naturaly, on and of throughout the landing page.
– Writer should Use relevant phrases for every landing pages subject- We will deliver relevant topics and phrases for each

subject. These could be subjects for paragraphs within the page copy.

– Short paragraphs, divided by sub-headings
– Bulleted and/or ordered lists
– Genuine and attractive
– Front page oriented copywriting
– Be 100% unique and pass

Please send writing examples that complies with the above requirements.
Rated providers only!
Payment is done via GAF.

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Link Building Partnership

Hello ,

Link building service provider !!

we are looking some company whom we can work as partner, the main role and the main objective of yours will provide us work and role will to complete the task of your which will given by you .

we owned and operate our operate our process from new delhi india being having a good brand base websites and we are already coming under the Google good SERP rank slot . if any one is interest to work with us as "BDE " then fell free to ask further discussion .

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I need a person with experience to create 700backlinks for my online pharmacy,
Requirements :
-links must be 5PR+
-must be static html links
-links must be in online pharmacy category or similar
-linking should be within the indexpage
-I will pay for only links that gets recognized by google
-if you have previous work to show ,its a plus

50% of money will be released when 350links are completed, the rest when all completed.

Happy biddings.

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I need a person with experience to create 700backlinks for my online pharmacy,
Requirements :
-links must be 5PR+
-must be static html links
-links must be in online pharmacy category or similar
-linking should be within the indexpage
-I will pay for only links that gets recognized by google
-if you have previous work to show ,its a plus

50% of money will be released when 350links are completed, the rest when all completed.

Happy biddings.

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Google Merchant Center Integration

We need help in generating a data feed (XML) of our products to Google Merchant. We like to either retain you as a project consultant to share with us what needs to be done and/or maybe implement the solution. We have a MS SQL database with all of our products listed in our site. All we need is to keep google up-to-date. It will be a plus if you also know about the other Google products, i.e. sitemap, local shopping, google checkout, etc and can integrate our site with them as well. You must be available via Skype. Please submit samples of your work by providing google links and indicate your working hours / timezone.

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Blog Comments


Im looking for person to do a posts on the stand alone blogs / communities

– do-follow links
– on the pages with Google PR 2-4

200 confirmed comments

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Need More Positive Reviews On Yelp! And Google Local

Hi Freelancers,

I would like to have more positive reviews on Yelp! and Google Local. All you have to do is write up or copy and paste quick reviews from different computers. (Yelp filters reviews from the same computer). If you can help with one or both, let me know.

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Magento Adaptions

Dear Service Providers

I have Magento installed on my server with a custom site design. The shop is almost finished, only a few things are left. The work to be done for this job offer is:
– Configure/adjust store switcher ( Store switcher is already installed but its not working like it should: For a default country there comes a wrong default language. Finally define some countries with the corresponding language.
– I have installed Market Ready Germany ( This extension is not showing up in the backend. I need to configure it because it comes with a german language pack for the frontend and some more features. Finally in front end the german language pack must work.
– Facebook & Twitter buttons: Its alreay installed and implemented. I dont like the place where these buttons are. You need to place these buttons more visible in the product detail page.
– Checkout process: Define that telephone number is an optional field and not required. Define that "Ship to this address" is the default checked radio button and not "ship to other address".
– In the 3rd column there is a preview of the blog. The word "from the blog" must be linked to the blog
– Link a button in the Top Navigation to the shop overview
– Make a few link from CMS pages to static block
– Configure Paypal
– Create a sitemap for Google
– Create robots.txt to exclude the imprint, general conditions, wishlist and checkout

Conditions for this work:
– This job posting will be given TODAY
– You must start working TODAY
– I would like to assist you during the work so we can exchange fast what exactly has to be done. This means you need to install the free software teamviewer (, login to my computer and we will work together on a few topics. Other topics you can work from your own.
– You must be ready to start today at 14:00 (time in Paris) and work for at least 3 hours online with me.

Keep in mind: This job is not a complete Magento setup. Many things are already finished, thats just for configuring and adjusting a few things.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Manual Submission To Directories

Manual submission to automotive relocation real estate website

I would like to submit my site to directories that involve:

real estates

I am not looking for massive back links, only manual submission and quality ones with index pages in Google.

please provide me with a sample of listing that you may have.


please read my profile and see if you would like to work with me

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Need Link Building To My Site

Ive got one of my sites on "electric cigarettes" and I need some link building to it, Im already ranking pretty well but would like to boost my ranking even higher. Need some relevant links to my site, like forum posting, blog posting, social bookmarking, directory submitting etc with PR 3 and higher, no profile linking I can do that myself with Senuke and make sure all of your links Google indexed. Will be checking myself. Provide me with the list of what your going to do and your price. No feedback service providers please do not bid.

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SEO/SEM, Link Building, Web2.0 Mktg, Web Copywriting

I have 6 years experience developing web and desktop applications . Ihave some projects created with PHP, JAVA (Applets, Swing, JSP, JSF, JBOSS, Servlets), JavaScript, CSS. Try to find more opportunities for development of websites as well as desktop applications. I consider myself self-taught and always willingto acquire additional skills and training as required. I also havesome experience in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), XML, AJAX andPhotoshop.

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Web Link Function Restore

Must be experienced in mambo system:

I need email functions to be restored.
Site text editor restored.

Need someone to handle right away.

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MLM Joomla

Hi I need to add pages to my web site:

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Google Places Optimizer

Be sure to use the work "hummingbird" when bidding on this project. We wont respond otherwise.
Google Places aka Google Maps Optimizer.
1) If you cannot demonstrate real Google Places optimization, dont bid on this job.
2) Your skills must be to successfully place local businesses on the 7 Box and prove you can and are doing this work.
3) This will be an ongoing assignment if you are successful with the first companies we assign you to do.

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Developing Local Landing Pages

We have 20 locations in the US and we are doing local advertising, We need 20 local developed that will stick out.
Every page needs to have the local landmarks on it and needs to be linked to our website.

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"Note" Facebook App

We need a "note / phrases" app developed for facebook.

It will be a little like this ( ). View to get the general idea.

App should have multi-language capability. Should be easy to translate necessary texts.

App should be highly scalable. It should be able to handle a lot of traffic.


– Users can create a

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Link Building 170 In 30 Days

Task overview

Must be professional link builder and have all insight knowledge into link building strategies.
Link Building by identifying competitor

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Web 2.0 Profile Link Builders Needed (10 Ppl)

Im looking to secure the services of 10 Link-Builders for my websites.

Your duties will be to create 300 profiles with one-way backlinks weekly to targeted sites, you should have a good knowledge of LINK-BUILDING and SEO.


1. The DOMAIN Main Page must be PR3 or Higher
2. The Profile Page Must Allow for at least 1 Anchor Text Backlink
3. All Links Must Be DO FOLLOW Anchor Text Links
4. All Links Should be From Different Domains and Different Class C IP Address Ranges
5. All Profile Pages Must Be Publicly Viewable in Google

The payment is $10 for 100 Web 2.0 style profiles created using the Angela/Paul Link Building Method.

Excel Report Needed After Every 300 Profiles Created:

1. Username / Password (Use the Same Username and Password with all Profiles).
2. URL of the Profile Page

Payment will be released upon each excel report approval.

You must be able to start work immediately and you must have examples of work you have done.

Please place a bid of $30.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a serious long-term position for professional people, only experienced candidates should respond to this request.

Thank You In Advance

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Link Building Research

Please read the details carefully and perform your due diligence prior to bidding. This project requires human thought and cannot be scripted.

Build a spreadsheet of and .edu websites related to elder care, senior care, assisted living, home care, long term care, paying for care, senior living, alzheimers or caregiving.

Visit the website and choose the best possible and most likely page from which to establish a link. This might be a Links or Resource page or a page related to paying for long term care. One

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