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Simple Professional Website Style With Database

I need a site that is simple and professional. I have a few sites for references.
Also, the site needs to have a data base that allows people to create simple profile.
Finally, users need to be able to send those people in the database, emails of pictures they designed.

Its going to be a cool site and I can give more details to see if you can finish the job.

Also, I would like to see your portfolio.


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Ext JS, Sencha – Enhancements To User/File Management Webapp

We have an existing Webapp that allows us to manage:
– users
– groups
– files / packages of files
– reporting

We need to enhance it so that packages can be organised into categories (groups of packages), group security can be organised hierarchically, as well as a number of bug fixes and small enhancements.

Please login to this demo account and explore all the features. We are looking for somebody who can help A LOT with the ongoing enhancement and maintenance of this system.

Login: acmeadmin
Password: password

The system is built using an ExtJS (Sencha) front end, with a Yii/PHP back end, with a MySQL database, hosted on a Linux node : experience of all of these elements is necessary.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of a growing team – there will be LOTS of work here for the right freelancer!

Please provide examples of sites you have developed using ExtJS.

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PHP/MySQL Website Clone

I want to copy the functionality of a webiste I can point you to.

There is nothing extraordinary or innovative, I just want normal functions integrated in this particular way. Basically php and presumably MySQL

It is vastly easier if I point you to the URL, but in essence:

There are hundreds/thousands of "topics".

– There is one page for each topic.

– There are files associated with each topic, of different sorts, including pdf.


a) various ways to categorise/index topics (alphabetical, by ratings, etc)
b) facebook "like", download, print options on each page
d) ratings, (which relate to the index pages with top ranked topics – #a)
e) message board for users with captcha type thing

A few more basic features along these lines – again, though, I want these features integrated in this particular way.

I would be interested in the feasibility of an interface or simple system to add new topics, including their associated files, eg pdf, etc. However, I am open to the idea of needing to do this manually for each new topic.

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Database Clean Up

I need someone to take an existing database of ~ 10K records and that have certain data elements missing and fill in the missing elements. For example, full address is shown, need someone to add company name and phone number of for that record.

In addition person will need to pull data from web to build a separate database of Optometrists. Data is in on the web in HTML format. Needs to be pulled down and replicated in Excel. Website were this data is housed is found at and is searchable by state. This data may be useful in appending the first list, so project should start with this effort.

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Quiz Website [PHP/MySQL]

We would like a website where people can play to a General Quiz with a lot of questions in the database.

How does it work ?

1) Visitor need to sign up, or play trial version
2) You click on start the Quiz
3) First question appear with 3 bad answers and 1 good.
4) If visitor answer wrong he looses and goes back to question 1.
5) If visitor answer right, he goes to question 2, then question 3, 4, 5 …
6) They have 10 seconds to answer.

The goal is to answer as many questions as you can in a raw.

We need a real-time ranking, where all players are listed. In this ranking everyone can see who is the best, how many right questions he/she answers…

We plan to give 10 free play per day, then if they want to play more, they need to pay or complete offers.

We will provide webdesign but you will have to integrate it.

You will have to make an admin where we can add "Questions & Answers"

If you need more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

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PHP & MYSQL Social Networking Website College Assignment

I need a professional Website designer to create a dynamic prototype social networking site for my college assignment. I will provide more detail to the bid winner.

The tools you must use for this project are PHP and MYSQL, You are also allowed to use flash and java script to make it dynamic but PHP and MYSQL must be used in this project.

Users must be able to register an account. Personalise their wall upload pictures, audio and video. Users must also be able to communicate by writing on each others walls, by having instant messages conversation similar to facebook chat as well as private messages inbox. As well as user groups like on facebook.

The winner must be a very good communicator as i will need to explain what i want in more detail as well as provide feedback on the project.
The winner must also recommend a reliable webhost for me to host the website.
All coding used on this project must be provided to me and come with comments. I repeat i will need all the coding used on this site as well as comments explaing what each section of code does.

This project should be completed in 3 to 4 weeks.

Good luck!

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Migrate Website (PHP + MySQL)

Looking for a developer that is able to migrate a website to a new server.
Work to do:

– Backup MySQL db already done
– ZIP files on old server using SSH
– Copy to new server and unzip using SSH
– Import db

I will do the finishing myself.

Work to be done Thursday or Friday

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PHP Or MySql Issues With Website

Not sure what happened…but almost all of my php pages went white on one specific website.
I am running a Blog Hoster script.. (BH) and only the portal is working.
I had this happen on another domain on my server where I had to add the extensions to the url on the HTML pages…or directories.
Never did get that one figured out.
I know its probably an easy fix… but I just cant get my brain to wrap around the problem to do it.
And Im installing scripts and software all the time… Im not supposed to have these issues…lol
My portal is at:

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Installating PHP Upgrade

I have a working System for clients to indicate interest in one of our services:

The developer (found here) wrote an upgrade to it, but did not want to migrate the data already existing on this system to the upgrade he created. Ive tested the upgrade, and it works. I just need the new system setup on my website (in a temporary folder) to test it and make sure all the existing data is there. Then once everything works, we can just change the name of the folder and we should be done.

Since the original developer did not respond to my request to get this installed, I am willing to turn the ongoing maintenance over to whichever developer can install the upgrade and migrate the data quickly.

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PHP & MySQL Driven Database For Information Program

Need to assist in developing program for online and offline (CD-ROM) viewing; Ill be supplying info and will assist with design.
program should be managing list of clients participating in international info exchange program (shipping companies) – will need to be running in 3 language mutations.
will need to be able to display companies info based on categories, search, sort and update info using simple interface (no CMS needed, just info update – additions/deletions/modifications)
initial login required for both offline and online version – login info should be stored in a secure manner. Roughly 200 unique logins required.
needs to run online (will be hosting) and offline (PC primarily, Mac is a plus) – offline version needs to link to online for most up-to-date info.
Online reflects design of the offline version (will assist with that part – will supply graphics and mockups).
Dont need designer, need good coder who is flexible to last minute changes and can get it done so its presentable in a secure manner.
More details available upon request.

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PHP MYSQL CMS – Website Reproduction

Must design a website with all functionality of the following website.

That is the requirement and a few changes will be made with the code.

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Set Up 3DSecure/Verified By Visa Payments

We present have a website that uses Sagepay payment.
All payments go through the website and are sent via Form to Sagepay
We need to add 3DSecure/Verified by Visa to the final payment screens
Website uses PHP4.. and MySQL
Will need it to be set up on TEST server first.. then to go LIVE once all is ready

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PhP/ Mysql Programmer Needed For Website Implementation


I am looking for an experienced PHP/MySQL programmer/developer to help with the intergration of my new website.

Gamespaceuk has just under gone a new re design containing Flash/Html and CSS layout.

The new pages to be added are the homepage and catalogue pages of my current site which is currently programmed on a PHP/MySQL interface.

I have all files required to change the design and all access to the ftp information which is currently in place.

Gamespaceuk will be looking at being moved onto a different server within this task so only please apply if you are able to apply this.

I would possibly like new funtions added to Gamespaceuk so the full details will be discussed with the right applicant.
e.g Players could play for 5 minutes or 5 games then the system will ask them to sign up to the site to continue to play free.

Kindest Regards and Good luck


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PHP Coding Help

Need help with coding for upload of multiple photos, making photos re-arrangeable (drag, sort, drop) by website customers and deletion and change of photos. Prefer a jQuery or customized solution.

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Homepage Incl. PHP/MySQL Database Functionalities

We want to set up a homepage that enables the user to search for information about events all over Germany. Parts of the source code have been already developed (PHP/MySQL). The basic elements of the homepage should be:
a) A database that contains all the relevant information regarding individual events
b) A search-mask by which the user can enter what he/she is looking for
c) An overview (list) of the results, including an option to sort by several variables
d) A detailed result-presentation of one specific event
e) An admin-tool for our clients to add and manage the relevant information
The categories of the search-mask are as following:
1. Type of event (obligatory choice)
2. Location (optional choice)
3. Date (optional choice)
– Single day
– Period of time (date: from

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PHP/MySQL User Database Needs Tweaking

I run a serivce where users subscribe for a certain amount of time. I use a php web interface for controlling all users which are then stored in a MySQL database. Through the php web interface I can currently add, edit and delete users and carry out a few other admin tasks.
What I would like is for an expiry date to be added to the web interface, so that when a current users subscription to the system expires they will automatically disconnected.

This should be a simple job as the web interface is already compiled and working and will just need a little tweak.


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Need a PHP developer very Immediately with all the skills mentioned above to develop a website which is started already with PHP and especially Db2 as the database.Pls send me your information ASAP.


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PHP/MySQL Property Management BookKeeping System

I need an accounting/bookkeeping app written in PHP/MySQL for basic property management accounts.

I have an old MS Access DB that has been used till now with which a template of relationships and functionality can be gained, this really just needs translating into a web app.

Ideally, although not essential, the system will run within the Joomla CMS and use Joomla user authentication and if possible auto-populate certain accounts fields from the Joomla MySQL database.

A framework of the system is already in place so the project really requires a translation of this system from MS Access to PHP/MySQL and if possible some integration with Joomla and the Jomres component.

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Flash Base Php Mysql Website…

I need a flash base php mysql website. Pages: Main website page black screen, logo / company name appears. Screen fades into dark blue than lighter and lighter as the main website appears. But if the user is not logged in a box appears on screen that allows user to login, register, or recover password. If users first time user clicks registration. User is taken to registration screen information needed (Full name, Address, City, State (Scroll selection), Zip, Country (Scroll selection set on United States), Gender (Male, Female radio input type), email, email confirmation, Username, Password, Password Confirmation, input type checkbox: I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions. (Flash Terms and Conditions), input type checkbox: I acknowledge that I am over 18 years of age., Sigh Up Now button). After user presses Sign Up Now (Flash animation thanks you for registering and directed to website main page that has user information on it. If user is registered, user logs in and is directed to website main page that has user information on it. Website main page: Center of screen, top left from center of screen website / company name. Under company name three buttons. Under three buttons table left of table has two sections top and bottom. Top is for News Updates and bottom is for Upcoming Event. There should be a scroll button. On the right of the table member profile. Exact measurements of table will be given. Under table About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy. (some kind of flash animation) for About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy. Okay back up to the three buttons. First button (Home) button which goes back to the main website screen which is the one with the member profile, News Updates, and Upcoming Events. Second button (Events) new page layout. Top and bottom or pages is the same as main page layout. What is different is the table layout in the middle. Same size table but table only has to sections., left and right. On left some information (will be given by me in future). On right there are five boxes under the five boxes other five boxes and so on. In the boxes there will be an icon (will be given by me in future). Each boxes has a flash animation. Basic animation when user click on box will be as same as Events page layout, but with the right side of the layout in the table different. (will be given by me in future). After the user clicks n the right side of the layout there will be a list that will be retrieved from the database. The list will be dynamic will change the number of user registered for event when a user registered for an event. User registers for event when he or she click on one of the options in the list. This will happen by user being redirected to register screen when he or she click the link that is on the list. Third button will be a history page that tell the user the events he or she has been in. I know exactly how I want the website to look. Its exactly similar to a other website that I have in mind but with different name and slightly different layout, but different functionality. This site domain will be given to allow you to have a exact picture of what I want.

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PHP, MySQL Website

I need a Website in PHP / mySQL with the Following Features:

Register/Login/Logout (Sessions )

Databases Connections included of course.

Each Time a User adds new Information to a Specific Field of the Database, it must trigger and update the Default page of the website and there a more complex set of features .

The person that works with me , must stay close with me. I need more hands for this project.

I am a computer science engennier as well, I just need more hands.

This first part is really simple, but soon it will get harder.

Bid with confidence in your skills.

Happy Bidding!

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I Need A Website

I need a website like with different UI Design. functionality almost same but UI design will be different.
all the source code will be our property. i need that site in php with mysql. i would like to see design first, so if u can send me design mockup that can affect to select the bidder.

Good Luck

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Back Links To Music Website

Need VALID backlinks to music school website. Must be relevant and music related, NO LINK FARMS OR ANYTHING THAT WILL AFFECT OUR PR.

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Secure Database

To design and build a database that holds clients personal details securely.

The database needs to hold names, address, previous address, payment history and a few other fields. The main part will be that the database has to integrate into a main sales website for members to access it but also be flexible enough for (Widgets or scripting) to be placed on other sites for their clients access also.

Hope this makes sense! Any questions then just ask.

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PHP/Mysql Website To Cd/DVD

My client has a website that is a catalog type website with many products built with php/mysql. They want the website to be transferred to cd or dvd so that it can be run on computers that may not have internet available.

Some minor changes to the code including the inclusion of a "these prices are current as at – date – " and we may need to turn off certain functionality within the current site to suite the offline format – i will handle this part.

I need the help here of someone who has done this before and can show me the sites they have done this for and explain the method you will use to do this job.

I will need all the files sent to me to make this happen (ready to go on the CD), I will then add the php files and the product images. I can provide the database to you for setting up on the cd if required.

I will then need your assistance during the testing phase when I put it all together.

Thorough documentation will be required so I can make any required changes down the track.

All contact is through me not the client.

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Umar Website

I wnt to mak a website in Php Mysql by using wamp server

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PHP Coupon Function

PHP expert need to build and integrate an online coupon/promo function in an existing photo print service website.

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