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Photography Web Site

Seeking a designer for a simple, modern photography portfolio website. The site shall showcase a selection of classified images with titles, contact details and so on. If possible, this would be delivered with instructions on replacing/adding images as the portfolio develops with a view to redesigning on a larger scale should it prove successful. There are a number of example designs in mind while also open to suggestions.

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Livescore Web Site


I need a livescore website (like flashscore ou similar) to show football (soccer) results and table standings from europa leagues.
Ill be responsible for receiving and introducing the scores, so i need a simple and fast way to do it.
Im still not sure how to do this, so any advice/tip is welcomed.

If the website can show scores from other livescore sites, even better.

Since this is a small (and non profit) personal project, my budget is very small.

Thanks in advance,

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Ride Sharing Web Site With Location Calculation

Ride sharing web site
This project good needs programming skills and understanding of Google Maps API (or similar worldwide free service)
I would suggest using PHP + MySQL but other technology can also be discussed.
The idea is to let people share rides, find other users traveling the same route to travel together easily.

Users should be able to choose their start point and destination on the map (Google Maps or other). The users which are "Driver" are the people which can take other people in their car. According to users starting point and destination, system shall search on the database if there are any "drivers" traveling on the similar route. The start and ending points can be different (the driver can take people on some point and leave them on another point which points are near his route) There shall be configurable distance that driver accepts to increase his journey length in order to take other people. There should be a good algorithm which can calculate and optimize the journey so a) users can find drivers for their journey, b) drivers find users to take without need to make their journey longer than they want. Algorithm shall calculate journey length if car passes by the starting and ending point of the user and total length shall not exceed shortest way for driver + the distance he is willing to accept (f.e. +5km, +10km).
When new user register, system searches for drivers and suggests possible drivers and their routes, if user likes it it notifies driver. When new driver registers system searches for users and and if driver likes any of them system notifies the users. (same is valid if user/driver changes their desired start point or destination in future or uses option to search again). Drivers enter travel date and time, it can be one time or regular f.e. every Monday to Friday 9am or every 4 days. Users can search with or without date for their travel.
Users and drivers can leave comments on each other which can be seen by anyone. They get notification by email for possible option to travel together.
There shall be easy registration for the web site with email confirmation AND option of using Facebook account
There shall be comments together with source which lets making changes where needed.
Web site shall have easy way to be translated in other languages and to have graphical interface changed.

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New Web Site

I am looking to build a website for a modeling agency.

I need:

Simple web CMS to quickly update photos, bios, profiles, and availability
Photo gallery
link/banner exchange
member login for access to member photo galleries
contact form
age verification page (18 or older)
employment form
about us page

the site needs to look professional and modern without the use of flash do to the large number of clients that use our site on mobile phones/devices

some sites for reference are:

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Collaberative Web Site

This is a new build of a web site that will offer the following:
Allow registered members ability to collaborate on various projects.
Allow guest visitors ability to search projects
Allow members ownership of projects they start
Allow some finished projects (Music, Film and Literary types) to be sold on the site
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn connections (commenting, listing etc)

Other things that will need to be built:
Chat (invites between Employers and Candidates, BMS, etc
email (receive email upon registration, password reset, etc.
Ability to upload Articles
Ability to upload Video
Ability to link to Internet news sources other then our own (CNN, MSNBC, WSJ, etc.)
Ability to allow merchants to advertise on select pages within Users sections.
Service Panel to update code and add additional code
Some services will be upgrades thus, pricing for those service will need to be built in and selectable by members.

And other typical web site capabilities.

we are looking for Web 2.0 / 3.0 features in this site. Utilizing PHP, mySQL, CSS, Java, etc. and the most well recommended technologies. We are no mimicking other sites but the tops sites on the net like Linked IN, Monster, Facebook, are utilizing the tech we are looking to build our site with. Not all of them but the most well known, secure and build-able with growth in mind tech is desired. Some Droople and WordPress is also desired for certain sections.

Note: this is the initial phase, thus the site MUST be built in such a way as to add on services for the type of users listed above for growth.

Additionally: we are open to design and development consultations that could result in changes (slight or major) that will yield the service to consumers we desire.

We will expect (individual and organizations) to sign a Non-Disclosure and Non-compete as a condition of acceptance and BEFORE discussions and work begins.

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Send Traffic To My Web Site

I need to drive real traffic to my web sites ASAP. If you can send real traffic to my web sites contact me and let me know how soon you can start. I need to drive traffic from the following niches:

Make money online
Internet Marketing
Business Opportunity

I need to get started right away.

Classified posting
are all OK forms of traffic.

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Redesign Web Site

I am looking for someone to professionalise my website.

I built a 21 page website in a couple of hours using a wizard. The website in hosted by Siteground and I see no reason why this will change.

The website is an electronic brochure for my services and does not require a shopping cart.

While I am happy (sort of) with the layout and the copy, I would like the site to look more professional. I would also like to add a blog down the track.

As part of the project I will retain the copyright to everything associated with the site.

When completed I must be able to update the site via a

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Web Site Translation

Web site translation from Englis to Spanish-Spanish and Portuguese language. About 6000 characters.

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Secure Web Site

I have a web site that is being hacked.

I need a provider to review the site and put safeguards in place to stop the hacking.

The site has been moved from to

Need to hire asap.

Please do not bid if you cannot explain your steps youll take to secure the website.

Budget is Low, keep that in mind when you bid.

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Web Site Penetration Test


I have a LAMP website with about 12 pages. I need a penetration test done on the production web site so I can inform my web developers to close the found holes. Any vulnerabilities found should be reported in a detailed final report with a recommendation about how to fix the vulnerability.

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Ecommerce Web Site

Ecommerce web site

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New Web Site Urgent

We are a committee to create a station for people with Autism, as with any Non Profit Organisation we make no profits or monies.

The project is made up of volunteers, currently whom are appealing to people for help and support to get it off the ground and make it bigger and better.

We are looking for a re design of our current website for when we go live again in the summer. The current one we have got hacked!

CMS would be an advantage, as this would enable anyone to add to the site. Currently it is updated using Dreamweaver, updates have to be done from a certain location.

There are currently 12 pages, current site has all content / text, So just a framework / template and some coding.
There is to be a streaming player and contact from too.

The limited budget does not mean the lowest offer will be chosen!

We would also need a mock up to be sent for Committee approval before committing to paying.

The Committee have stated that is not keen on make up-font payments, as The Committee need to see what they will be releasing the money for and what they are getting before they part with any payments, they will pay on completion through an agreed monthly payment plan that the Committee can afford.

I hope you will understand being a non profit project, we don

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Question Bank Web Site

I would like to have a web site with the following features:
1. Multiple choice Question Bank – about 5000 questions that can be increased later.Random questions, with timer and result either at end of question or at end of all questions selected. Questions will have categorya nd subcategory.
2. Only valid (paid, trial who registered) users can have access.
3. Objective: practice exams questions before actual test.
4. Management of Question Bank and Users
5. payment accceptance – paypal and major credit cards.
6. The site will also have Gravator for profile image, Testimony, and
Refer a friend/Report Abuse functionality.

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Web Site Builder

Je veux un site web en 1 jours

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Simlpe Web Site

Hi i need a very simple web site 3/4 page only. Landing page. Comments, Contacus. And if any new idea if you have let e know.

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Web Site Subscribers

We are seeking people to register on our Web Site. Registrants must be very geographically target and subscribe with a valid email address, confirmed by our site.
The site provides community information and has a daily deal feature.
Not interested in just a mass quanity of subscribers, quality is most important!

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Sell My Web Site

Hello all, I hope youre having a nice day.

Im looking for someone to sell my website,
I prefer somebody who speaks spanish, as this is a latin american web site,
the sites primary purpose is to exchange, sell and give away stuff, but the
functionality related to selling hasnt been done and Im no longer in position
of holding this site.

If you think you can sell this website, please let me know via PM with the proper
details. I will pay 30% comission of the price you are able to sell the site, so
please bid only if youre sure you can sell this site. The budget of this project
is set to low, but of course, the actual payment will be set to 30% of your sale.

Any question, suggestion or anything via PM. Please make sure you provide reliable
information before bidding, the first one to submit a valid sell will win this
project, so please check with me first before closing the sale (just in case the
site has already been sold). Write in your bid RS at the beginning so I know you
have read the whole project.


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Import Export Web Site

Wee have to create one simple web site for import export unit

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Group Buying Web Site

We are launching a web site that will combine the use of Groupon like script with a match making script. Users can chose either a

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Web Site For A Coco Peat Company

I am looking for a good developer to design my website for a Coco peat selling company
The website must be SEO friendly.
The design can be simple yet classic.

I would like to have a quotation in the following format.

1. Home Page design and One Inside page design (PSD File)
2. Home Page Design and One Inside Page design with HTML / XHTML coding done.
3. Basic 5 page website design (complete design , coding with text content provided)
a) With some basic flash
b) without some basic flash

If you wish to quote only on one or all of the above options. Quality and pricing are both crucial.

please submit your demo,sample design for my company,quotation,time limit,service ,with and without domain and hosting.


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Web Site For A Webdesigner

Home site for a webdesigner. Made in wordpress ready for use. I will edit it with my own content after it is up and working, and remove the dummy content. If you are not an experienced webdesigner dont waste my time or yours. I want to see samples of your work.

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Ie7 Web Site Tweaks

Need a qualified web developer to tweak and fix a few sections of a web site which is rendering incorrectly in ie7. The site works fine in ie8, firefox (windows & mac), safari (windows & mac) and chrome (windows & mac) yet doesnt work correctly in ie7.

The web site has been developed through wordpress, I will provide necessary ftp details when a bid winner is announced.

This should be a short and simple project for someone who knows what they are doing, I myself have coded the site but am unable to test on a windows platform as I run my web server on a mac.

The tweaks are based around the styling of blog posts, and a div section of a blog page.

Budget for this is $40 USD and should take an experienced developer around 1 hour or less to fix.

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PS artist, well versed on eBooks on 3d, elegant buttons, backgrounds, fonts, etc. These elements will be incorporated to a web site. I

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CSL Revamp Of Web Site

Our website is boring/ot dated and I would like to update its looks to a nice clean image and functionality. Ideally using tabs instead of navigation side bar. See

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Web Site Needs Improvements

My web site needs several improvements as follows:

1. I have added several new tests under my admin section and they appear fine but they do not show up under Assign all test or Combine a test in the client admin. This appears to be a problem that those sections are looking at the wrong (old) file.

2. When a customer buys an individual test package (3, 10, or 100) it does not show up in their admin section and I have to buy it for them

3. The individual test package counters do not work properly. See examples, I have given

4. I need to have the ability to do the following: Change the dates of the contract for any clients and add contracts to a client. For example: If a client bought a contract for 3 individual tests and I would like to offer them a bonus I would like to be able to add another 3 individual test contract. Or if they bought an unlimited 3 test contract I could add a different one say a 1 test unlimited or extend the dates of usage to 120 days from 90 days

5. Improve the security of the sites to prevent the interference that happened recently

6. I need the ability to accept monthly payments on the 1 year unlimited contract after a down payment

7. On my admin I need ability to edit the email that goes out to the prospects after the demo and after the purchase

8. I need an auto backup system to filezilla

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Web Site Needs Some Correction

My web site needs several corrections and improvements as follows:

1. The Discount section of the shopping cart is not working properly. Please investigate and fix.

2. Change the home page of the test site back to a logon page

3. The Verbal tests are not working at all on the test site or the demos. Please fix

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New Web Site

I would like a simple, eye-catching site that has a blog section and that I can update easily. Im an olympic athlete that already has a site that I will be changing soon as well. However Im doing different things related to adventure activities in the outdoors. My first trip is this December and Ill have some photos when I get back. As of right now I dont have many high quality photos that arent of my sport. I will be getting some.

The purpose of the site will be to attract potential sponsors and keep people informed.

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Web Site For Independent Consultant

Web site and CMS needed for independent consultant. Right now I have a blog on edublogs/wordpress that is also trying to be a basic web site. My domain name re-directs to the blog and additional pages. I need a professional web site with CMS and blog/social media tools built in including: ability to tweet, facebook like, addthis, keyword tag, campaign landing pages, forms…

The current site has restrictions because 1) google can clearly see that it is a re-direct; 2) the "home" page is the blog – I would like this to be a more appropriate "home" page.

I need someone who has designed web sites for similar types of SMEs. It wont be page rich – just the approximately 20 pages it is now. Must embed google analytics tracking code and optimise pages (not content) for list of keywords I will give you. I have created virtually all the content I need to date, and I have a logo, but I am looking for someone with both technical and design skills to pull the whole thing together for me and send me on my way to manage the content and any other further developments myself. I am happy to subscribe to a recommended internet-based CMS or buy the required software if you set it up and it is easy to use – please include any additional prices such as this in your bid.

I would also possibly like to have someone buy up a range of related domain names that they would set up to re-direct to the main web site.

In your bid, please provide me with web links to sites you have created. If you are shortlisted, I will expect you to provide me with contact details of references who can speak about your work.

I havent brought in any business for my consultancy yet, hence the reason why my budget is so small. However I need a truly professional site

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Web Site Overhaul

We need someone to give some life into our website. I want the web iste to have a "WOW" factor. At the moment its lifeless and typically IT boring.

Some decent flash, some help with the content would be nice.

Also I want there to be a place where people can have a unique login so they can post questions regarding IT problems and we can answer them.

Anything else that you think may benfit our customers. We will be eventually looking at bolting on an online store.

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Singer Web Site #2

Dealer All,

we need same the below link.

its ready template ….

so please bid with reasonable price for install and configure the layout.

waiting for best bid and work.


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Ads Web / Site D’annonces


jaimerais créer un site internet dannonces, voici comment il doit fonctionner :

Menu principal:
Publier une annonce

Sous-Menu et sous-catégories :

Véhicules –> Automobiles (Auto (–>Audi; BMW; VW; Toyota; etc); Pièces et Accessoires (–>Moteurs; Volant; Pot déchappement; etc.. la même chose pour utilitaire et tracteur…); Services) ; Utilitaires ( Utilitaires; Pièces et Accessoires; Services); Tracteur (Auto; Pièces et Accessoires; Services).

Immobilier –> Louer (–> Appartement; Maison; Commerce; Terrain; …)
Immobilier –> Acheter (–>Appartement; Maison; Commerce; Immeuble; Terrain; …)

Emplois –> Offre demplois (–> Accueil, Hôtesse ; Administration, Secrétariat ; Artisanat; Banque, Assurance ; Bâtiments, Travaux publics ; Commerce, Vente ; Comptabilité, Gestion; Documentation, Traduction; Droit, Fiscalité; Electronique, Mécanique; Enseignement, Formation; Entretien, Sécurité; Hôtellerie, Restauration; Informatique, Multimédia; Journalisme, Médias; Logistique, Organisation; Marketing, Communication; Médical, Santé; Personnel de maison; Ressources humaines; Spectacle, Art, Culture; Tourisme, Sport; Transport, Manutention ; Autres….)
Emplois –> Recherche demplois (idem, avec les mêmes catégories).

Animaux –> A Donner (–> Chien, Chat, ……)
Animaux –> A Vendre (–> Idem)

Divers –> Armes; Informatiques; Meubles; etc…..

Niveau catégories cest un peu près tout… avec possibilité dajouter des images !

En ce qui concerne lajout dannonces : elle doit seffectuer etape par etape !

Merci de me faire vos offres ou me montrer des exemples pour mon projet.

Lidéal est davoir un propre cms, car sur joomla on trouve beaucoup trop de chose inutile dans les dossiers. Cest pour cela que le prix peut aller plus que 1500 Euro (propre cms).

Voici un lien pour mieux voir ce que je recherche (je lai fais moi-même) :

Pour les annonces payantes, rien ne doit être fait, lorsque jen aurai besoin, je reviendrais vers vous pour lintégrer !

Merci davance pour vos propositions.

cest pour cela que jai indiqué que le prix peut aller à plus de 1500 euro bien-sur, si vous me demandez 2300 euro mais pour un site bien fait (et sécurisé) ou 2500 euro, je ne serai pas contre. mais est-ce que vous pouvez répondre aux attente de mon site?

Un formulaire type me semble pas convenable pour toutes la annonces, comme vous dite pour une auto ou un canari cest pas possible le même (voir plus de détail dans les liens donné).

Pour les images, niveau véhicule et immobilier 8 images et le reste 5 images au maximum.

le Logo par contre ne bougera pas et la ou tu as Auto Pazar, Immo Pazar…. jaimerais avoir quelque chose du même style sauf si tu as mieux à proposer.

et est-ce que vous pouvez effectuer les choses demandé sur ?
juste les endroit ou cest indiqué à mettre payant plus tard (offre du jour), sa sera gratuit. le payant sera fait une année plus tard lorsque le site aura bcp de trafic.
dans auto tu peux déjà naviguer un tout petit peu, jai fais 2-3 remplissage pour que sa soit plus simple de savoir ce dont je recherche et pour immo voici le lien du fichier de ce dont jaimerais :

et pour auto un autre aperçu

site du même genre que jaimerais (niveau option) :

avez-vous des références de site internet dannonces déjà créer ou autre?


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Web Site Optimization And Linking

I built my website but am not getting sales. I only get 1-5 visits daily if that. If you have experience in driving people to websites please contact me and we can discuss your pay rate. we can do a commission on all sales or another way you have been paid in the past. Thanks and I look forward to working with you. please be sure to tell me your past successes in this area.

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