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Web Design Project (Urgent)

Here is what I need. I need to outsource the design of a corporate site project. The site will have three major sections the corporate site, the min magazine sites, and the, mini media kit sites.

All together about 75 pages. Here is the urgent part. I need the site completed by 6 am EST Tuesday June 2, 2009. I am hiring quick. My budget is $5500 USD. You must meet deadline, I use Pay Pal or Western Union. You must have strong clean design skills. I need the site done in PHP, some Flash/HTML/CSS

I need someone quickly, that can work with in my terms. Can meet this deadline, and GET IT DONE

I am going to hire quick and will need to see examples of your work. Thanks

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Drupal: Mini Module

Some years ago I was a phpCMS user and used this module:
It is an indepentend php script which can be easily included within php as Drupal allows.
I would like to do this without writing include() or require_once() on my own within the drupal CMS. instead i would like to click "add module block" or something like that and it may come into the site.
So it is really a very very simple drupal module.

I need it to be finished in the middle of next week (April, 8 latest) and will accept the cheapest bid which is serious. Please only add a bid if you are aware of writing a drupal module to make sure, it will not take you much time.
I was able write a typo3 module for this case, so i know, it will not mean much effort. But I have never written a drupal (v5/6) module which is said to be even easier.

Looking forward to your message.

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