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Excel P&L And Cashflow Forecast

I have a client that wants to build an extended P&L and Cashflow forecast. I am a qualified accountant but not great on Excel. Looking for someone to do this work with me next week. I will give the instructions and review the outputs, but looking for that person to have experience building this kind of forecast.

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Looking For Blog Commenting From 300 Different Blogs

Looking for blog commenting into 300 different domains. The page that the link is put on should be indexed in Google.
1) Links should not posted on porn, gambling or hate sites
2) Comments to should be reasonable relate to post
3) Comments should follow good English should not sound like spam.
4) 300 comment from 300 blogs

I will provide URL & link text keywords to bid winner You should provide excel report with all links where you posted your comments.

My budget is limited.

Thank you for your time on reading my post & Good Luck!

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Looking For Telephone And Address Directories From Countries

I am looking for personal telephone and address directories from countries other than the US and Canada. These must be valid lists with verifiable information, not fake or manufactured data. In other words the data must be good data. I need personal information, address information for people, not businesses. If you have business addresses with people names like contacts that is ok, but the information must have a persons name.

The information should include a first name, last name, address, (business name), city, state, zip code, telephone number, fax if available and e-mail if available. Any other available information would be great.

The data should be in an easily recognizable format such as ASCII delimited or excel format.

I need large lists with millions of names.

Do NOT bid on this if you do not have a list but want to do data entry. This is NOT a project for data entry. You must already have the list in your possession.

If you have such a list, I will need a small sample to verify the format and quality. This information will be used to test a geo database application so it is important that the address information is good.

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Spreadsheet Specialist Wanted

We simply need to update the prices of over 500 single line items on our spreadsheet and make some similar product price adjustments. Would like to also like to begin discussions and eventually a website for my company. So skills related to this would also be helpful. We will also be starting a HR company specializing in the areas of education, healthcare, management, IT services, marketing, and finance. For our primary business though, we are constantly looking for new talent such as those with a rich experience and talent for product sourcing, design, sales, CRM, website design, copywriting, and flash design. If you are exceptional at what you do, please let us know who you are and the services you can provide. Im confident we have a position for you with our growing company.

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Looking For Experienced EBay Listing Assistant

I will need from 10 to 20 auctions per week posted on (i sell electronic stuff , laptops new and used , phones , gps devices and cameras ) . You will get 15% from all sales + i will pay all your ebay fees, your commission range will be $100-$300 per item sold. You can use your paypal account to receive money. All bids start from $150 or $250 (depends of how big is the price of the product ) online auction, no buy it now or reserve. Shipping free and will be made in 3 days when the payment is cleared and will be done by ups 3 days select. In auctions you can leave your location at the product location if you live in US , if not i will give you the instructions how to change the item location . you will need to respond to all questions from ebay members if you know the answer if not , you will forward them to me and i will respond to you.


1) You list an item in eBay as Buy It Now or Auction. You choose how to promote.
2) Buyer Buys the item and pays you using eBay.
3) You keep your commission and send me the rest.
4) After realization of payment, I ship the item and provide you with the Tracking # .
5) Our representatives will be handling any advanced support.

If you have more questions ask me or let me know when you are ready to start.

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excel to php

I am looking for someone to provide a service for multiple web pages.
This is an ongoing project that will involve 50-100 online calculators over a 12 month period.
The job is to convert excel spreadsheets (which I will provide) into online calculators in php (or any other script that is server side?)
I can provide samples of work that have already been successfully carried out to anyone interested in bidding.

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Variable Annuity List

I am looking for a List of evrybody in the Tampa, Florida (35 mile radius) that has purchased a variable annuity in the past 7 years. Annuity company would also be very helpful.

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Posting Items on Website Project 2


We recently posted up an ad. The team we hired still isnt finished and we allowed them a few extra days.

We will try to explain as best we can. Currently we have about 5,000 items posted and we have about 20,000 more to go. We will more than likely have to post up more ads as well are looking for teams and individuals to help us get these items posted up by Sunday.

The procedure, I will send individual/team excel spreadsheet, they will notice that spreadsheet has more than 10,000 lines, but products on each line might be a Variant (size,color, model) which will decrease those 10,000 lines to around 1,000 items.

Take a look at the site and if you are interested please feel free to contact us.

We really need people to work hard and diligently as we are on a deadline.


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Lookup email addresses

We will provide a list of 300 URLs as clickable links in an Excel spreadsheet. Freelancer will research email addresses on the site or through whois and enter into the spreadsheet next to each matching URL.

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