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Customise Limesurvey

I want to create an annual survey to a group of 190 business – with a set of 100 questions about their situation.

I am a fan of limesurvey and would like to use it – but there are a number of issues I need to overcome:

1. I want to prefill answers using token data
2. Once a survey is completed – I want to be able to use use the new answers as the new token table for the subsequent survey.
3. I want to be able to easily add new questions/answers (with token info)
4. It has to be user friendly enough so that no coding would be required on the part of the survey administrator.

NB: When biddingrRather than a simple yes I can do it – please show me that you know limesurvey and can suggest how the above might be achieved. I am more likely to be convinced by someone who says something is not possible … if you see what I mean?

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Ecommerce Clothing Website

Hi i am looking for an ecommerce website, the person shoud be highy qualified, with a proven track record in commerce, i like the website www atamaeurope com, would be looking to do a site like that.

the payment gateway will be paypal
Options for automatic discounts for trade accounts
back office system where I can add, delete and edit products.
SEO friendly database
hosting will be on godaddy server

Design of the websote must be very clean and commercial

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Add Edit Delete Function And Thread Function

I have a functionally php site It´s about providers that do gigs
but i need a edit delete function from adminpart, finish this and add a possibility for providers to answer trough a thread,for the provider
so they can answer on their own thread on their gigs. edit delete messages on the gigs message that are inappropriate
from the admin section and the user profile must be able to remove message in the inbox

2.I want to add a function so that users can ask questions and providers answer to their threads so gigs can be discussed
and comment can be done! Tell me your solution
Admin must be able to edit this part as well


To be done after this, if all goes smoothly.

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