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Need Designer/ Writer For E-book Mini Sites

I am looking for someone who can design one page landing sites for me and also write a small e-book with each site. I am looking for someone who can do something similar to this –> on a regular basis. I need a native english speaker and someone who knows how to design these sites and set up the e-book and payment systems. I have the domain I need and the hosting. I have a small budget for this first one so maybe we can work out a commission based payment system… Happy Bidding!

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Sales Mini Site

Attention grabbing Landing page with name and email capture for a direct response set of books worth $95.

Email capture to be in conjunction with my account. The page needs to look similar to the following sites landing pages:
AND (if you sign in to this landing page you will see a good example of the sales page I require).

The landing page will lead the customer onto Sales page (copy I will provide) then onto an order page. If the customer clicks away from the page a pop-up offering a discount will appear.

No SEO required. The page will not be on any major search engines but via CPA network.



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Mini Site

I need several mini sites created. Nothing fancy but plain and simple 3 pages site which should be SEO optimized. The site must have option for blogging. Budget is $10 per minisite. Please respond with examples of your minisite work

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Actionscript Expert Needed-repost

"It must Be destroyed"

This is a simple Flash game which will be hosted inside an existing Flash mini site as a fun diversion for a 20-30 seconds for visitors to the site.

The objective is to aim and shoot as many objects as possible for 25 seconds. There are 3 different objects which randomly pops up around the whole canvass of the page simultaneously. There will be a movable target which can be moved by a mouse or the arrow keys. To shoot, the space bar or the left-mouse button. After the 25-seconds, there will be score page displaying the total points and an assessment (1-2 lines of text). The player can either play again or quit.

You will be provided the graphics & text in Flash format. Youre expected to use actionscript 2 (or 3) put the game together.

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MINI SITE Within Existing Site

Hope you can help

Im looking for something like the cheap Monday site, a sort of mini site to sit within my current site. It needs to showcase our collections, so the main function is to view collection photos, similar to simple viewer. I will also need to update and maintain the content, so ideally loading of new collection photos via FTP in a site folder

But the main layout will be almost identical to the cheap Monday site and the mouse over effects should be similar, it needs to be very user friendly and very smooth

But not really a great amount of work, I will supply all graphics, text etc

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SEO / SEM Expert Needed…

We are a US based e-Commerce website with 5 plus years on the web. We are looking for expert help in the following areas.

Overall SEO / SEM analysis of our website (
Analysis of our page farm which feeds the main site. (We have about 2000 mini sites)
Application of RSS Feeds and articles.
Some minor onsite work such as additional pages for content.

We need TOP 10 ranking (Top 5 ranking earns bonus) for the following keywords:


Payment will be placed in escrow and released upon successful rankings.

Please ONLY experienced SEO providers apply. We are looking for someone to start ASAP.

Please read the requirements and send a detailed reply.

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Homepage/mini site redesign

I am looking to redesign this page.
New header
new fresh look.
w*A*H*S*T*A*N dot *com
its no coding involved just the homepage redesign

all book, text and text in white box will remain the same

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Drupal: Mini Module

Some years ago I was a phpCMS user and used this module:
It is an indepentend php script which can be easily included within php as Drupal allows.
I would like to do this without writing include() or require_once() on my own within the drupal CMS. instead i would like to click "add module block" or something like that and it may come into the site.
So it is really a very very simple drupal module.

I need it to be finished in the middle of next week (April, 8 latest) and will accept the cheapest bid which is serious. Please only add a bid if you are aware of writing a drupal module to make sure, it will not take you much time.
I was able write a typo3 module for this case, so i know, it will not mean much effort. But I have never written a drupal (v5/6) module which is said to be even easier.

Looking forward to your message.

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