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Multi Store – Single Cpanel

Hi there, we are a team of designers and developers and currently very busy with other projects, We are looking for an enthusiast and knowledgeable development team to be able take on this project from conception to end.

We need you to develop a multistore website where we are able to handle all our products, categories, seo, etc. from a single admin panel. Heres how this project will work:

1- An ecommerce website but without the shopping cart functionality as we wont be selling our products on line. (just imagine Magento but without the buy or checkout button, no gateway payment whatsoever)

2. Centralized management of categories, products, customer information and other information from a single Cpanel.

3. we should have the ability to assign stores to unique domain names, including SEO and branding for each site.

4. Ability to modify each site using different designs, either by modifying CSS, HTML or using preinstalled themes (preferred).

5. This one will save you a lot headaches but very important, each domain we add will be have the same categories and products across the multi store environment. Once a product is added to one category in the hub site, it should automatically be synchronized to all other domains in the network. And the same should happen for any new domain that is added in the future. And we plan to build a lot.

6. the source should be open source so can later modify if we need to.

Ok, there may be other small additions to this project but will be minor, first we want to know if there is a serious team that can handle the project. The price is also a place holder and will be discussed in pm.

Looking forward to hear from you..

vevocart and aspdotnetstorefront are my closest approach. Please look into these two.



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