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Third-party Payment Module For VirtueMart Or CubeCart

I need to create a component that sends the price and my merchant ID to a external credit card processor web page. The API of the external credit card processor company sends the result of the payment process to my site, then I need to complete the order after that response. The merchant account has given us a php plug-in which receives certain response codes and basic form fields.

It must also exchange cryptography keys between the bank and the website where the shopping cart (joomla/virtuemart) sits. We have a testing environment but the production environment works exactly the same.

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Plimus Payment Module For Opencart

We are looking for somebody who can code a Plimus payment module that will work with the opencart webshop script.

Payment processor:

Thanks for looking.

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Braclays EPDQ Payment Module For Virtumart

We need somebody to build and install a barclays EPDQ payment module for virtumart. PLenty of guides out there and there may even be a complete module you already have we just do not have time to build it.

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061110 – Small Adjustment In Payment Module


I am running a creloade 6.3 pro shop, and i need you to fix a small bug in the payment module.

When a custormer is using a giftcard-code and the order total is 0, the customer is still send to the payment-module.

When the order total is 0, the order should be finalized without sending the customer to the payment module.


purchase t-shirt 100$
using gift-card-code 100$

finalize the order without using payment module


purchase t-shirt 100$
using gift-card-code 50$

Send the customer to the payment module for paying 50 $



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Commweb Payment Module For Virtualmart

This project involves rewriting the code of a oscommerce module to work with virtual mart.

The payment module is to work with the Commonwealth Bank Commweb merchant service. The oscommerce module can be found here

This module is to be used with the latest stable virtualmart.

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Opencart – Payment Module, Paycard (Israel)

Need to build payment module for Opencart.
it should work that client click on buy, the page is redirected to .
after the user put his credit number client get back to the site, and then have a message – your order has been success.

button that given from
(should be send on checkout..)

<form target=_blank method=POST action= id=Form1>
<input type=hidden name=INAME value=mtpurchase >
<input type=hidden name=mer value=PayCard >
<input type=hidden name=CreditorID value=1515474>
<input type=hidden name=TransactionID value=automatic >
<input type=hidden name=Amount value=21>
<input type=hidden name=Currency value=ILS>
<input type=hidden name=SuccessUserPage value=success_page.php>
<input type=hidden name=FailureUserPage value=failure_page.php>
<input type=hidden name=UserDesc value=User Description>
<input type=hidden name=user_name value=>
<input type=hidden name=AnswerPage value=>
<input type=hidden name=ItemType value=3>
<input type=hidden name=MerchantData value=MerchantDataSTR>
<input type=hidden name=successPageParam value=1>
<input type=hidden name=Sync value=0>
<input type=hidden name=ResultPageMethod value=GET>
<input type=submit value="buy now"></form>

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Cubecart Payment Module – GSPAY


I would like to get a payment module from GSPay upgrade to CubeCart 4.3.3 from their current version support of Cubecart 3.0.8

They already have a module so this is not a new development but just editing of their currently available module.
Also the only issue with their current module which is already installed in the CubeCart 4.3.3 version is that It does not calculate shipping charges when the Customer is redirected to their payment page and hence only the product price is charged to the Customer.
I would like to correct that and charge Customers for shipping also.


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PHP Forum And Payment Module

PHP forum and payment module need to be inserted in my website,

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Develop A Payment Module For Open SIS

We are a software marketing company in Nigeria.We will like a developer that can develop a payment module for the Open Source Student Information Management System (OpenSIS).The payment module will allow students to pay school fees through an API that will be provided by e-tranzact a Nigerian payment gateway.If you think you have what it takes,then lets see your proposal.

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