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Company Website Redesign

Need to redesign an existing company website. Need a clean and professional design. May need custom graphics. Website design similar to other corporate websites in North America for example GE, Shell, IBM, etc.

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Animated Illustrator

We are looking for an animated illustrator to create a fun, humorous video for our company that can be used on our website as well as for viral distribution.

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Upscale Retail Packaging Design

I prefer to work with designers: North America

Project: combination redesign of a retail box for a nutritional product, and stick-pack packets. Designer with product packaging experience is desired.

~ Want package to capture the eye of the buyer, and be visible and well-branded, 4 color printing. Will use provided high clarity pictures and text for an upscale, appealing package.

~ Box will have plastic window on top. Will need placement of nutritional panel, bar code.

~Stick pack graphics – design of single-serve packet, add placement of nutritional panel, bar code.

Design and branding will coordinate box with stick pack graphics and flavor of website. Go to to see the current design of the stickpack.

Possibly want logo redesign.

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Design And ECommerce Website

This is to complete a project and for is a specific designer.

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New Million Dollar Pixel Website

Looking for a designer to help build a new million dollar banner website. It will need to have something different than the following website: Possible the banner pops out at the consumer when cursor is on banner. Looking for many new suggestions. Will need to have paypal accepted by method of payment. I will also want to attract as much traffic to the website as possible.

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Complete Report On A Company’s Operations

I would like to have someone write a complete report of Threadless.coms operations. Your report will answer the following, but not limited to, these questions:

1. How did the company start?
2. How did the company obtain its critical mass in terms of number of users?
3. What efforts are being done to attract new users, especially artists?
4. What efforts are being done to retain user base, especially artists?
5. What are their early marketing strategies and techniques? What are their current marketing strategies and techniques? How do they use technology to attract and keep in touch with users?
6. Describe their contest system and its impact on the companys publicity.
7. Describe their voting system and its impact on the companys publicity.
8. What is their general workflow from art submission to print?
9. How do they produce their t-shirts? Do they print by themselves or do they have a third party to do so?
10. How much does it cost them to print one t-shirt?
11. What printing methods do they employ?
12. How long does it take them to print one shirt? How long does it take them to print a whole design, which I believe is limited to 1500 shirts per batch?
13. Please describe their website in as much technical detail as possible.
14. What methods and/or programs have they developed and launched to drive sales?
15. Etc.

The above questions should be used as a guideline in writing your report. It should be divided into the following sections:
1. History.
2. Production.
3. Marketing.
4. Sales.
5. Other sections as you see fit.

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Website Design

Need a website built similar to this design(hiatusspa_dot_com). Simple 2 page will be fine. We can create the rest of the internal pages. Would like different colors, graphics and as much CSS as possible. Will provide colors that need to be used. Must use <h1> tags correctly. Internal pages should follow the same design with text (<h1>) over pictures as seen in the website.

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Corporate Website Design

We need a corporate website design. We need 2 Photoshop designs, one for the landing page and one for sub pages. PSD to CSS work will be done by our team so we only need a complete Photoshop design.

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Website Design Company

I want a site for my design company, I am a reseller with no idea about design.. but I want something very professional, something in joomla… I need a good quality site… I am ready to pay up to 500 usd… But I need something good…

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Writin’ IN BULK

Need unique top-notch articles. Perfect grammar is a must. Starting rate is $ 0.25 for 100 words.
Provide a sample of your unique text

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