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PhP & Mysql Expert Needed..Monthly ..

Below is my Project details..Please take a look..?

As you can see my user name so u can think what types of project i have..?
My requirement is you need to be expert in php,mysql & Ajax….?

If we give you php,mysql and ajax related task then you should have capacity to finish accord to what i need..?.
You should also have capability to modificate an exciting script..?

I am looking quality coder who can work for my site 24*7..any time available,..and should finish the work asap..Able to resolve the BUG asap..?

Please post your positive BID here..If you have capacity then only post your BID other wise dont waste my time..?

Remember:- This is an Monthly Job ..

Thanks and Regards .

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Integration "Site Messenger"

Integration "Site Messenger" [Removed by Admin]
in dating script [Removed by Admin]
use php, mysql for recognition members, info, ecc.
see site messenger manual-info for method integration.
minimum budget

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Game Lobby

Need to design a game lobby that will allow users to login and be able to join open "tables" or "rooms" that will have a max capacity of 8-10 players. The room will need to automatically close/lock once this capacity is reached. Before entry into a table, the user will need to pay an entry fee (PayPal API?) of anywhere from $1-50. It will closely mimic the game lobbies used in online poker clients such as FullTilt Poker or Pokerstars, but once the users pay the fee and enter the specific "table," that is essentially all the program needs to do. The administrators/operators should be able to kick players in each table. In-game chat, etc would be nice as well.

Initially, the client just needs to be simple and prototype just for user testing. Later, using the feedback from user tests, I would like to make a polished, final version. I know very little about coding, but after some research Ive read that it will likely use mySQL and PHP. Eventually Id like to have it written in possibly HTML5 or similar (for use on iOS devices). Please post or PM me on here if you are interested or have more questions. I would like this completed ASAP! Thanks alot, hope to hear from you guys soon!

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Vacature Site Meer Info


Een site als

Gebruikers moeten zich kunnen aanmelden aals werkgevers of ICT-ers

Met als verschil
-er vindt geen enkele betaling plaats op de site
– de site is voor iedereen gratis te gebruikren, geen betaalmoduke
-dit soort modules dienen dus ook NIET gemaakt te worden!

Overige goede functionaliteiten moeten er wel inzitten:
-Dus wel echt een goed kopie
-geen simpele site opleveren

Extra aandacht voor:
-SEO, alles (cv en vacatures, vindbaar via google)
-zo onderhoudbaar en beheerbaar op CODE NIVEAU als mogelijk

-in PHP, MySQL

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PHP & MySQL Programmer Needed To Customize PHPMotion Site

I need someone to integrate some Addons to my site currently running PHPMotion 3.5
for information about PHPmotion visit

For Addons that need to be integrated in to this are

I am not sure if you guys do this sort of work but if not can you please suggest someone who are willing to do.

If this sounds like you please let me know

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Site Modifications (SEngine, Zend Framework, Mysql, PHP)

The bidder must be very familiar and comfortable with using the Zend PHP framework to create clean code.

Ideally located in the US OR UK.

Customization for a social Engine, networking site.

and possible maintience too (ongoing support will be agreed in addition to this job).


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Once register.php submit button is pressed, my project checks to see if a checkbox is checked, if so, I want to create a vBulletin account through MySQL, on the users. All I need you to do is help me create the account so it works with my coding. Here is what I have currently:

$salt = $this->fetch_user_salt();

$password = $this->hash_password($pw, $salt);

mysql_query("INSERT INTO user(usergroupid, username, password, passworddate, email, showvbcode, usertitle, joindate, reputation, reputationlevelid, options, ipaddress, referrerid, salt) VALUES(2, " . $user . ", " . $password . ", 2010, " . $email . ", 2, Junior Member, " . $date(u) . ", 10, 4, 45108311, " . $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] . ", 2, " . $salt . ")") or die(mysql_error());

Header( "Location: login.php?message=Accounts+succesfully+created+you+may+now+login+on+NV+Board+and+MyKUpload");

function fetch_user_salt($length = SALT_LENGTH)
$salt = ;

for ($i = 0; $i < $length; $i++)
$salt .= chr(rand(33, 126));

return $salt;

function hash_password($password, $salt)
// if the password is not already an md5, md5 it now
if ($password != )
$password = md5($password);

// hash the md5d password with the salt
return md5($password . $salt);

And it is not working correctly, thanks.

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PHP And MySQL Work Required On OsCommerce Site

I will make the details known on PMB.

Please do not bid if you have less than 10 reviews or you have incomplete project reports.

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Custom Service Hosting PHP/Mysql

I need a backend PHP/MySql script for hosting customised services.

In simple terms I want to be able to offer about 3 different levels e.g. Bronse, Silver, Gold

I want users to be able to select the service they want and pay for it via paypal.

In the back end admin panel I want to be able to link each package to a bash script that will run based on variables the user has entered during sign up.

backend e.g.

Bronse = exec /var/www/scripts/
Bronse answer file location = /var/www/answerfiles

Silver = exec /var/www/scripts/
Silver answer file location = /var/www/answerfiles

Gold = exec /var/www/scripts/
Gold answer file location = /var/www/answerfiles

The back end does not need to be complicated it can even just be a config file I can update myself if that is esier.

Users must register prior to ordering and I need some way to be able to view orders.
e.g. a password protected page that will list orders in a simple format such as

username email package date ordered
test address1 Silver 23/06/2010
test2 address2 Gold 29/07/2010

I dont nessisarily need any design work done just a very simple front end that I can adapt after i.e. as long as the
buttons work I can link them up to better images and pages later.

This is not the inteded purpouse but for example imagine I wanted to sell irc server daemons I would write a bash script that
will set up a new instance of the daemon and add the $username $password $max_users variables piped/passed from the
php/mysql script into either a custom answer file (see backend e.g. above) that I can tell the script to read or in some other way that you are
able to work with?

It needs to be scalable so if I want to offer 5 different packages in the future that needs to be possible.

I also need to be able to deploy this on multiple servers so documentataion or an installer script is also important.

Paypal intergration is a must!.


07/02/2010 at 10:43 EDT:

I have a VPS that can be used for trial and development

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PHP MySQL Site – Improve Security!

Before jumping into the next phase of the project, I would like to make enhancement into the current matchmaking codes.
When I did a code review, here is what was found in the current codes:
1. Need to improve security!

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Php Mysql

We are looking to create the ecover generating engine like the one used on – we dont want to graphic editing part, just the part where it generate the 3D ecovers. this site is using imagemagick to do this, we can use the same method.

please quote.

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Domain Hosting Prob And Php/mysql Scripts Needed To Be Corre

Hey, i have tried to upload some files on my domain, but they are creating problems, secondly i need to modify my
faulty script and need some very professional developer who could solve my issue, and can change or correct
the script and all the errors.
I will award him more projects in future, if he would help me out, because already many developers could not
solve this issue.

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