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Change (5) Mt-4 Indcators To Multicharts Powerlanguage

I need (5) metatrader-4 indicators converted to Multicharts PowerLanguage Editor with precision accuracy!

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Metatrader Indicator Tweak

I have a simple indicator which draws 6 different objects when certain conditions are met( Highs and lows).

I want to have an audible alert on all of the six objects when the conditions are met.

I also want the option to select and unselect which of the six objects the alert is on.


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Add News Filter To Existing Metatrader 4 EA Robot

I have an existing robot that i want to add a news filter to. This news filter should be based on the Forex Factory Calender. I should be able to back test with an existing CSV file of past news events. The news filter should be able to:
* select news events that are effecting a pair
* filter high, medium or low impact news.
* select a time not to trade before and after high, medium and low impact news.
* have an extra custom category of news which will be extra high, we should be able to filter on this and select no trading time frames for this.

Anyone bidding for this must have previous experience of adding news filters to robots. You will be required to show my a compiled version of this that is working.

I can provide a CSV file with 4 years worth of news events.

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MetaTrader MT4 Fibonacci Retracement EA Indicator

We would like an Indicator or Expert Advisor which ever would make more sense for our situation. It will be a trade assistant with readings on the left side of the screen which tells to stop trading because there is a news announcement and also it will give us alerts that we have a correct Fibonacci retracement (adjustable parameter) from the last fractal high/low. The alert will only come if the last fractal high low is in progression from other fractal high/lows going in a certain direction with the trend . AN additional filter is a moving average that tells us the trade is in the direction of the trend or maybe both. For example the 21EMA has to have crossed above a 50SMA and that would give us the filter for the uptrend for long signal alerts only. With adjustable parameters for SMA and EMA and we would only be alerted once all these conditions are met to a retrace of 50% for a long signal. Also we want a true/false filter saying the CCI has crossed below a certain level with all of these with adjustable parameters. Once all these conditions are met we get an alert.

Also if you will see this is very similar to what we want including the strength meter also picking up on the Forex pair we put the Indicator/EA on…

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Trade Copier From MT4 To Order2Go


I need a trade copier software that copies trades placed on MetaTrader 4 to FXCM (and white-labels), with both of them running on the same computer. The software should read the log files generated by MetaTrader 4 (MetaTrader 4logs) and place equivalent orders through Order2Go API under certain conditions.

The software should also inquire HTTP response on a pre-defined address every day to re-activate. Ten Failures to re-activate in succession should disable the functionality of the software with an error message. Server response will be either "OK" or "NG".

Please provide the source code as we will need to translate the interface language. Writing such messages separately will be greatly appreciated. Further details on this project will be attached to IMs.

Previous experience in MetaTrader 4 AND Order2Go ( is required. Please describe your previous related projects in your IM.

Thank you very much for your interest and I look forward to your bids.

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Metatrader 4 Trade Analyzer

we are interested to build something like http://blog. forex factory. com/? p=1329
it is a trade analyzer script, similar to , but integrated with vbulletin, complete with badge
you need knowledge in c++, mt4 api, system design, php, flash/flex chart, mysql, ajax, vbulletin
please pm for more info/question


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Integration Of Lindo API In Excel (and Metatrader)

I need to implement Lindos API for optimization in Excel, and as a second step in Metatrader.

Lindo is a company offering optimization products, and their API will be used for optimizing portfolio models in excel. You can read more about Lindo API here ( and the reference documents here (

What is needed is an Excel macro, that sends and retrieves the information from the Lindo API. The following is VERY important:
In excel, I will have a few columns with inputs, and then columns with the output. Each row is treated individually, hence each row is its own optimization. I need the API to be used from a cell with a simple function (ie. =OPT(input1, input2,…,output)) to return the optimized value/array of optimized value. Since this function will run for for each row at least a thousands times, its important that I can just drag the cell down for all rows so it minimizes the manual work. I will provide you with an example file when the project starts.

When this works, I will want to take the next step and implement it in other applications such as Metatrader or Multicharts. However if you only have knowledge about Excel, please mention this when you quote the project as I might go with only the Excel implementation instead.

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MT4 Metatrader DLL

I have 2 .dlls which work with a metatrader Ea.

I need both decompiling and making the source code visible to myself.

Files available on request.

Budget for this task is $30-50

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Tradestation Bridge Metatrader

I am looking for an experienced programmer to code a bridge that will pick up the tradestation automatic signals and send them to many metatrader4. So TS8.8 can send signals to any broker who uses MT4 interface.I want the best software possible that will send the signels with no interruption via a web based application or possibly email based. i have some ELD files which i want to get converted to METATRADER 4.

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Coding Of Expert Advisor For Metatrader Fibo Pivot

Dear Freelancers,
for this project I need an expert for coding my EA based on an indicator that is already finished.

It is your job to code this Expert Advisor for Metatrader – it should make entries according to my indicator and trade management in the way that specific position sizes are closed of the trade at specific formations in the chart according to Fibonacci and Pivot trading.

Thus, you should be very experienced with trading and also with coding in MQL.

The project should be finished within 2 weeks and there should also be backtesting and optimization for the EA for which currency pairs and with which parameters it is working best.

For this project you should also have some references here at and also a high completion rate of your past projects.

Thx for bidding

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Metatrader MQL Conversion To Java, Inclusion Of DbFX API

I need a fully-functional and error-free Metatrader 4 MQL Expert Advisor (with around 2,000 lines of code) to be converted to Java and the dbFX API (I am a dbFX client and will get Deutsche Bank to send me the API) to be included. I am looking for flawless execution, not necessarily a rock-bottom price.

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Script For Auto Restart Program(Metatrader)

I am using one program(Metatrader) that need always run in my remote server(Windows server 2003 or 2008). I need one application/script that when my program closed/crashed or my server restart, it run again(Auto Restart).
Some times I run more one Metatrader in my server and like use this Script/Application for some metareades too.
I will like pay max 30$ for this simple project(I will select lowest bid with good quality).

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Changing Of Metatrader Indicator

Dear freelancers,

today I would need your help for changing an indicator. My present indicator shows now only daily Pivots.

However in the settings there should also be the possibility that ADDIDIONALLY weekly and/or monthly pivots shall be shown.

So the user should be able to decide if only daily pivots or daily AND weekly and/or AND monthly pivots (as a further possibility) should be shown.

If you think that you can change the indi within 1 day please contact me.

The max budget will be USD 30,–

Thx for bidding


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Metatrader Expert Adviser

I need a expert adviser (EA) for the metatrader (MT4) platform that will detect all the trading activity in my trading account and send out email and sms messages to an unlimited number of receivers. I need the EA to update when ever I make any changes to the trade and it must be automatic when sending out the sms and email messages without me having to enter any information. I would like it to simply detect my trading activity and send the messages out.

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Internet Connection ALERT

I need an application on Android2.2 that will inform me in real time when my office PCs and/or Metatrader Forex Software are offline.

Remember that this system needs to work when the PC is without internet connection.

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EX5 EX4 To Mql Decompiler, Metatrader

I need a software written to decompile metatrader files ex5 and ex4 >> decompile to mql5 and mql4 format.
The software must be flawless without missing lines of code on the decompile.

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Forex Metatrader (MT4) Trade Copier Program


I am looking for someone to create a trade copier program for the metatrader (MT4) forex trading platform.

I want the program to duplicate all the trading activity from a master account and process the trades to a slave (copy) account.

I would like the program to be easy to install onto a users mt4 platform.
Perhaps using a VPS program to keep it off the users computer to avoid installation and usage problems.

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EA For Metatrader MT4 Program

I need an experienced MT4 developer to create an EA – alert required when a Moving Average crosses over. Require email and/or text notification of the crossover. Will email more information if required.

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Scalper EA

Project Outline

Platform: Metatrader 4
Language: MQL
Chart: Offline
Timeframe: 2M Offline chart
Renko Box Size: 10 pips

EA Rules:
should run on a 2M Renko Offline chart.
should take trades based on the arrow indicator which will be provided
should manage trades based on a magic number which will control the take profit and stop loss (hidden from broker)

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Free SMS Sending From Email Server MT4 Metatrader MQL

Dear freelancers,
I have the following problem. I have a MT4 (MQL)software that is producing an alert when there is a trading possibility.

This alert shall be written as a message to my email address.

From there the message shall be sent as SMS.

I´m looking for a free or very cheap solution of sending daily about 50 SMS from my email address server via SMS to different persons. Can anybody help me how to easily solve that problem?

The budget for this problem is USD 30,–

Thx for your bidding

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Mql Metatrader Zigzag Indicator To Conversion

I need the simple zigzag indicator from metatrader converted to a class. The original zigzag indicator has about 200 lines of code. for details please write me.

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I am looking for profitable forex trading systems with the following requirements:

1. Profitable & Low drawdown
2. Trades at least twice a week
3. Stable profitable backtest over last 4 years.
4. No martingale or other lot doubling involved
5. Good risk-reward ratio. Not 1:30 like some weak scalpers do
6. your own development (not some stolen commercial or free robot)
7. no tricks with curve fitting and overoptimization allowed.
8. any pair, any timeframe, any indicator. TS, dynamic TP&SL allowed

Deliverables: Source code file MQ4 plus ex4 file.

I will get all the rights and copyrights to the EA. Youll need to sign a NDA and Non-compete agreement and disallow you to sell the same EA to anybody else.

With your bids please write details on your strategy with a 4 year backtest that qualifies my requirements.

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Decompile A Metatrader 4 Indicator And Create An EA


I need to decompile several Metatrader indicators /EA, correct some minor errors and create an EA. EA should be 4 & 5 digit and ECN

I would like the programming to be done in a timely manner but a quality product is more important than turnaround time. Files will be sent on completion of bid.

Thank you

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Adaptive Model With Synapse And Metatrader Interaction

We need help with creating an adaptive model in Peltarions software "Synapse", and have this interact with Metatrader through DLLs.

The model will be based on data provided, where I personally will do the data mining, but we need help to set up an adaptive model that can train this data and have it interact with Metatrader. Synapse already have the DLL library, so the skill required here is simply an understanding of how DLL files work and how they are called from Metatrader.

For the adaptive part, you need to have experience with neural networks and have done similar projects before. We will need suggestions of what kind of network to set up based on the data we provide in order to train this model. Its not a requirement that you must have used Synapse per see, its enough with similar software since its the theoretical part we need help with. More information about Synapse ca be found at:

In order for us to be sure you have the right knowledge, you will need to comment on how you would set up the following example model:

We have a dataset describing the price of a technical good. The variables that after data mining that showed tendencies to explain the change in price was current technical level of the good, price of aluminum, price of electricity, time of year, inflation and unemployment. We are expecting to find two trends in the price changes with different lengths (one short term and one long term), and the data is provided as a time series. The goal is to project the price in a week or two. Without seeing the data an only knowing its somewhat cyclical, how would you set up the model to train it with this data? This example only has a few similarities with our actual data/model, but will hopefully be proof enough that you know what youre doing.

Its likely that we will revise this model and implement other models after this project, so were looking for someone that we can work with on a continuous basis if we are satisfied with this project.

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Metatrader 4 Export Offline Chart Data To Mysql

Objective = I have EA that generates custome pip based bars which are updated in realtime in offline chart.

I need EA that will export offline chart data to mysql db and also update db with new bars as it gets built.

Please note i already have EA that generates pip based bars .

need it fast.

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5 EMA Cross 10 EMA Alert On MT4 To My Email Or Phone Or Both

I need a metatrader programmer that can design and code me a metatrader 4 Alert Function.

I basically want an alert function that I can add to Metatrader charts that will send an email or phone or both alert when the 5 EMA cross 10 EMA . I am assuming that the alert can be added to any pair and any time frame to work once added to that particular chart.

Additionally perhaps (as Im going for simplicity and reasonable cost) could an arrow be placed on the chart both in real-time and in history when these setups occur (for visual referencing).

Thank you.

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Reverse Engineer Or Decompile An Metatrad-r 4 EA And DLL


I need to decompile a Metatrader EA & DLL into source code and make it unlimited.

It was compiled in metatrader build 226 or above.
I tried v224 decompiler and it it did not work.

Please note that:
– I need to decompile the DLL too, not just the EX4

– Also to make its use unlimited version.

I will send the file after your reply.

Thank you

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