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FLVPLAYBACK External Skin Customization

Need external flvplayback skin modified for AS3/CS5/FLV2.5.

1. Add totalTime textlabel
2. Add displayheadTime textlabel

I need to be able to modify/customize both which means:
1. Youll provide all the fla file
2. Youll provide all the as, embedded fonts, etc that would enable me to modify the contents
3. That both are independent from each other

Please take note that seekbar and seekbar progress is already used somewhere else.

I expect this to be done in 8 hours and Ill try to select a provider in 6 hours.

You will provide the swf first. If it works Ill ask for the fla. If all the items I need are there then payment time.

I will only pay 30USD.
I would only pay two ways.
If you prefer here, The payment will be in escrow and will be released upon verification of the requirement.
if you prefer PP, payment will be sent upon verification of the requirement

If you can provide a link to showcase that youll be able to do this that would be better.


Good Luck

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PaperVision Wall Photographs

I need to improve on this websites loading time:

I currently use library of flash papervision. I would like to rewrite the code so that I can compile small images into the flash itself, but for larger images – load them from external file.
The concept should stay the same. UI should be similar (without libraries banner on the lower side of flash file.)

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Load External SWF Into New SWF (iframe Style)

I need to post a domain locked SWF onto my website.

Id like to create a new SWF type "wrapper" thats only purpose is to load an external SWF and load it within a new SWF.

It sounds weird, but theres a method to my madness. And yes, Ive considered an iFrame.

You must have AIM/MSN for this project. Please PM me with your screenname and bid if interested. Im looking to spend $100 — $200 max.

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