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Need Vbulletin Mod Slightly Changed

I please need this Vbulletin mod slightly changed.

1) Need the thread descriptions to be able to be a regular text or links. (It only outputs regular text now)
So if I put something like OR <a href="">example</a> it would create links.

2) Usergroup permissions added so I can choose what usergroup(s) are allowed to use this modification.
Only the usergroup(s) selected should be able to see/input the thread description input form.

Added code must be secure.

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PhpBB Syntax Highlighter Mod Install

Site is, this bid is for 1 day only, hoping to get it done and out the way quickly.

1. I need a syntax highlighter installed.
2. For the system highlighter and other mods in future to work, I need phpBB Codes mod installed, this is a stand mod required for any other mods that add custom phpBB Codes.
3. A mod for allowing the display of other mods phpBB buttons on the editor. It is named something like Code Button Manager Mod

I can more information on these but Im looking for someone with enough experience to know what Im talking about, a simple Google search on them should give the information you need.

So 3 mods in total, should be no more than 1 hour work for someone who knows phpBB mod installation.

I will back everything up and I can be trusted.


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Adult Video Script Grabber Mod

I am running an adult video script and I need a mod which can grab the videos embed from a list of sites that allow embeds that I will give you.
I need it to gather the length of the movie, the title and save the thumbs onto my server.

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Avs Script Installation Mod_rewrite Problem

I need help installation of Adultvideoscript.
also need to understand of ffmpeg and plesk.

i have vps and root access

03/22/2011 at 20:01 EDT:

Adult Video Script

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PHPBB3 Mod Installation

1…… Facebook login/registration and Open ID login

2….. Points mod slightly altered from the old "PHPBB3 Points Mod". I want to add a points system where a person gets points for posting, replying (I once had this points system back in PHPBB2) as well as points for using their own special URL to get others to register on the forum. I would need it so that people in my VIP group gets more points than the people who are not in my VIP group. On the front page I want people to see the top 10 members points. I also want their points to be in the profile. I also want to be able to edit their points in the admin area.

3…… Style modification to allow the following: The same as the current style except to add an alternate layout with stats on the left side (available to all members whether they are logged in or not) and up at the top (under the banner) the users with the highest "points" with their avatar, username and number of points. Login box at the top of the stats.

payment will be sent when project will done and budget is 30$……


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VBulletin Mod Updating

I need a forum Add-on/mod updated from vbulletin 3.8 to vbulletin 4.x.
The 3.8 version works fine and I need it updated to the new format of vbulletin 4.

I could do the project myself but dont have the time.
I have a budget in mind and will only concider those with a good reputation and speed and efficiency is a must.

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Forum And Mod Installation

Install mods on a PHP webstite and install a forum on site

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Joomla Mod Needed

What we are looking for is a mod/extention/com whatever you can code that will basically allow individuals by group level upload digital media and sell it under one umbrella with payment going to one central paypal for later disbursement. a way for each member on the frontend as well as admins on the back end to track all sales as well as the overall security of each transaction is paramount. the users should be able to post links to their digital wares via forums, blog articles etc as well as all wares being offered being localized on one page for people to search and browse through, preferably with keyword integration.

this is a mid level project but needs to be done seemlessly to work with the current joomla site, and the app must be sold to us once completed as propriety to our site to avoid competition of course. successfully completing this task may lead to future endeavors as far as maintainability as well as possibly accepting site partnership for the right company.

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PHPBB3 Mod Installation

I am looking to install the following on my PHPBB3 forum (up to date with the current version)

1. Facebook login/registration and possible Open ID login

2. Points mod slightly altered from the old "PHPBB3 Points Mod". I want to add a points system where a person gets points for posting, replying (I once had this points system back in PHPBB2) as well as points for using their own special URL to get others to register on the forum. I would need it so that people in my VIP group gets more points than the people who are not in my VIP group. On the front page I want people to see the top 10 members points. I also want their points to be in the profile. I also want to be able to edit their points in the admin area.

3. Style modification to allow the following: The same as the current style except to add an alternate layout with stats on the left side (available to all members whether they are logged in or not) and up at the top (under the banner) the users with the highest "points" with their avatar, username and number of points. Login box at the top of the stats.

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Install Joomla Website With Yootheme Template (Air)

Freelance Designers,

Hiring an exceptionally skilled professional experienced with Joomla 1.5 and templates by YooTheme.
Execution of this project will lead to future contracts.
Requirements include:

1. Indepth knowledge of Joomla 1.5 and above. Preinstalled with default joomla content with serverside setup
PHP 5.2 ; MySQL 4.1 or above; Apache 2.x + with mod_mysql, mod_xml and mod_zlib
2. Experience in installation and deploment of Yootheme template including Warp Framework
3. Install and set-up FULL DEMO version of the Yootheme template(Air/Blue Glitter)
4. Will include installing various supporting Zoo Tools (required for the AIR demo template)
5. Edit template logo to add business name
6. Fully test

Joomla can already be installed on the server. I have a YooTheme account and can provide zip file(s).

Payment terms:
50 percent with project award
50 percent with successful completion of project

All work must be completed within three business days from date of project acceptance.
Please provide URL references of your work.

Thanks in advance for your interest!

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Drupal Profiles Mod And Fix

Need 2 things,
1- fix for profiles added not showing up on the public profiles when searched, need the fix to be permanent, so that as new ones are added, they show on the page
2-consulting question for drupal regarding plugging in a booking system for time., I have an example to compare it to, and should be configurable to each profile we add on the drupal based site

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Imap Mod Read Emails On Php Pages Bug

Im running a modified version of Ron Hickeys Imap Mod.

The code checks for new unread email messages from our web mail account, and downloads them so they can be viewed on a php page.

When I sent an email message from our web mail, the code works fine.
But if I send an email message from a mobile device, the message body and who the email is from, looks like it is encoded or encrypted text and the code will not download the email message.

I guess the problem is the code needs some additional code to make the email messages from mobile devices display in the correct format.

Looking for a coder who can fix this quickly for $30.

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Tournament Double Elimination Mod

I would like someone to add double elimination ability to my website script. This project will REQUIRE A COMPLETE RE-WRITE of the tournament.php file!

Here is a definition of what I want:

The site MUST function like this!!!

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Facebook Comment Box Mod

I have a simple task – create a Facebook modification to the social plug-in "Comment Box".

I currently have the standard app comment box accessible to a select audience (my users product reviews). On another webpage I want to show the real-time results of that app, but as READ ONLY – NO ADDING COMMENTS.

This is intended to let shoppers see actual comments from my customers, but not allow the general public to make comments.

I would need to be able to enter my own app id, xid, num posts and width to use this for all my products.

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Google API Mod For PHP Website

My site is written using phpfox (a CMS similar to drupal and Joomla)

The site allows users to enter details of forthcoming events (date, time, event type and location)

I have installed a pre-written mod that marks the location of the events on a GoogleMap

I have a problem……….

The existing mod shows markers on the map for EVERY event in the database (even if the event is in the past). So as more users add more events the map is getting full.

The website allows for users to select a geographical area, time or event type to filter only certain events.

I wish that ONLY these events that have been filtered from the database to be shown on the map.

I have a working site and a GoogleMaps API. The system works great at the moment apart from the fact that too many markers are placed on the map and I wish only to show markers for selected (filtered) events to be shown.

When a user browses events, he can filter based on several criteria, and these filtered events are shown OK on the website. But the markers on the map dont relate to the selected events.

eg. I have 100 events in the database

A user selects only to show events happening in the next 7 days

The details of these events are shown on the website OK…but the map shows 100 markers that represent ALL 100 events in the database, not just the filtered results.

I think it is not a difficult task to update the code so that instead of marking ALL events on the map, only the filtered results are shown.

A knowledge of Google API is essential
A knowledge of PHP is essential
A knowledge of phpfox would be useful

Someone who has knowledge of all the above could probably do the mod in about 10 minutes!!

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Website Design Smarty Php Mod Rewrite

Need to make changes to my current website: I need to do a mod rewrite. Its a simple job. Need it done for mostly all pages. Will give website address after awarding project.

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Joomla Virtuemart Too Many SQL Queries Fix Improvement

My site has been suspended by my host (shared hosting via siteground) due to the following:

&quot;…the problem was exactly due to very slow SQL queries which are in turn slowing down the whole service&quot;

My site info:

PHP Built on: Linux #6 SMP Fri Feb 20 02:45:11 CST 2009 i686
Database Version: 5.0.91mm-log
Database Collation: utf8_general_ci
PHP Version: 5.2.9
Web Server: Apache/1.3.41 (Unix) mod_gzip/ mod_auth_passthrough/1.8 mod_log_bytes/1.2 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.8.31 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 PHP-CGI/0.5
Web Server to PHP interface: cgi
Joomla! Version: Joomla! 1.5.15 Stable [ Wojmamni Ama Mamni ] 05-November-2009 04:00 GMT
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_5; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/9.0.597.94 Safari/534.13

with debug turned on the following is typical of a page load:

Profile Information
Application afterLoad: 0.000 seconds, 0.24 MB
Application afterInitialise: 0.044 seconds, 2.50 MB
Application afterRoute: 0.086 seconds, 4.23 MB
Application afterDispatch: 0.579 seconds, 11.20 MB
Application afterRender: 0.749 seconds, 14.32 MB
Memory Usage
1207 queries logged

I also noticed 989 legacy queries logged

I have upgraded to Virtuemart 1.7, used phpMyadmin to optimise tables and tried turning off SEF to help the problem, but whilst it has improved the queries is still too high.

Once this is resolved I will also be looking to move hosting to a cloud provider (not SITEGROUND!) and also have 6 other sites. Therefore potential for additional work, but for now need this fixing ASAP.

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Create A Mod For PhpProBid V6.07

Hello guys. I need urgently a mod for Phpprobid V6.07.

If you dont know what i am talking about dont bid.

You have all the rights for that mod so you can sell it to another after. I dont care. I just need this.

I will send details in pm after bidding.

Thank you

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Set Up W3 Total Cache Plugin

I need a WordPress designer to set up W3 Total Cache as the site is loading very slowly but Ive had trouble setting this plugin up for optimum value. I need the CDN set up and all options to work most effectively for this site.

When I check the compatibility it says

Server Modules & Resources:

PHP Version: 5.3.3
PHP Timezone: OK
Web Server: Apache
FTP functions: OK (required for Self-hosted (FTP) CDN support)
Multibyte String support: OK (required for Rackspace Cloud Files support)
cURL extension: OK (required for Amazon S3 support)
zlib extension: OK (required for compression support)
Opcode cache: Not installed
Memcache extension: Not installed
Mime type detection: Not installed
Hash function: hash (required for NetDNA purge support)
Safe mode: Off
Open basedir: On: /home:/tmp
zlib output compression: Off
mod_mime: Not detected
mod_expires: Not detected
mod_deflate / mod_gzip: Not detected
mod_headers: Not detected
mod_env: Not detected
mod_setenvif: Not detected
mod_rewrite: Not detected
WordPress Resources

/home/elcorill/public_html/wp-content: Write-able
/home/elcorill/public_html/.htaccess Write-able
Uploads directory: Write-able
WP_CACHE define: OK
Fancy permalinks: OK
Network mode: Off

—————-I need server load in the teens.. not on the 0.40-.0.50

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Joomla User Filter

Need someone to mod a small file used by the Tiny MCE Editor in joomla to link user names with their profile.

I need to mod this file in order to link Joomla Research users with their profile, since this component creates different user list.

I think this task can be done even in 1 hour if someone is really able with php / sql.

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Need An Expert Vbulletin Coder And Expert Drupal Developer.

This current task is a test for me to find potential full time employees to help fully develop my website.

The task:

There is a small drop down menu at the bottom right hand corner of vbulletin called Quick Navigation. What I want is to have it altered so that it is at the top in the nav bar and displays every forum side by side (or well organized some how) so to eliminate the scroll altogether.

A great example of what I want can be seen at
Check out this site and youll notice a drop down menu called Forum Jump next to search in the nav bar. That is exactly what im looking for, but it must be made as an installable mod.

If you already have a account, great, if not, create one that will be used for a long time as I will be sharing my products with the users of the site. In that site, there already exists a mod for forum jump:

login to access and download the mod. The mod has not been maintained and is not compatible with my current version of vb 4.1.1.

As a tester task, I require someone to be able to either create a fresh mod, or alter this mod (which seems much easier) so that it works perfectly in 4.1.1 and is properly and nicely organized as the one seen in Make sure this mod has settings options in admincp and that there are many options to help users customize the mod, i.e, different background/text colour choices, and text field to put a custom name instead of simply forum jump, etc.

My budget for this tester task, is $20, or bid on what you believe is fair, but remember, if the quality is good and you successfully complete this task to my satisfaction, there is potential for a long term relationship as I have many many mods/requirements in the immediate future.

Funds will be released once you can prove to me it works, either by showing it to me on a test website or sending me the completed mod for my review.

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Update And Install Mod

I have recently updated to a newer version of PHP software on my website. I had a mod installed on the previous version and I need someone to update the coding so that it works with the current software.

I will provide the instructions and code for the previous version.

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Simple Machines Forum Customization

Weve got an install of Simple Machines Forum up and running but are having difficulty completing the Paid Subscriptions modification implementation. The forum is supposed to allow for users to pay via PayPal and then an IPN sends data back to the forum which creates/assigns a user account into the appropriate member group. For some reason the IPN is failing to fire properly, and we are looking for an experienced PHP programmer/SMF customizer who can get the mod working properly.

Simple Machines Forum @

Paid Subscriptions Mod @

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Php Pro Bid Mod Install X4

Php probid auction website mods software to install on site.
mods are ready for installing. work must start on monday the 24th of jan 2011

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Custom VBulletin Plugin/Mod

Create a plugin/mod to assist organiser in mass order forum to receive order n auto update in the thread/plugin.

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Java Poolgame, Chat And Mod Function

Have a project of making a online biliard gameroom with chat and mod function.
The game is not needed to be pro, just a simple game as old jippii.

Here you can see the game and chat from theire services:

The game:
The Chat:

This is a 12 year old game and chat, nothing special at all.

Please Contact me if you can take this job, we can talk more about the Budget couse more work must be done in the future in this gamesystem.

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Install Vbulletin Mod Urgent Asap!

Hello i need help upon installing a vb mod . I know vb a lot its just that i really have problems upon installing this upon connecting to the database. I want someone who can help me to do this job for me 24! I need this to be done right now.

I will only pay $10 for this task since this is really a simple job ,payment will be sent after the work is completely done. I will provide all the details. The mod that will be installed is a chat integration to 4.1 vb , if you want to apply for this please provide previous work because i dont really want to waste my time to a non professional biders!

I will discuss further details on message board. Hope you can help me to fix this now thank you!

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Gantry Mod For Joomla Extension "JotCache"

JotCache provides extended control for the cache settings with Joomla components and modules.

My site uses the Gantry Framework and the template index.php can not be modded as simply as shown in the JotCache tutorial.

On my site I require all pages to be cached, though the module position "sidebar-a" to be cache free. This is to be done using the JotCache component + plugin. In addition, a guide detailing the steps needed to implement this mod on other sites is required.

The JotCache Extension:
Gantry Framework:

My site uses Joomla 1.5.22 and the RocketTheme template "Quantive".

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Make OsCommerce Template And Improve Mods

I have a website that I would like to install OSCommerce onto and need a new template designed.

The store will be for sales, purchasing and rentals of video games.

For sales – the site will function as a typical ecommerce site.

For purchasing – Customers will be able to sell us their used games, by selecting a trade-in value, from an attributes list.

For renting – we need to have a few minor changes made to the "Wishlist v5" mod. Instead of adding the intended item to a wishlist the item would be added to a members "Queue" for rental. The Wishlist mod also has a admin backend, which allows admins to view customers wishlists, which needs to be displayed, so that we can ship the next game that is in their Queue.

Also, you will have to remove the email wishlist to a friend feature. The wishlist mod should also be tweaked to allow for simple admin interface, when returning/renting a movie (adjust inventory, etc.)

A membership mod needs to be linked to the wishlist, so that members can join our rental program and pay a monthly recurring subscription fee.

There are also a few other mods that will need to be installed, such as a FAQ system. We will supply all mods, so there should not be any custom coding for those. You will just need to install them and make sure that they are working properly

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