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Penny Auction Bidding Site

We are looking for expert designers and coders to help us build and develop a Penny Auction project by using PHP/MySQL (running on Apache 2 with Nginx as reverse proxy web server).
We require for all bidders to show us examples of their past developed Penny Auction sites/projects and proven experiences or pa in order for us to do a full evaluation prior to taking any of their bids into serious consideration.

Our Requirements includes (but not limited to):
· Design all graphics/artworks (with the exception of the logo)

· A Complete landing page along with Legal +FAQ+Disclaimers

· All Codes must be well written and commented (easy maintenance and upgrades + highly secured.)

· The site must be optimized in order to handle any high volume of traffic and visitors.

· We need a strong backend administrative control panel for the site.

· APC and file caching support. Ability to switch between them, or even turn caching off.

· Independent language module with the ability to add, modify and remove languages. (It would be a plus to have the ability to automatically switch between languages based on the visitors geo-location.)

· In addition to the normal registration process, we also need to have a Facebook Connect or OpenID without the needs of RPX for any users

· Salt password + MD5 encryption.

· User friendly and they must be able to login and maintain their accounts without any bugs or problems

· User accounts should contain profile information, credit summaries, bid summaries, purchase histories, alerts, email subscription management, payment preference, and ranking etc.

· Offers of bids that can be bought in packages.

· User levels with incentives. (we would like to hear more ideas from past experience/projects)

· We will need a daily email subscription for users and control/created by administrators for any news, coupons, updates and promotions. (We will need a layout for daily emails for users and easy usage for administrators to edit any information)

· Bidding in the Penny Auction-style format. Paying per bid and the price increasing by a set amount. Administrator can set rules for the amount increased.

· We also need to have a system created for administrators to automatically outbid the users/ control the winning results (a system that can be control by the admin panel in order to beat the users in winning an auction, this is A MUST)

· Adjustable default end time. Automatic increment of end time in case of new bids.

· Rookie auctions, nailbiter auctions, penny auctions, free auctions, fixed price auctions, peak/off-peak auctions.

· Ability to give users free bids for (for registering, winning their first auction, referring a friend and for buying bid packages for the first time).

· Payment gateway integration with, PayPal, and 2CO.

· Referral by email, MSN account, OpenID, Facebook etc.

· Inventory management with categories, in backend.

· Assign administrator levels.

· Ability to refund bids.

· We also prefer developers to have a SEOs and internet marketing experience to help us develop and create backlinks/ other online marketing concepts/ideas/techniques for our site.

· Need a affiliate systems for any affiliate or webmaster to sign up (webmaster page + layout) with us and get commission back (ask for additional details)

· The work must be original and creative, clones of Swoopo etc will not be accepted.

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Penny Auction Site Needed

We need to build penny auction site similar to,, etc.

please read carefully!

The functionalities can be replicated from those sites (e.g, or the likes)

What we need is:

* industry standard features
* member login
* online payment including paypal, credit card, and wire transfer
* bidding system
* content management system for us to add/remove items and supports multi languange content (XML)
* design must be appealing like or but not the same.
* COMPLETE site including how it works, terms and conditions, faqs, etc. Must be 100% complete.
* documentations

The script MUST BE FREE of any form of administrative autobidding functions!

The script must be fully tested, SECURE, and 100% bug free. A full working implementation, installed on our server is necessary PRIOR to funds being released. I am very open to working with an escrow/milestone type account for both of our benefit. Your bid must also include 6 months of technical support / troubleshooting after final payment.

Please show your previous penny auction site work in the bid.
We will not hire those that dont have previous experience with penny auction site.
And please also suggest the features you propose to design in the websites (what functionalites included) in the bid.

Do not use some script you purchased for $10 or $20 for this project. We know where to find those! If we discover you using such a script, the project will be cancelled.

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Wanted Penny Auction


I need a professional Penny Auction website which will be similar to Penny Auction sites like:,,, The script must be tested and 100 PERCENT bug free. A full working demo is needed asap. Also, a full support of at lease 90 days. Upon completion of the project, and testing by me. You must also install and configured the application on our server and make it so it is relatively secure from any kind of hacking.

All bidders must have have experience in building or customizing Penny Auction scripts and Penny Auction websites or similar.
If youve done a Penny Auction website prior, we would like to see the completed work. Please send us a sample of your auction site.

We need all auction platform that includes everything from the bidding process, to registration, buying bids, Autobidder.

Need to have the ability to add new features as we grow with time.

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Penny Auction Site – Bigdeal, Wavee…

We are looking for a coder or a team with solid experience in penny auction site.
Our site would be a mix of features from 5 different site:
Wavee, bigdeal, bidcactus, ballonnbidz, beezid
We are not looking for a bug free custom made script, we would test all the features in demo mode before sending the payment.
It needs to be customisable and ready for upgrades.

There would be 2 main styles of auctions: Penny auction and seat auction.

We are ready to start now and of course we have the budget available to get this project ready to get launch within 2 weeks including the phase test.

Get at us now for more details about our project and start our collaboration.


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Penny Auction In ASP.NET

We need a Penny Auction in ASP.NET.

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Penny Auction Site

Need a Penny auction site. A bidfun type site. With front and back end functionality (admin).

If you have not created a penny auction site and do not have a working clone to show, please dont bother to bid.

Must be 100% complete. Front end / Admin / Static pages / and options below;

* I need the script to support an unlimited number of registered users, & unlimited product descriptions in different laguages.
* Each page will have a title, meta description, and Headers (H1) tags.
* Built in XML Sitemap and Html Sitemap
* Built in MySQL database
* script property is ours
* Must be secure
* Must be error/bugs free
* Multilanguage Option
*Integrated with Social Sites, I like button, STU, digg, etc

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Penny Auction Script Enhancements

Ajax PHP Penny Auction script enhancement

Create New Functionality For Progressive Auctions – Value of the auction item goes up as the amount bid on the item increases.
Admin Panel – Auction Configuration add progression table that includes bid amount, product, product image, & product value.

User interface – as the bid increase the product and product image will update based on the progression table configuration – Progressive and rewards formatted like live auctions.

Create New Functionality For Reward Program – Rewards are earned by bidding on auction items , winning auctions or purchased. Rewards are used to purchase products from rewards store.

Admin Panel add functionality – User 1) display number of rewards earned by a user 2) display number of rewards purchased by a user 3) display number of bids made by a user to earn rewards.

Auction configuration – 1) number of bids placed to earn a reward point 2) reward value for bids placed

Reward Store Configuration 1) add/modify/delete products (description, image, reward value) available in the rewards

User interface – 1) Create Reward store page to display available products and reward value. 2) allow users to select products to purchase with reward points. 3) create check out functionality validating the user has enough points to purchase selected products 4) reduce the users reward points by amount of purchase. 5) notify system admin of items purchased (same notification and information provided when an auction item is one) 6) Header
replace Need Help Or Have A Question? CALL – with Available Rewards Box

Fixes and updates
Auto Auctions – need to be able to re-post auction once the current auctions closes
Auction info (number of days) is on the image of the product.
Auctions are listed in the order posted. Should list auctions in least time to the most time order.
Bid history not accurate shows 2 bids for first user no bids for the second user

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Build A Unique Penny Auction Site !

Im looking for someone to build and design all graphics for a unique penny auction site that will be selling electronics , collectibles , gift cards etc. I want paypal as my payment option for the bids !

For examples you can look at websites similar to swoopo or pennyaway

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Penny Auction Template Design


Im looking for for a template/theme to work with phppennyauction. The design would be similar to and or images/auctions rotating at the top, with auctions below it. The software is written with cakePHP and is all theme based utilizing .cpt files.

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Penny Auction Site Needed

Need a penny auction site.

A clone of or with all the functionality to operate it.

If you have not created a penny auction site and do not have a working clone to show, please dont bother to bid.

This project is for a COMPLETE site including how it works, terms and conditions, faqs, etc. Must be 100% complete.

We would like you to have the ability to provide future mods for ongoing assignments and customization.

Thanks for bidding

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Penny Auction Soft Optimization

We need help with our penny auction site from penny auction soft. We believe somebody is hacking into our site and we need help figuring out how to prevent this from occuring

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Penny Auction

IMPORTANT: Read the whole project description before bidding please! Thank you

We have an upcoming penny auction site, and looking for someone who can make us a customize template based on our description. The template also have to be integrated with our script,

we are looking for someone who has advanced design skills and can make us a website with a look and feel similar to the website since we will cater to mostly women.

NOTE: Bidding is for template only (and integrate the template with our script), and in the next phase we would send you a pmb with a list of what types of functions we would like integrated in the script, so you can estimate a price on these things.

You have to:
– be a serious web designer/php cake developer with experience
– Show us your past work
– Communicate VERY well
– Work quickly and effective, and deliver in time. And IF you are sick or some other issues occur that causing delay of the project, we expect you to compensate this in a way (price reduction or something).
– Be creative and look for good solutions, and maybe come with good suggestions while designing.

The template has to look PRO , similar to:
We have more work for you if we find the right partner for this project!

Good reviews and experience with similar work (penny auction sites) will be emphasized.

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FIX – Penny Auction Script

Hey dears,

i have penny auction script bugged and i need fix him..
i wanna add more addons too.
maybe a new layout and tranlate for other language.

if u intresting pm me.


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SEO/SEM For Penny Auction Travel Site

We launched a new Penny Auction site in September. Currently, we are the ONLY Penny Auction site specifically for travel, so we have a great niche. We have decent traffic currently (250-500 hits per day average) and need that boosted to 1000-1500 daily visits.
We have a small PPC budget, which will remain low. We are looking to optimize our site and expand our Social Media presence.

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Penny Auction Site

This project is for a famous penny auction site all over the internet.

Were looking for an overall company to make this project within the time and budget. If you dont read this fully i will decline any contact from you. Previously we received many bids with people that did not have the experience to execute this project. This is not to copy anyones website or steal their ideas the references above is to what nature of website i wanted builded.

Our company will hire the best match for this type of designers, Programming and Seo Experts. Experience and previous clientele is required. Please understand this project fully before bidding. Project will start immediately.

My Question is: Are you ready?


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Need Traffic For Penny Auction Urgently


We have a penny auction site with the most innovative and new ideas but unfortunately havent received a lot of traffic till now. We have had some amazing feedbacks from our users. We need targeted penny auction traffic urgently.

The payment is negotiable. We are ready to pay nice amounts but we need to see some demo before we finalize the project.

The choosen candidate will be paid according to quantcast analytic.

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Penny Auction Website Urgent

I would like to have the scripts same style as

Similar color scheme.

I need the script written in PHP,AJAX and I need it to be secure with no bugs.

– easy management
– Must have a cms system for us to manage our products users etc. Just like ThePerfectBids admin panel
– SEO is a must
– demo is required, need to test before buying it

The payment will be made only when we have tested the script in real mode.
There must not be any limits on the auctions that we can create and also no limits on users!

Full Specification of what i want.

User registration and account verification.
Member login, account updating, purchasing more bids and paying for won auctions features.
Buying bid packages.
Set bidding packages.
Bidding in the Penny Auction format. Pay per bid and the price increment by a set amount.
Time increment by 20 seconds (can be changed in the admin) each time a bid is placed.
Bid butler system – the ability for users to book their bids, autobid until certain price.
An editable Terms and conditions and Help page. Additional pages can also be incorporated.
A newsletter sign up system and sending capability.
News section with add and update
Send newsletters to members signed up for the newsletter.
Possibility to change language
Payment by Paypal and Credit cards, and Dalpay.
Users can receive free bids for registering, for winning their first auction and for buying bid packages for the first time.
View, edit, add, delete and suspend users.
Add, edit, delete and clone auctions.
Set auctions to auto-relist.
Refund bids for an entire auction.
Limits on the number of auctions a user can win.
Winning bidder can be viewed and the auction status can be updated- e.g. paid, awaiting shipping, shipped and completed.

View users bidding history, purchased bid packages, add free bids to the user and refund bids for the user.

View referrals from users.
Coupons module.
Credit system for auctions which users lose, which can be used for won auctions.
Manage unlimited website categories via. add, edit and delete.
Edit general website settings via. turning on and off various features.
Add, edit and delete countries that you want to include.
Support for highly complex passwords for all users.
User referring system which allows user to refer friends and get a small amount of bids
User referring system which allows user to refer friends and if the friends sign up and purchase bids they get even a larger amount of free bids
Support multiple themes.

Our budget is not more than USD$300 if your bidding is over this price please do not bid.

Thank You

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Penny Auction Site:
This project requires programmers with the ability to program a website similar to online penny auction websites such as,, The website should be able to have all the functions such as with some features taken out as well as modifications and additions. Some basic programming skills needed are PHP, AJAX, JAVA, C, SQL, with knowledge on how to optimize the website(code wise) for low bandwidth and reduction of unnecessary code through use of object oriented programming.

This website should be able to have the following functions:
1. Membership capabilities with corresponding database oversight (Sign up, sign in, forgot password etc.)
2. Timer and Bid function for each penny auction posted (add 30 seconds with each bid and 1 cent to price)

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Grafic For Penny Auction

Need new grafic for penny auction

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Custom Penny Auction

Hello guys,

I am looking for a team of coders or a single coder to make me a custom penny auction website.

I already designed all the pages on photoshop so all you need to do is slice it and make it into a website.

The features are really basic:

-signing up
-getting 5 free bids
-buy bid packages
-modify your profile
-start biding
-Use coupon codes

Admin side:
-managing users (see how signed up when, how many bids does he have, add more bids to members, create new members)
-Creating an auction
a) add the title
b) add photos
c) enter retail price
d) enter the countdown (how many hours left for the auction)
e) enter the timer ( +20 seconds or + 10 seconds ) thats the clock goes up once someone bids
f) Chose if the product winner is going to be: a regular member or a bot

-managing and creating bots
-creating coupons that will give free bids

It will be very simple as said.

The bidders must have some kind of experience and unfortunately i cannot work with freelancers from india since the timecode is so different.

I love in canada.

I want a good and professional job without any bugs.

The winner will get payed 25% to start the project and the rest once its completed and bug free.

a side note: the site will be in english and french,

i will provide all the keywords though

Happy bidding and tell me if you already have a made a penny auction website.


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Website, "penny Auction"

To whom it may concern,

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Penny Auction Website

I would like to make a Penny auction website as inspired by /

Product Category Management

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"Penny Auction Same As Quibids Needed"

Hello, I am seeking a programmer to make a penny auction website which is inspired by Quibids.

If anybody have a product ready I will be very interested and i need it as soon as possible.

I will need special interfaces develop and thats the confidential part i cant say what kind of interfaces needed. Please contact me via PM so we can discuss the project together.

I will give priority for those users who can provide me samples and previous works done.

Thank you.

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Penny Auction Site Modifications

Hello, I am interested in getting a quote for this project, the more affordable the better, and i have a slight programming knowledge so please dont try and give outlandish quotes or they will be ignored completely.

I am interested in the script that runs, , visible at , however would like a quote on the following (and possible more, ill PM if it changes) modifications

*Images do not resize when in the product description
* Timer is ok, but bids take a while to transfer
* There will also need to be major changes made to the User structure, which is fairly confidential and so would rather be discussed over PM, however it is a fairly straightforwards job, basically just involving creation of 2 different types of accounts; one regular and one which can upload items and more. Pm for more details on this.

I am not yet sure when work will start, this is mainly to find a good worker and quotation so that finances can be sorted out.
I appreciate your time and if it is found inappropraite that there is a lack of certainty in this work, please remove this immediately or contact me and my apologies.

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Penny Auction

Make a penny auction site

Sites to look at:

Payment methods
1. Paypal
2. Clickand buy
3. Goggle pay
4. Credit card

1. Full administrative for multiply sites
2. Requires chat police
3. Chat room in site
4. Multiple pages for items
5. Tick timers on individual items, Automatic and able to set by Admin
6. Requires Data base to store information
7. Seller registration and bidder registration
8. Full 1 one year maintenance on program
9. Required to install on domain of choice.
10. Builder will provide sites to look at that are built by programmer
11. Site will mimic but have additional requirements like Swoopo .com or
12. High level of security for site
13. multiple language user capable UTF-8 to allow multi lanugages

We need a simple and clean design. Similar to with ideas from,, and some interface. It should be easily upgradeable in the future. Open to your ideas with the design of administrator side of project – it needs to be simple to use.

I expect you to provide some warranty on your work, which during this time you should correct, any errors etc.

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QuiBids Penny Auction Website Script

I am looking for an ALREADY DEVELOPED Penny Auction script, very similar to QuiBids as far as functionality and ease-of-use. Must have a robust CMS and be coded efficiently.

DO NOT BID if you do not have a DEMO (front/back end) to show me.

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Penny Auction Script

*Demo is a MUST, no bids will be considered without a working demo.


Auctioning of bids/item bid value – ability to to auction off bidpacks and have them automatically credit to the users account on payment.

Timer: Start time and finish time set by admin, when time reaches 30 seconds clock turns red, when new bid is placed under 30 seconds time is added to a maximum of 60 seconds, time added must be customizable between 5 and 60 seconds.

Beginners auctions – This gives new users a better chance of winning! Auctions set this way will keep users who have already won more than 3 items from bidding so that the new users have a better chance of winning. When setting up an auction, admin can set Auction type from beginer to normal.

Pause Auctions – The ability to pause any auction from the admin panel, it will display paused over the item picture on both the bidding page and the main page. if the user is in the item page then they will be given a custom reason.
E.g. server issues, auction will restart shortly.

Payment Processors – The ability to accept payments from and PayPal, on both bid purchases and refunds.

close out – The ability to, at pre specified point lock new bidders out of the auction. When setting up an auction, the admin can choose a price for the close out to begin.
As we know the auction goes up by 1c per bid. lets say the close out is set to 10% of retail price once the auction reaches the 10% mark. only bidders who have placed a bid prior to the close out may continue bidding. also in main screen no new bidders or closed will apear under auction box .

Recent Sale price – This adds the lowest recent sale price to the item page in the auction.

Bid Buddy – bid butlers will only place bid when timer hits 5 seconds left in auction.

Affiliates – When a user refers a friend they get X free bids.

admin stats: Will show each finished auction with purchase price, the finished auction price, shipping cost and then the sites profit or loss for that item, and then also a profit or loss for each month and current financial year

Winning bid will be selected based on:
-Quality of script
-Past Penny Auction related works

PM me and i will let you know company name

Please PM me demo links

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Penny Auction Website

This is a copy off another Post. We require the same thing however have a shorter deadline. Wed also like it based pretty close on Swoopo/Bidcactus and would like to have the ability to offer User Testimonial Videos as well as integrate with our local payment gateways.

We would like to have a penny auction website inspired by

We need the script written in PHP,AJAX,Mysql and we need it to be secure with no bugs with good documentation.

– Custom graphic design of the site
– easy management
– Must have a cms system for us to manage our products users etc.
– demo is required, need to test before buying it

o User registration, account verification, CAPTCHA feature for registration
o Email templates manager
o Integrated merchant account with gateway and PayPal
o Ability to award users free bids.
o Ability for users to receive free bids for registering
o Buying bid packages
o Participating in auctions
o The ability for members to login, update their account, purchase more bids and pay for their won auctions.
o Count down timers must be flawless and efficient in their workings. We have heard that mysql table caching helps out quite a bit in that area.
o Accounts page so the user can see what they have won with statistics
o Promotional coupons module
o The site should be able to handle heavy traffic and be search engine optimized (SEO must)
o Installation on server, Cron jobs etc
o Future add-on

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Penny Auction Site For Websree

Penny auction site

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Penny Auction

I am looking to start my own penny auction website so Im actively looking around for skilled programmers, coders and designers to help me. This is not a career offer its more like a hobby, you can think of it as a modding team. Financial compensation will of course be relevant when the final product is released. If you are interested and wish to participate in this project send me a pm preferably with some kind of contact information; skype, steam, msn or xfire to get more detailed information.

In case you didnt know this is actually a great business idea and its about time that I was a part of it. A very good example is two Finnish men that started their own website two years ago and are now living on a tropical island. Im not saying that I want to be as crooked and as much of scam as their website is but its actually very legal much like a lottery only it attracts more people with its manipulative system.

This is an example the business model Im going for

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Consultant To Purchase A Penny Auction Software

We seek a consultant to purchase a penny auction software
We are in the process of buying a penny auction software like "" We need to hire the evaluation and comparison of tenders. Professional competence and proven track record is essential.
There are many vendors and the prices are very different. The task is to compare the proposals, make the necessary consultations, pre-select best deals and assess the demos of them.
6 to 8 soft offers will be evaluate.
Speaking Spanish is not essential but would be appreciated.

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