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Yola Like Site

We are looking for site with features that mirror that of Yola.

*Widget interaction a must
—fast edit,wiki save correction
—drag and drop
—double click elements to upload images

Ideally wed like the other side features as well including flicker image upload search support or youtube video insertion but those and other features are bonuses. We can pay extra for things if need be.

The preferred language is also C sharp but open to others.

PM me with a complete project plan.
PM me your best offer.
Bid without pm will be ignored.

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Load External Video To Flash

We have a flash site, which is allready made.

The flash site has an intro video (flv file) which is embeded into the swf file. So the loader is loading the whole site and display the intro video, and when is finished goes to homepage of the flash site.

We want to use bigger intro video about 30MB. So it is not good idea to have it embedded into the flash project.

We want to load the video from an external video server, and when video ends to go and continue shown the rest main page.

If you will check another site: you will see that they are doing same thing. They load the video from somewhere else, and the video is not insde the main swf file. I suppose that works with that way.

So we wait a solution how will do that. Ofcourse we dont want to use youtube or vimeo to store the video and take it from there. We dont want that.

maybe to find a video server solution, which cheap cost, put video there, and load it into our site.

The video will be played in the whole available area of the screen, with no buttons for stop or go next and back, with no time bar. just play the video in the whole area and when finished will be loaded the rest page.
Also a skip button will be available if the user want to skip the intro video.

More guides will be given!

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Mobile Video Site (it Will Use Youtube Api)

Hello, I want to build a website which is inspired by this website :

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Need Youtube Download Site Fix

Since Youtube updated their coding, my video youtube site ( has stop working and I need someone to fix it. If you have work with previous sites like mines, and know for sure how to fix it let me know, thanks.

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Youtube Ratings & Articles To Buy Regular Basis, No Proxies!


We are selling youtube views and we need someone who is able to sell packages of 25-50-100 youtube ratings.

We are in the business and we need you to provide them for CHEAP.

However we would not tolarate to have our customers videos suspended because of your ratings so please make sure you dont use proxies. If your bid is lower than $30, which I believe it should, specify it in your PM.

Once again, NO PROXIES!

By the way, we will be launching a blog for our site so if you can write GOOD articles about Youtube and how to rank higher etc.. You can also bid, if you are chosen, we will create a separate project for you. Your english must be perfect and your articles should push our customers to purchase views and ratings.

The payment will be done by GAF escrow.


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Site With Video Uploading (like Youtube)


I need to create a website with video content, based on Joomla with the following features:

1. Videо gallery should be like the оne оn (including videо scrolling and description);
2. Users profile with some infоrmation about each registered user;
3. Videо broadcast should be in mp4;
4. Videо downloading should be in two formats: mp4, 3gp;
5. Videо uplоading (оnly by admin) should include conversion from most popular formats MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV to mp4 and 3gp.

If you are interesting in this prоject, please let me knоw. I will show the model of this project to you then.

Best regards!

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Plugin For Plugin for Proxy has stopped working – project = fix.
Site = http://schoolthrough(.)com

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Youtube Video Intro For 2 Sites

I am looking for someone that is creative, and can make an intro that looks both professional and a little cartoony.

This is for 2 sites, which I want to Intro to be a little like: I want a cool intro video like:

All the videos are only 10 seconds long for the intro and 5 seconds at the end stating what the site is about and the url.

I am low budge but still hope this can be done.

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Social Network Marketing / Promotion


I have a website that I would like to conduct a viral social network marketing / promotion campaign for. Ideas include appearing on digg front page, link on popular YouTube videos, stumbleupon, etc…

I would like to see proposals and corresponding estimated unique visits. I am looking for a campaign that results in quality visits. That implies users who are interested in the site; I dont want or need junk traffic or traffic exchange traffic.

Site URL will be PMed to qualified bidders. If you have any questions let me know.

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