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I need to develop a custom quote generator for a client on Ive got a prototype that I created in .net. It has extremely complex business and pricing rules. Furthermore, there are complex product compatability requirements as well.

Some key requirements.
1. Validate quote
a. If its new business some products qualify for a discount.
b. Various quote header fields require legal terms to be attached. For example, different invoicing terms are associated with different legal terms that must be displayed on the quote.
c. Some products have legal terms associated with them.
d. Certain products require other products
e. Certain products exclude other products

2. Approval – Various pricing thresholds require supervisor approval.
3. Products have different prices for different customer types. ie.. Government, non-profit, eductation

Ive got a working prototype in .net that provides 80% of the functionality. So Ive got a database schema that needs to be mapped to salesforces schema.

Since Im a developer, I dont need the app 100% completed but Ive never done an app on salesforce so Id like to have someone do the first two iterations before I take over.

One key point that will have to be addressed is that the customer is a current salesforce client and would like to integrate this app with their current deployment if possible.

Ill update this post with a copy of my current database schema and a link to the prototype shortly.

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Microsoft Access Time Keeper Database For Non-Profit Organiz

This 2007 Access database needs to include the following:
Member Name
Project Category
Hours Spent in each category by each member
A total of (3) Reports to show each Member

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Design WordPress Commerce Plugin

Hi – looking for a custom wordpress plugin to retail similar to The idea is to create a plugin that I can sell which will allow customers to build an affiliate site in wordpress. May consider JV/profit share with correct programmer as my area of expertise is marketing.

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On-line Non-Profit Registration With Corporations.

We need some one to search online for corporations that have charitable foundations ( Most US do) and register our Non-Profit Organization with them… Corporations such us Coca-Cola, Nissan etc.

There are thousands of corporations in the USA and most for Tax reasons have foundations.

You will need to search on-line, register, email the link to us, as well as create a PDF of the registration and email it to us.
(We will provide you with the details and a couple of examples of the registrations)
You will get paid $2 per registration. We can start with 50 registrations, we cannot pay anything higher since the budget is small and this is for a nonprofit.
thank you for your interest!

here is a link example of Nissan.

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Non Profit Needs Help From Experenced Freelancer

Hi. We are a non profit that is just starting out. We do not have a business plan which we need. We dont have fund raising plans which we need. We dont have a creative member on our board which we need. Boy oh Boy do we need a lot!

We know what we want to do – help victims affected by natural disasters and poverty in US and internationally, however we do not know how to prepare a "plan" of how to accomplish this, nor do we know the right wording for our campaigns (which we also dont have!)

We need someone to create these things for us. This is a low paying project, however your services will be helping thousands of people and familes so we ask that if you have the ability to help, you would open up your heart and your time (and your patience) with helping us.

We dont have anywhere else to go to help us with this, as companies are asking a lot of money for this work.. and we just dont have this.


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Quality Link Builder For Non Profit – Monthly Ongoing

We need an aggressive link building campaign for

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Quality Link Builder For Non Profit – Monthly Ongoing

We need an aggressive link building campaign for

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Non-Profit Law

I need to find a non-profit attorney licensed and can assist with start-up documents and consulting. Also, I need help filing 501c3 federal tax exemption.

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