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MediaXXXScript Downloader Tag Grabber

Hi ,

The downloader used on MediaXXXScript import videos file , title and description . The tags are generated automatically from the title . I want someone to modify the downloader script to grab tags as well . Looking for a low budget modification . Please see the attached image .

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Talent Agency Script


i am looking for a talent agency portal script.
similar to
it has a lot of features please check out to understand what i am looking for.
the language should be in german or multi language.
i do not looking for nulled or illegal software!!!
if you already have a script like i want, please send me a url where i can check out.
the script must be written in php / ajax, connected with a mysql database and has to be a very modern design.
it should be very easy to maintain from a clean backend.
must be stable even are more than 10000 user are using it at the same time.

if you can give me an offer …

all the best

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Charitable Website

I need a website to provide information about services available to the poor. i need the ability to easily add and remove content. the site should contain links that can be clicked to take to other sites. it should have the availability for visitors to alert me as to programs available that are not displayed. it should be able to count visits to it. it should be able to display advertising.
i need help in getting the site online and in getting hits to the site.

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Two Buttons – Need To Redesign

Looking for someone to recreate these two buttons to match our site. Nothing too difficult.
Please reply with some samples of your previous work.

I will consider Photoshop formats but I prefer GIMP format.

Anyone bidding with GIMP goes to the top of the list.


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Integration "Site Messenger"

Integration "Site Messenger" [Removed by Admin]
in dating script [Removed by Admin]
use php, mysql for recognition members, info, ecc.
see site messenger manual-info for method integration.
minimum budget

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Online Design Script

I am looking for an online design script like this one:

Ideally, the customer would design their text as displayed on the above references site, then after returning from Paypal the graphic displayed in the "Preview" section would be emailed to me along with their order info,

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Stock Price To Database

The project is to write C# software that will read from a website which stocks have earnings reports coming up and record their stock prices every 5 minutes into a MySQL database for two days prior to the earnings report through 2 days after the earnings report. The program will run on a windows computer. The source of the data will be or or some other well established source.

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Content Updater For An Adult Site

Hello, Im looking for a content updater for an adult site (Adult Anime) you must be a fan of the niche, frequent the sites often and are knowledgeable about the niche such as the terminologies etc..

Please PM me your brief history with the niche, such as how long youve been surfing for Adult Anime etc.. Please do a place-holder bid, more details will be discussed via PM. Thanks.

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Link List 900 URLs – $30 (2)

This project is for OriginalContent1.

Instructions already emailed.

For the URL list:
Check if we can post comments. If not, then x. Can we post DoFollow anchor links? If any comments have DoFollow anchor links pointing to external sites, then enter the number of OBLs. If links in both the comment text and comment name are NoFollow, or if links in the comment text are NoFollow and the comment names do not point to external sites, then mark remove.

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City Portal CMS

I need a large city portal cms maybe drupal or some other custom made cms
Need good seo, options to add restaurants,clubs etc.
Some like websites:

Check the sites and you know what im mean 🙂

I want to see a porfolio from previous like projects you made

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Site Grabber

I need someone to write a script which will grab specific parts of the contents of a website source code.

The website in question has a collection of links and site details for quite a number of other websites. These sites are all grouped into categories.

I need the following recorded into a MySQL database;
– Site Name;
– Site URL;
– Site description;
– Any banner advertisements for that site.

The site URL is masked by an out.php link. The out.php source code includes the site link, which matches the site ID.

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Simple Script

Looking for a very simple script to be put onto a WP page.
Basically 3 iframes that display the output of three sites based on the URL the user can enter in an input field.

For example:
the user enters:
the first iframe would site the results of "" from google. The other two iframes would also work the same but for other sites.

Need it done in the next few hours.

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Twitter Following APP Creation / Script / URL Scrapper Soft

I need a software created that will:

1. Twitter Software – It allows you to login to your twitter account and allows you to add people that have tweeted about something or said something.

1. Harvest URLs – Where you can enter a bunch of keywords and it returns urls for those keywords from google, bing.

Like this:

Be online web based even better.

Please give me your offer for each software – price you would be willing to create the script at?

Payment via paypal. Long term relationship wanted.

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Simple 3 Column Sneaker Spreadsheet

Hey Guys!

We basically need a very simple spreadsheet complete. It will consist of only 3 columns(basically 2 as 3rd may not be required for all).

The spreadsheet is to be consisted of Jordan Shoes, we roughly have 2000 Images, which we need sorted.
We need you to name each shoe, add a description of the shoe (It is ok to have a generic description with perhaps the name changed for a certain type of shoe eg.Jordan 1 Series then change it for Jordan 2 Series) and we need you to re-name the image(.jpg) of the shoe (eg. If the name of the Shoe is Jordan 1 then call the image jordan-1.jpg). And If there is an addtional image for the same shoe then we need you to list that in the 3rd category.

As you can see this is not a very difficult job and we are paying you roughly $1-2 per each 100 entries (some images may be duplicate).

We are looking for people who know their Jordans, as it will make their job even easier, and for people who are good at searching the web as it will allow them find information on any shoes they are unsure of.

We look forward to see what youve got and were hoping to establish a long lasting relationship with the winner,
Best Regards.

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Slideshow Pro In 2 Sites

I have 2 sites.
I have many problems with my site that i need to fix.
first –
when you pressed portfolio I use to have a slideshow pro gallery and now its gone.

sec. –
For some reason the arrows in the gallery doesnt work.

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Transfer WordPress Sites

I have 170 wordpress sites installed and working at hostgator on a VPS level 3 account
50 sites will remain there.
You will transfer 40 sites to a different hosting account
You will transfer another 40 sites to a different hosting account
You will transfer another40 sites to a different hosting account

So – you will transfer 120 sites to 3 different hosting accounts
The hosting accounts all have mysql, cpanel, fantasticio,
phpmyadmin, etc.

The domains names have been added
You will do everything else needed

1) You will download the original site then upload to new account
2) You will download the original databases and upload to new account
whilest editing any files that are needed such as .wpconfig
3) You will do whatever else is necessary to transfer these sites so that when you are done
they will be working on the new host.

Again – You are just transferring from one host to another. Domain names, files , everything remains the same
the only change is the host other than the database infomation.

Please submit any job history or anything you have to prove you know what you are doing.
Please ask me any questions that you may have.

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General Q&A

I will provide a list of keywords and you will have to create a question containing each keyword (~10 words) + an answer (~110 words). I have a list of 400 keywords and i think that i should pay around 400$ for this job. Before selecting final worker i will give a small test so i check your style. Thank you and i am looking forward your bids!

ps: Please excuse me if my English is not that good.

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Link Machine Script Instalation On 50 Sites.


I need a reliable person who can add a "Link Machine" link exchange script to my 50 sites.
All link pages should be matching the site templates , and contain some categories.

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SEO Linkwheel Creation

I need 60 SEO linkwheels created.

I will provide the content to be used for the link wheels, you will need to:

– Create the profiles on the web 2.0 site
– Post the article on the web 2.0 site
– Create the link in the article to the site on the keyword i provide
– Provide a full report that includes:
– web 2.0 site username and password
– URL of article posted
– Date created

I have the list of sites that this needs to be created on.

Max bid for this is $10 per link wheel, so total price is $600

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GD Library Generate Png From Mysql Database

Objective :  Connect to remote database and pull X # of rows and columns and generate png image based on conditional formatting for image generation. This task should be repeated every X number of minutes per table

Store the generated image in local database. Every time it generates new image it will overwrite existing image. So there will be 1 image for each table everytime. Ability to set watermark word in code so each image will have small water mark word on bottom or top. you can use cron if you wish. Cron has to be stored in password protected directory if this is not possible provide other solution to protect the file. may be putting file outside of www folder ?

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Seeking Drupal Developer For Online-Learning Site

We are seeking a Drupal developer who is able to complete an online learning website.

The websites learning modules are very similar to the format of the learning modules at

Experience is a must have for this project, please include references to sites you have built. Providers with references to online learning websites will be considered over other developers.

Good luck.

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Looking For Filipino Writers

I need Filipino article writers immediately. First topic would be "why is the press considered the 4th estate", minimum 500 words. Please state whether you can finish this in just one day.

Article requirements:
All articles should be original (bypass copyspace), the niche varies.
No spelling/grammer errors, Please double check before sending.
100% manually written articles
All rights to the written articles are transferred to me. I will own the full copyright once I got the articles from you. You may not reuse the articles in any way, therefore they should NOT be distributed to other people.

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Software Developer

Looking for someone who can make a script for Master Reseller WHM Script and Alpha Master WHM Reseller Script

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Script To Handle Survey Script

Hi Programmer,

Looking for coder who can improve coding for the following script as per requirement.

I have this script to handle image, see below

If you click the image it will swap with another image and after x seconds if visitor click 2nd image it will redirected to defined URL.

Now Look at same template but adding another javascript for survey program (view page source)

Just wait about 5 second, you will see the window pop up asking visitor to fill up offer.

Now what I want is that the javascript survey only activated when visitor click the first image where the pop up window asking for survey only activated while visitor see 2nd image.

I want the script to call the survey javascript after the first image is click.

please write "survey_code" in your PM to show that you have fully read and understand the project description.

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Restore Site Functionality

We manage a php site to review bars, restaurants and discos most often visited by people, along with MySql database.

Unfortunately site now reports: "could not connect to DB".

Service provider must analyze this, report what happened, restore full functionality and MOST OF ALL do not lose data previously entered by visitors.
If requested, URL of this domain will be supplied in private (choosen service provider could get access to PHP source code, too).

We will choose the cheapest bidder with good ratings.

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Need Credit Cards To Charge For Signups

In need of real working credit cards to charge for signups, send me your pms.
Will be to an affiliate url.

Need 100 in total, scope for more.

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Alexa Top Sites Multiple Requests Script

The Alexa Top Sites service enables users to page through a Alexa listing 100 web sites at a time, and by making multiple requests, to retrieve lists of any size

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Directory Script Similar To

I require a directory script similar to HOTFROG.COM.
Below are some additional details that I require:

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Personal Trainer Database

I am looking for an updated personal trainer email (maybe phone too) database for all of the United States.

Bidder must attain database in legal manner.

Please confirm via email: source of information (doesnt have to be specific, but general idea), size of list, cost, and how updated list is.

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Fax Broadcasting

We need to send 100k faxes to our list of U.S. Clients. The fax is one page and we are looking for
very competitive pricing. I also need a report of all faxes sent and which #s were no longer valid.

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