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Synchronized "mirror" Server

Hello. Im ukrainian, sorry for my english…
I have a site with mysql database on a server. I also have another server and I want my site to be situatet on both of them, to be less vulnerable to server fall down. So that if the main server is down – the secondary server will pick up my site to keep it accessible until the main one is up again. The databases and files have to be synchronized; any loss of data over the 30 minutes is unacceptable.

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Fast Server Captcha Project @ 1$/1k – Long Term

Hello Pals,

Thanks guys for all your co-operation and support. As promised I am back with a separate project for you guys.

Looking for team/individual who is ready to work in India hours – Night Timing. (10.00 PM – 6.00 AM)

It is a very long term project, very fast server, weekly or fortnightly pay.

Pay – 1$/1K entries that you make.

Please guys BID with PM.

Pontu Ding!

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Weblogic Server Project

Ok mate. Now our main focus is deployments in Weblogic server. Now we have these softwares that will play a key role in the project. The softwares are :-
1. Weblogic server
2. Eclipse IDE
3. Maven
4. Ant
5. Linux
6. Java/J2ee
7. Framework like Spring/hibernate etc (not known yet)

Now you have already seen a sample project we tried to run. The new one is also pre-existing and I our requirement is to 1. load eclipse on a pc, 2. java configuration on eclipse 3. Weblogic Installation on pc and Configuring weblogic on eclipse 5. Installing Maven and configuring it on eclipse 6. Installing ANT on a pc and configuring on pc.

7. After that we need to load a java/j2ee project in eclipse 8. Build the project 9. Deploy the .ear file in weblogic 11. Start the weblogic server 12. Debug problems if any on weblogic 10. Run the project 11. Accessing weblogic directories from Linux platform and using linux as a platform to do the above tasks like starting/stopping weblogic server etc

So I need instructions on all this. The document that you had created for glassfish and netbeans was very good and clear and something like that will be good. Although please remeber that I need to use this to install on my pc and my teams pc so it has to work practically. Dont worry about build and run output – our requirement is to get the STEPS correct – dosent matter if obportal for example runs or not or build or not. In this work just marking the steps are an aim.

What makes this different from the work we alreday did was that I dont need the project to build successfully or run etc ..just marking the correct STEPS for deployment via the above softwares on windows.

I recommend you using obportal project as a blueprint for this and in yr docs coz the projects i face are complex like that and minor project examples in projects and installing them etc is not the same as working in a big project. But dont worry if you cant build or run it etc..just the STEPS have to be right.

Please keep a very reasonable price and nothing functional is needed ..only documentation and some research work.

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Wowza Media Server Project


Im currently running GChats VisiChat running Red5 0.8

After looking on GChats they said running "Wowza Media Server" on VisiChat is possible, but the script they have is no longer available.

After doing some googling to find the "" file, Ive found on another thread official from Wowza themselves and they said the main.asc file would NOT work.

Therefore, even if I found it – It wouldnt of mattered.

This is why Im posing, Im running the latest version of GChats VisiChat (2.5.7) and Red5 (0.8) – Its slow and this being the reason why I want to switch to Wowza Media Server, Well 1. I heard its better and 2. I have a media control panel for clients to control their own Media Server.

TODO: Get GChats VisiChat working on Wowza Media Server – You can get a demo with 10 users on Wowza, I can provide you demo chat for you to test it.

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Project For Offacc

Project for offacc for imeha databases

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Move Site And Make Oath Compatible

Project for Itrack

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Quiz script (to finish)

I have a quiz script (PHP script) that I need completed. I have full specs to give and details on how it works but I do not have the database anymore and not even the structure.

So this job is about:
– rebuilding the database
– correct any of the PHP security flaws
– complete the PHP script
– work on my own test server
– move the final application on the on-line server and make sure it works.

My target pay for this job is 80USD, because most of the work is done.

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Basic SEO Friendly Website

The company markets several high end designer health supplements.
The new web pages will need to be fully SEO compliant, using only ‘white hat’ techniques.
The pages can be created using standard html, and the content can be static. Remember, this is a very basic, product oriented ecommerce website. The images for the products do not need to be stored in a data structure.
The ‘front-end’ pages will integrate to an existing ‘back-end’ shopping cart using an API. That integration is not part of this bid! The hosting company will handle the final integration once you finish the ‘front-end’ pages.
The site needs a Blog page so the site owner can add content and publish articles. The shopping cart pages will use matching style sheets so the transition appears seemless as the user moves between the front end site and the cart.
You do not need to deal with the actual integration links.

A sample for the web design will be provided to the winning bidder, but it is a simple 9 product web page, with product images, descriptions, titles and a link to the Shopping Cart from each image.

The main page should include the following links along the upper menu bar:

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