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Need Expert In CL Posting

I need a professional posting person to help us with Craigslist, only experienced people need to bid, no newbies or inexperienced people, you must have your own techniques to post in the site in different categories, and make the ads live, avoid ghosting, make sure dont violate the terms of use of craigslist, the ads will be posted at specific time frames, please provide example of work you have done; only people with good ratings will be biding on this project, this is an ongoing project and if work done right, the amounts of ads will increase significantly,
thanks and happy bidding

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Magento Tech Support- Tutor Needed

I am a student at California State University San Marcos and have an ecommerce site using magento. I need help navigating backend UI. I am looking for someone to tutor me and make simple changes to site. Experts only. I am based in California. First choice is to hire techie from india; other countries welcome if proficient in English. I am available from 7am-10am and 8pm-11pm (PST) 7 days a week. Let me know how much you charge per hour. Thanks, Patrick Reynolds

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Need Linux Expert Who Will Fix My Degraded Software Raid.


They have added a new disk in my server which belongs to a software raid1.
I need someone to rebuild this raid for me from the commandline with MDADM.

only experts please 🙂


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Need Expert On DATE PALM Cultivation

I would like to have some professional suggestion and know-how for an analyze of possibility of growing DATE PALM trees in South China. the total size of the garden can come up to 1 square Km.

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Magento Dashboard Tweak

The dashboard graph and lifetime sales figures are incorrect on our Magento store, they are showing the sales figures including discount given, instead of the actual sales figure (minus the discount). We need a magento guru to tweak the calculated figure.

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Need Someone Expert In VMWare To Help Me Setup Connections

Hello I am having trouble getting the connection in my vmware and physical computer to specify which internet it used and which one it doesnt use. So i need some help configuring it out.

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Expert Magento Programmer

We are looking for an expert magento programmer to join a complex project of a Magento front office, a back-office in OpenERP and a synchronization of products, stocks, clients, orders.
The project is for a company based in France producing and selling vision and sun glasses.

We are looking for an expert magento programmer with whom to build a long term relationship on this project and for some more projects to come.

Preferably the developer should be based in India as we have some of our operation there.

We are looking for someone which strong experience in module building, overriding core files, and a good knowledge of Zend Framework.

The dead-line for the project is very short, so we are looking for someone available immediately and able to dedicate enough time to finish it quickly.

References required.

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Magento Product Display Settings

I have a website, I installed using magento. I also added products to it but unfortunately those products are not getting displayed on front end. whereas all default products already in database as sample data are displayed on front end.

It seems to be some setting issue. A very quick and few minute job for any Magento expert.

Need urgent attention. Only provider who can immediately address it are preferred.


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Need An SEO Expert To Write A SEO Ebook

I need a SEO expert to write a profressionally written eBook on search engine optimization.

I would like it to be written as a step by step learning guide from the beginning for people who have no prior knowledge of SEO. that they can use it as they build their own website.

I would like the successful person to pick a niche and build a brand new WordPress site where no SEO has been done, just a small site say of two keywords to use as an example and a made up domain name? Or what ever you think would be better open to suggestions.

I would like you to say what plug ins to download and how to use them (using screenshots if poss) etc….I would also like a checklist after each section of what the person should have done by now, showing possible useful resources.

I would like it broke down into on page then off page seo: i am open to example titles:

The main focus of the ebook is to show what will needed to be done to get the website in gaining free organic traffic, and how to get listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo etc. organically.

The eBook must be original and from experience. I will be the sole owner of the eBook. It will be ran through copyscape and also discussed with an SEO expert.

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Need Expert Software Copying

I have a software that needs to be copy exactly the same and then modify it to add additional features.
Need the software within 3 days or so.
Its a big software have alot of features. So please only bid if u have some skills in doing it and within the time limit.
Price is not a problem just have the skills

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Need Expert Software Copying

I have a software that needs to be copy exactly the same and then modify it to add additional features.
Need the software within 3 days or so.
Its a big software have alot of features. So please only bid if u have some skills in doing it and within the time limit.
Price is not a problem just have the skills

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Need Expert Sales Copy Writer

Hi freelancers,

I need a writer who can write few sales copies. Ive different niche blogs and sell store, I want a sales pitch that increase my rate of sales and reduces bounce rate. It must be engaging and triggers my visitors emotionally to click on "Add To Cart", Im looking for some right person, if the project goes well, Ill order more work in near future. (maximum words count should be more or less than 1000 )

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Magento Worldpay XML Direct

I need someone to integrate Worldpay XML Direct in magento 1.4.2.

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Need Magento Expert For Small Project.

The project entails the following:

1. Fix the sitemap of the site.
2. Need script for an issue with msql .
3. Cleanup unnecesary tests on the site, and delete broken and unused pages.
4. Convert 2 flash files on the homepage to AJax
5. And change category url for the site

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— Need Joomla Expert For Ongoing Operations (ASAP) —

Heres the situation:

We have a website that is active with a growing and consistent customer-base. The previous programmer & company who wokred on our site did a good job overall. The problem is they seem to have forgotten to have their programmer do a site-wide assessment of our site before turning it over to us. As a result we have had a multitude of different bugs appear up. Some bugs were not priority-sensitive, and it was OK for them to take their time resolving them. The issue among us now is we have some bugs that are priority-sensitive and the Company seem to be taking their sweet time resolving these issues.

We need a expert Joomla programmer to assist us in our needs. We need the entire site thouroughly checked over for bugs. This includes every popular browser (ie, firefox, chrome, opera, safari). We will also need these bugs corrected when found. Any suggestions from the programmer is also warranted.

The immediate problem is this:

Some customers complain that they cannot click on the add to cart button sometimes. We need this issue to be recreated and resolved. We also need it tested in all of the popular browsers.

In every browser but Chrome customers get a network error when trying to access a custom script that is on the site. We need to learn what casues this, and we need it resolved browser-wide. This may also appear up in Chrome sometimes, depending on the customer.

Again we need an expert Joomla programmer for ongoing needs. We need someone professional with great communication skills who can be ready to assist us when needed. We often have new ideas that we need added to the site. We just need a great person to call "Our Programmer" to make this happen when the need arises. If this can be completed we have other projects we need assistance with directly following this project.

Thank you

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experienced SEO for website to reach the Top ON Google .

— ABSOLUTELY NO BLACKHAT OR GREY HAT METHODS, ONLY WHITE HAT METHODS. — Google guidelines must be followed and no way should be compromised.

Links building should follow:
– No black hat and other unethical SEO Spam techniques. Only white hat methods and ethical work will be accepted.
– Backlink pages must relate to our site topic
– Links must be from my Countries websites.
– Link pages and our links must be visible, readable, indexable and do-follow.
– Links must be permanent, static html links.
– One way links only, no reciprocal links.
– No robots.txt blocking. No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text.
– No use of automated software or bots.
– No links from under construction pages.
– No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, etc.
– No link farms, link exchange programs, and web rings.
– No paid traffic sites.
– No banned sites, porn, gambling, violent, illegal sites, etc.
* Links that are not approved must be replaced by service provider.

We need weekly report from you to show the improvement.

Exact website will be disclosed to winning bidder.

* Please provide us the detailed SEO techniques you will use, and info of similar successful completed projects you have done.

* Type in YESSS before your bid to show you have read above requirements.

Please provide the monthly payments, and for how long.

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Need 2 Page For Magento

I want page for magento theme, i have html/css u have to make 2 page into magento home page and register page for magento i will going to provide u html/css
my budget is not 30 usd i can pay you 15 usd for this work and review more detail in pm

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JOOMLA Website +

I have a Joomla web site . Now I am facing some problems and i want to add a new page in my website.

So i need only expert worker. My budget is only $80-$120USD.

More information in my PMB

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Magento Expert -need To Complete Withing 20 Hrs From Now

A: Custom Download Link

2) when a user clicks on "Please provide an email address and we will send you a download link"

3) A new pop up window will appear displaying "Please enter your email address and we will will send you a download link"

4) There will be a submit box so a user can enter their email address

5) An email will be sent to the user with the download link ( this is an important step because we want to verify that they are providing a working email address) When the user checks the email he will get a link in the email to download the item.

6) Once the user enters the email address, in the same pop up window a message displaying the following will appear " An email with the donwload link has been sent to the email address that you provided. Thank You."

7) This email address will need to be saved in a table

8) FOR REPORTING PURPOSES, We will need a new php page to see all the email addresses entered .

9) Data to be displayed is 1) Date & time 2) email address 3) SKU 4) name of product downloaded

B: Modify Availabilty wording
1) Replace the wording "Availability" to "Available for immediate download"

2) "In Stock" or "Out of Stock" should not be displayed as this is irrelevant since these are download files and there is no inventory


It should not display out of stock as the item is a downloadable digital item. the PHP page needs to be modified so as to not display "out of stock"

I will need a document detailing what pages were changed, added and tables created. What folders the pages were added, etc

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CL – Need Expert Poster For Housing Section

Seeking Craigslist Poster to post ads in Housing section (Apartments, roommates, etc).

Please have necessary pvas/proxies for this section. Prefer someone who has posted recently.

Will pay for Live ads only. This will turn into long term position.

Will start out at 20-30 per day, then increase. Simple posting. Text or image/html ads.

Please let me know your post rate. Thanks.

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Reliable Magento Expert For Quick Changes To Site #2

I have some quick changes that I need done on a Magento site.

I need someone that can deliver them within 48 hours.
The most important thing here (more than price of the job) is your reliability, promptness and ability to keep me constantly informed of the progress.

Also important for you to realize is that I cannot say to the client that I have no idea of what you are doing or when you will deliver your work, so you need to be clear about when I can expect things to be done and be totally frank with me if things are getting delayed (delays do happen). So, I need you to really give me an accurate and honest estimate of how long it will take you and always keep me informed.

Your good performance will definitely get you more work in the future.


Here is a list of the project requirements. I believe they can be done quickly:

We have purchased the Megastore template by Silverthemes for Magento:

We need to install this template on Magento Enterprise.
We need to apply any necessary fixes to this template because some modules do not show in Magento when this template is applied.

Thank you in advance for bidding on this project

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Need VisualBasic Expert To Develop Our WinOS Online Software

Hello everyone,
We need to develop a windows software for our website that can support all windows operating systems.
We already have a design ready for our software you just need to implant it into your coding according to our needs so no designing for our software, just coding.
You DONT need to worry about the database because that part is also done. You just need to make the software able to read our XML files from our API and understand it.

In total you need to develop "THREE" similar software which work almost the same way.
Example: Hotbar software

The following are the MAIN requirements for the software:
1: Have a login system.
2: User can create an account directly on the software and upload/save into our online website database.
3: Can fetch all user details from our API.
4: Can get all news, Updates, Banners, and other stuff like that from our API XML online.
5: Can track users who are online & who are using the software etc & and keep posting us back their details.
6: We can update their details and they can see live changes in their software 24/h
7: Must connect with a secure connection and have high security.(Hack safe)
8: Can update easily whenever we want to update the software.
9: We have all the .psds etc for the designing. You just need to implant them into the software you will develop.
10: Needs to be done within 15 days or less.
11: You must give us support for bugs fixing and few more updates for 2 months. If we think your software is good and showing great results, we will hire you for long term and for larger projects.


For this job we need a person who is expert in Visual Basic and similar required languages.
For now our budget is 130 USD. But if u think it is too little, please give me your quote and reasons. We can increase it if u have legitimate reasons.

AGAIN PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Because i dont want to get messages stating you can do it for 30 USD and later tell me that its gonna cost 2000 USD. So please carefully sort out your quote and tell me what u offer and then bid on it.


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Car Hire Affiliate Programe

Im looking to developwe a car hire affiliate programe is quite complexed you need to be clever i do have idears how to do it although i can only give my idears im not expert

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Drupal Expert Needed

I need a drupal expert who can build a website like this for me based on drupal. On the basisof drupal newspaper theme please let me know if you can do it. Time frame and costing.

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Set Up Magento Cron Jon

We need an expert to set up our magento cron job, we have crontab in cpanel to do this, but I dont know what to do :/

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Need Expert Posters(Daily Basis)

Hello Posters

I need posts in job,for sell and service category,Please let me know about you experience Posting and charge for per post, previous work experience give priority,if you are not experienced,we will also discuss about how adds make live,also i pay after 3 days trail period.
i just give you the adds to posted nothing else.


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Flash Effects Showcase

Need a flash expert to showcase all existing flash effects.

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Adjustments Magento

Need some adjustments on my Magento.

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Magento Website Migration

I need a Linux/Magento expert to move website to new server.

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