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Flash Banner With 4 External Images

We need a flash e-commerce banner (slide efect) only to show 4 external images (all images with the same size).
When we upload new images, the SWF need to show new images automatically.
Need 4 simple direct links for any image.

We need SWF and FLA version.

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Flash Application Rotating Images

I need a flash app build which will rotate images, if the image is clicked then the user would be taken to a URL associated with that specific image. One of the rotating images will need to play a video with in the flash app when selected. The images when rotating should have a nice transition fade to it. Also, I need the number of the image or slide to be at the bottom ofthe screen so that the user can go back. If the user hovers over an image the rotation of the images would stop.

Ill need all source code associated with this project.

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Project 6 – Tabaco Shop

I have a big demand of work by month and I need someone to convert mys layout at psd to html/css homologated by W3C.

My work needs some care:

– the CSS do not use * { } tag
– All layout images need be load to css
– the html need work well in commun internet browsers (IE6, IE7, IE8, FF, safary, opera)
– all input fields need a fixe size

if you can do this, please bid me!

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Flash Banner (Flade-in Images With Slide-in Text – Linkable)

I need a flash banner.

I have all 6 images with text layered on them in Photoshop.

The images and text are already formatted and GOOD TO GO.

All you need to do is create a flash slide show with the supplied images & formatted text.

Heres what it must do:

– FADE-IN Effect for all images
– SLIDE-IN Effect for text (from different locations on each slide)
– Images and/or Text must link to URLs I specify
– Final Slide must convert to static image (also a link)
– Must be fast loading and have a load bar or animated loading symbol

I need this done ASAP!

PLEASE NOTE: I cant pay much for this… but I know its a quick job especially since I have everything in place and just need it put together. Please bid accordingly!

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