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Scrape Data

I need a skilled programmer to scrape data from: zagat (dot) com

This website offers free information about good restaurants. I need the restaurant mailing information.

I need the restaurant name, mailing address, and phone number.

I need this data for all the US restaurants listed on the site.

This data will be used for a postcard marketing campaign.

Data must be well organized in excel and data must be accurate and reliable.

Project must be completed in 4 days.

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Customized Direct Mailing And E-marketing

We are soon launching a new site that will be a revolutionary advertising tool.

We would like to contact potential customers that could be interested in having a testing period for free.
The contact will be estabilished through direct mailing and phonecalls, Facebook and online marketing activities.

We are looking for someone who has strong comunication skills in writing customized emails. The list of customers to contact will be provided by us. The area is USA.
The job consists in preparing and sending personalized emails explaining the concept and do follow up. Side activity will be to write posts on FB groups, blogs and all relevant sites, "creating interest" around the concept: in this way the potential customer might be knowing the concept before receiving the email.

Beside the project bid we will pay per each customer that will join the trial period and start to use the site.

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Mailing Script Using API For Arnab

Mailing Script using API for Arnab

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Selling Mailing List

i want to sell a mailing list which have 80,000 e-mail ids…..

please bid as high as you can……


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Mailing Server Configurations

I am looking for someone who can setup an easy and automatic mailing list that sync corresponding with a database from MySQL databases.

Also, from this mailing list, i am able to send out mass emails from my dedicated server.

Please let me know if you are experienced and have done similar jobs before. thanks

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Need Adult Mailing List

We need a huge list of adult mailing list – around 100,000 – for several adult site projects.

Emails must be verified and existing.

Bid per 1K entries.

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Bulk Mailing For An Existing E-mails List

I need a team or person who can send 80000-100000 emails a day. That is 95+ inbox guaranty. So dont bid If your not ready for this task.

Please bid for 100000 emails/ day
Also place in your bid how you are going to do this.

Good Luck,

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Bulk Mailing

I need a team or person who can send 100k emails a day. That is 92+ inbox guaranty. So dont bid If your not ready for this task. Place "92+" on your PM so that I know your not a bot.

Also place in your resume how you are going to do this.

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Mass Mailing Needed Today

I need someone to make at least two mass mailings to a list of mine consisting of 100 000 e-mail adresses, contact names and so on…

I need this project started asap

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Integrate Mailing List Into Music Website

– create 3 mailing lists. "Kweller News" and "The Pack" and "Main Database"
– import 20,000+ pre-existing e-mail addresses into "Kweller News"
– import 1,900+ pre-existing snail-mail addresses into "Kweller News"
– import php list of pre-existing e-mail addresses into "Kweller News"
– import pre-existing data into "The Pack" (these names will be sent to you later)
– all users that join website go into "Main Database"
– all users that join website AND click [kweller news] go into "Kweller News"
– all users that join website AND click [the pack] go into "The Pack"
– each mailing list shows first name, last name, e-mail, mail address, city, state, postal code, country, birthday
– you can sort list by the above fields
– create e-mail shows template and you can add photos and make html e-mail.
– also you can paste source code to format e-mail
– inside mailing list, you can choose to mail to whole list or partial list. partial list lets pick city, state, country or birthday
– search "Kweller News" "The Pack" "Main Database" and delete duplicates

$150USD ($75 to start / $75 to finish)

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Mailing Program

Program template messages. Black list, attach photos, several filters. Without capture.

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I have a html based email that needs to be sent to about 5000K addresses every week that

* You need to be white-listed. Your account/ISP etc. can not be considered a spammer.
* Emails MUST go to the inbox and NOT to the junk or spam folders.
* You should be able to send these on a given date and time.
* You should be able to provide reports, including opened, read, bounced, click-throughs, etc.
* About 50 random emails in the list will be used to verify – you need to be able to deliver 99.8%



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Mailing Lists Needed

We need mailing lists of consumer in English speaking countries (UK, US, Canada, Australia)
Mailing list should consist of at least – Contact persons name, email and if possible phone number.

Mailing Lists required are of primarily home users who enjoy browsing the internet, who have bought Windows computer software and like to receive offers and enter sweepstakes.

We want to email them our newsletter with our and other software offerings

I do not want lists straight from the net that are floating around free of cost. I want qualified lists and contacts, and email addresses which are valid. You will be paid after we sent the emails to the subscribers. We have a Mailer software, so we will know how many emails are not valid etc.

Email me for futher queries.

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I require a mailing list to be put together of all solicitors listed on the below website

The list should be in Excel format.

Each firms name its email address, postal address and phone number should be placed in its own defined cell within Excel

Genuine offers only please for entire project to be completed.

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Bulk Mailing Or Facebook Korean

We want to reach hundreds of thousands korean people

So can you reach these via Bulk mailing or facebook or

If yes, Tell us in detail how large is your network and what you can do for us.

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Target Area Mailing Labels Using Auditors Sites

By using the Knox County auditors website, putting together and saved by subdivision, a mailing list consisting of only waterfront property homeowners and their mailing addresses at Apple Valley Lake (Ohio)

Saved by subdivision (aproximately 15)
Waterfront property owners (aprox 1200)
Mailing address list on MS Word labels (1" x 2 5/8")
Using the mailing address not the tax address

City, state zip code

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Website Traffic Through Bulk Email

Requires promotion of website through bulk mailing in india. The payment will be made for mails sent report and delivered to inbox. bidders can use their own mailing lists of working adults or we will provide the same. Total mailing requirement is 3-5 millions.The html content will be provided. Proof of ability to undertake assignment required

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Targeted MASS Mailing To INBOX

I need targeted emails sent to Entrepreneurs or people interested in web hosting.

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Mailing Needed

Looking for an expert emailer.
you must have excellent inboxing capability.
please bid based on sending 100,000 emails.
please also mention how many emails you can send per day.

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Indexhibit Designed Twitter Feed & Mailing List

Want a simple mailing list added to indexhibit site like this one here:

Add a designed Twitter widget/ feed on main page inspiration from this, simple and clean-

Thank you

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I Need Mailing Lists Of Businesses In AUSTRALIA Only

Hello all,

I need mailing lists of businesses in Australia (australia only please).
Mailing list should consist of at least – Business Name, Contact persons name and designation, fax number or email.

Mailing Lists required are of following organisations –
Businesses small & large, School, health organisations, govt. organisations, hospitals, schools, etc.
Send me an email and i can give you a complete list.

I do not want lists straight from the net that are floating around free of cost.
I want qualified lists and contacts. Otherwise its not useful to me.

Email me for futher queries and happy bidding.

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Mailing Needed

Looking for an expert emailer.
you must have excellent inboxing capability.
please bid based on sending 100,000 emails.
please also mention how many emails you can send per day.

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Mailing 100k

I need to promote site. Any other suggestions, please contact me.

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Small Business Mailing And Phone List

Need a mailing list of small businesses that currently do not have websites.

I also need a phone number list of small businesses that do not have webpages.

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Mailing Expert Needed

Looking for an expert emailer.
you must have excellent inboxing capability.
please bid based on sending 100,000 emails.
please also mention how many emails you can send per day.

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Mass Mailing

I am having 190,000 emails addresses to which I need to send emails.Inbox reaching should be 80% to 90%.Should have at least 2 years experience in mass mailing.Project has to be completed in next 2 days.
Tonnes of work in future if we get good feed back from marketing.

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Mailing Server (double Opt In)

We are looking for a consultant or provider for a consultants or provider to help us choosing or setting up a dedicated VPS or shared box for doing mass mail marketing.

Our list has about 15,000 subscribers, were looking to keep them up to date whenever needed (between once and 7 times a week)
The list might grow with another 5,000 subscribers over the years.

Were running a dedicated server now, but its costing us too much money. Our current provider doesnt want to downgrade us – he says we would use too much resources and bandwith. I dont believe this though. (we send out html+text with linked visuals, no attachments)

We will continue to use Interspire Email Marketer, which we already have licensed for a long time.

We hadnt had too much abuse reports in the past years, but it would be a lie if I would tell we had none. Its a clean official double opt in list however, made through many years of aquiring.

For what it matters, I would say at least 90% of our recepients are Indonesian based.

Please PM me with your experience, price per mailing, monthly prices or any other realistic information you want to share with me.

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Bulk Mailing Service

Hi, I need someone who can send 100.000 emails for me in max 5 days.

I need a professional bulk mailer, who is able to handle a larger amount of mails in the future.

I will accept several offers.

The freelancer with best inbox rate and price will get a bigger job, about 1.000.000 million mails per month.

I you have any questions, send me a pm.

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Merge & Purge Mailing List Data

We have three Excel files containing standard mailing list information (name, address, city, and several more custom fields). They are all formatted differently. And they contain some duplicate records.

We need them merged into one Excel file retaining as much data as possible. Duplicate records should then be purged from the final file. And the final Excel file should have sort/search options built into the header row.

Please respond only if you have the skills required to complete this job. Thank you!

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ABW Mailing List

(Full Name Field)
(First Name Field)(Middle Initial Name Field)(Last Name Field)(Title Field: Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc)
(Company Name Field)
(Street Address Field)
(City Field), (State Field) (Zip Code Field)
(Phone Number Field)
(Email Address Field)
(Website address field)

Can you do this for me? If so, how much would you charge?

Thank you,


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Fan Adding & Direct Mailing Assistant Needed

Dear Freelancer,

we are looking for a partner to help us in our internet marketing efforts.

Primarily we are looking for a partner to add friends to our Facebook Fanpage. Furthermore we have also MySpace, Youtube and Twitter accounts which would need some fan adding activity.

Thirdly we have also several direct mailing (E-Mail) activities and would need help in searching for emails and sending our newsletter to. We have tools and accounts for all of this and just need somebody expirienced in this area to help us out.

Please respond with your expirience and price per 10.000 fans on the according social community platform.
We prefer all out of one hand solution if possible.

DJ Busines

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