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Database Development

!) Modify one existing MySql database and refine the generated pages look. Create a small number of reports.
2) Create a new MySql database, some scheduled reports, simple query forms, payment pages to link to external Merchant accounts. Data will come from 1) above and external sites

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Need Expiring Link Script.

I need a script that will take link and after it is clicked once, send the visitor to another page on the next click.

I will be using this script in conjunction with a email marketing campaign.

so I will need to send a few thousand emails all with different links that will expire after one click.

I use EAR for my mailing.

if you have suggestions on how to make this work and can create a script , I would like to hear from you..


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Simple Change To Flash Site

I need a very quick change made to a flash site. Just make a button link to an external website. ASAP.

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Minor Change On Magento Site

This project is for Parul.

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Magento Small Feature

Hi need a small fix for my magento, under the product view ( admin ) I want to have a link to a remote site, where I include the product sku. Example : A button with the name "More info" that openens up a link like this :,pass=blala,showid=SKU in a new window.

Further more I have installed the module custom stock messages, this show the simple products that are out of stock on the configurable product page with a text out of stock. I need to add a due date after the out of stock message. I have the field as an atribute on each product. From the developer I got this info on where to change it :

>> where the $status variable is defined. This will for for all products
>> except configurable items.
>> For configurable products you should modify:
> appcodelocalAmastyStockstatusBlockRewriteProductViewTypeCon
> figura
>> ble.php
>> where the $stockStatus variable is defined.

Finally I need to get the shopping cart in the top of the right side of
my template.

Small things.

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Simple Magento Extension – Highly Experienced Mage Devs Only

First off let me say, experienced Magento developers who can prove they have extensive work history modifying Magentos core and building extensions/modules feel free to bid higher than 250. And if you do this job and do it well I have a lot more work for you if you would like it. If you have developed any Magento modules in the past or extended any functionality I would be interested in knowing about it, please pm me with information about this work that you have done.

For this rather simple Magento extension I basically want a new send to a friend form for sharing products as the standard one is severely lacking in functionality/usability.

I am using magento

I would like any ajax or modal functionality to be done with jQuery. Currently I am using jQuery tools for modal functionality, not sure how extensive the ajax will be for this module but this may be of use

Features wanted:
1. Can use as a guest. ( the standard one forces you to log in )
2. If logged in, customers email address is filled in automatically.
3. Instead of the form being on a separate page I would like it to open in a modal box, the modals contents should be loaded via ajax as it pops up.
4. "Send me a copy of this e-mail" check box + functionality (very simple, just add the senders e-mail to the list of recipients in the back end if checked) would like this checked by default.
5. Would like a sign up for our newsletter check box at the bottom of the modal above the Send me a copy of this e-mail check box.
6. The products Image, Name, Description and any of the products other attributes I would like to be able to show in the modal box, just add those first 3 for now but make sure adding any of the others wont be a challenge.
7. The e-mail the standard send to a friend feature sends is very simplistic and only has a link with the name of the product in it. I would like the email this module sends to have the products image,name,description and any other attributes the product may have. Again the first three will be fine for now, but make sure adding others wont be a problem in the future.
8. The modal box content being called via ajax must work with Magentos caching system, the contents should all be cached minus the IF customer logged in part.
9. E-mail sending should use standard Magento e-mail sending functionality/templates/etc so it will be compatible with other e-mail extensions/modules in the future.
10.I want the contents of the modal box to be a standard .phtml template file that is easy to edit/customize/modify just like most other template files, this means no excessive code generation in php block files, blocks called and their positions should be dependent on php calls in template files not on an XML layout file. (not saying you cant use an xml layout file as Im sure well still need one)
11. No design/css work is needed I can cover all that.
12. I think it would be easiest to create this as a standalone module, but if you decide to do it by extending the current send to a friend feature, remember to remove any limitations on the number of emails a customer can send, the standard limit is 5 per hour.
13. I am a big fan of extensibility and commented code is a must, please use proper planning and do a good job. Also for you experienced Magento guys please make the module as safe as possible from breaking on upgrades.

Well thats it I believe, please PM me if you have any questions about anything. If you want an idea of what I want look at Amazons share this item modal pop up. I believe this blog post may help you get started.

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Footer Links

Insert footer links into the bottom of my website. approximate 80 pages.

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Simple Script Needs to Be Fixed…

Hi – I need someone that can fix all of the glitches that I have in a script. ALSO make sure that the site design stays continuous throughout the site which it is not doing at this time.

Some of the issues that I am having is:
Cannot submit payment email on the admin side
Members cannot see solo ads they have and few other minor things.
I would really like to manipulate the script a little to bring it more up to date with some of the others that are out there if that would be something that you are able to do.

Also if you have any ideas please forward..

This is actually a pretty easy project.

Any questions please ask.


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Copy files/change links

I have a folder of pages in my website (around 142 pages).

I need to duplicate this folder with a new name — and the links on the pages need to reflect the new folder. The links will be going to the same pages, but in the new folder.

Also, on around 100 of the pages — one word needs to be changed (simple HTML). The word Premier needs to be replaced with Value Plus.

Once you are done I will test the links. I will not release escrow until we have tested the links.

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##### Need a person who know autoit #####

I need a person who know how to work on auto it.

i will give u total instruction. I know auto it too. But I need a special person to do it.

### Main Job Role to Automate an website in Internet Explorer. budget $30

Before select that person; I need him to check I will ask him to make a simple script.

thank you.

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Changes in magento script


I need some simple changes done to magento script

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hi there,

i need a simple script in flash AS 2.0. Description in PM. Budget max 12usd and need it today.
thanks and regards

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