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Website Using Youtube API

Im wanting to get a website created similar to, utilizing the Youtube API to embed and replay Youtube videos. I would like all features of including these extras:

Allow the user to create a playlist of videos.
Search results when hover mouse over the video has play now or add to playlist option.
Display the top 10 replayed videos for the week, month and year.
Allow users to register on the site so they can save their playlist.

A fresh and clean design is desired, keeping advertisement spots in mind. If youre able to provide a mock-up image for the layout of the site then that would be greatly appreciated. Lastly the site must be lightweight and fast to use, not bandwidth or server intensive.

Thanks for your interest in my project and Im looking forward to working with you!

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Small Recruiting Website

Need to have on short notice a small website:

Like this:


Home Page (with 10 rotating pictures in the header)

2005 Foto Gallery page (should have an easy picture upload system)
2006 Foto Gallery Page
2007 Foto Gallery Page
2008 Foto Gallery Page
2009 Foto Gallery Page
2010 Foto Gallery Page

Video Page : To link to youtube videos

Interesting links
Contact Page

Everypage should be linked to facebook (with "like system)

Website should be clean and simple.

Color schedule like facebook

No Joomla please…

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Load External Video To Flash

We have a flash site, which is allready made.

The flash site has an intro video (flv file) which is embeded into the swf file. So the loader is loading the whole site and display the intro video, and when is finished goes to homepage of the flash site.

We want to use bigger intro video about 30MB. So it is not good idea to have it embedded into the flash project.

We want to load the video from an external video server, and when video ends to go and continue shown the rest main page.

If you will check another site: you will see that they are doing same thing. They load the video from somewhere else, and the video is not insde the main swf file. I suppose that works with that way.

So we wait a solution how will do that. Ofcourse we dont want to use youtube or vimeo to store the video and take it from there. We dont want that.

maybe to find a video server solution, which cheap cost, put video there, and load it into our site.

The video will be played in the whole available area of the screen, with no buttons for stop or go next and back, with no time bar. just play the video in the whole area and when finished will be loaded the rest page.
Also a skip button will be available if the user want to skip the intro video.

More guides will be given!

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6-7 Page facebook like design needed.

I need a 6-7 page facebook like design for my video website. Design should be light in colors, easy on eye, easy to load and need it implemented.

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Sultan website

-Need to build a website (Urgent)
-Very simple project
-3 youtube videos will be uploaded

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