Thanks for checking everyone. PLEASE, SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY.

I need a site designed that does the same thing as

Basically, I need the source code for the above sites, with a working backend. The sites allow people to buy traffic and the people pay for this traffic through

I like the way is layed out and want this one copied. If you already have coded this type of system, than this is an easy bit of cash for you.

Important Notes:
— I do not care about content and images. Do your best to make it look good, but a functioning site is the most important.
— I want a config file where common variables can be changed, (for example: the Site Admins email address, etc…)
— I want it so that when a customer orders traffic, an account is created for that customer. In this account, the customer can view/change the url that receives the traffic, view the amount of traffic sent, and any other important options that the customer should have.
— An example site that you have coded similar to the site I want.
— If you already have the code, trust me, this is a fast $100 for you.

(THIS IS A SIDE NOTE: For those who have already coded this system, I know a lot of you already have, then I am sure you have this figured out, but you need a way for the customers account to track the amount of traffic sent to the site from within the account. This means the account must be able to report the total traffic sent to the site.)

Remember, PM me with examples or I wont look at your bid.

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