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PHP & MySQL Driven Database For Information Program

Need to assist in developing program for online and offline (CD-ROM) viewing; Ill be supplying info and will assist with design.
program should be managing list of clients participating in international info exchange program (shipping companies) – will need to be running in 3 language mutations.
will need to be able to display companies info based on categories, search, sort and update info using simple interface (no CMS needed, just info update – additions/deletions/modifications)
initial login required for both offline and online version – login info should be stored in a secure manner. Roughly 200 unique logins required.
needs to run online (will be hosting) and offline (PC primarily, Mac is a plus) – offline version needs to link to online for most up-to-date info.
Online reflects design of the offline version (will assist with that part – will supply graphics and mockups).
Dont need designer, need good coder who is flexible to last minute changes and can get it done so its presentable in a secure manner.
More details available upon request.

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Homepage Incl. PHP/MySQL Database Functionalities

We want to set up a homepage that enables the user to search for information about events all over Germany. Parts of the source code have been already developed (PHP/MySQL). The basic elements of the homepage should be:
a) A database that contains all the relevant information regarding individual events
b) A search-mask by which the user can enter what he/she is looking for
c) An overview (list) of the results, including an option to sort by several variables
d) A detailed result-presentation of one specific event
e) An admin-tool for our clients to add and manage the relevant information
The categories of the search-mask are as following:
1. Type of event (obligatory choice)
2. Location (optional choice)
3. Date (optional choice)
– Single day
– Period of time (date: from

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Need a PHP developer very Immediately with all the skills mentioned above to develop a website which is started already with PHP and especially Db2 as the database.Pls send me your information ASAP.


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PHP MySQL Project

Upgrade current UI for working with database.

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Rapidleech Small Improvement


I have a small project need do, work described as follows:

Project: Rapidleech small improvement

Detail: Main add user group management for rapidleech script.
For example: (registration group, premium group…etc), Membership registration need activate via email. admin can add new group, edit and delete group, can edit members and change them to other group. admin cp can set premium group membership account expiry time(d/m/y), Once this premium membership account expires, It will automatically become registered users. also admin can set and edit each premium membership HDD use Capacity(GB) and Bandwidth Size(GB). Free(Visitors) and registration group, admin cp can set limit upload and download files number(pcs) in daily(24 hour).

Added: Requires php and mysql structure, UTF8 encoded database, Facilitate translation other languages. Member registration need add security code features. Did not activate members, admin cp not records, premium membership account expires email reminder feature. admin cp user search and records pagination.

Rapidleech is free script, you can visit official station, or i can provide own modified version for you. If you understand Rapidleech script, I hope you can participate in the project. Because it is a small improvement, So i bid time is only 10 days. If we are working perfectly, there is a huge project for release in the near future. Cheers!

Thank you.
Best regards.

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Database Web Developer – MySQL Expert

We are looking for a database expert to clean up our database as our site is using an excessive amount of MySQL resources. This person will be cleaning up any unused scripts to optimize the performance of the site and to reduce the usage of MySQL.

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MySQL Developer Consultant/Representative Needed

We are a real estate office looking for an experienced U.S. contractor to act as our Website/Database MySQL Developer/Representative for the purpose of contracting for a data feed from our local multiple listing service (MLS). Our website requires a data feed, which contains text and media in a data transfer using a standard called RETS, see Until we know whether our MLS will approve our application to receive the data feed, we cannot contract for the complete project, therefore, we are not looking for any actual programming at this time, unless required by the MLS. The contractor that assists us in successfully procuring this data feed will be considered the leading candidate for the project, which includes building database(s) to store this data, integration into our website via search forms, creation of account/registration process, and other related functions, which we have already prepared in a detailed project document to be provided upon approval of our data feed application.

Due to constraints imposed by the vendor, providing the feed and approving our application, we are only accepting candidates from the US that speak English fluently.

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Auto Poster Php Mysql

I need a small php script which basically posts an article to
I think it can be done via php curl. Any other ideas are also welcome. The article details should be read out from a mysql database. The entire code can be programmed in 1 or two hours so payment will be something between 20 and 35 Dollars. I will only pay once the program is fully working.

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Prepaid Calling Cards Database With PHP And Mysql .


We sale prepaid calling cards online , We have already running e-commerce store . we need to improve calling card search system using PHP and mysql databse. You would have to create more tables and php queries to fetch data from database and to display it on search page by sorting it with maximum minutes w r t country id.

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PHP/MySQL Programmer To Work On Interface To Database

Looking to hire a part-time PHP / MySQL / python coder.
Basic javascript required. Knowledge of jQuery beneficial, but not necessary.

Its very important that the person I am hiring is:

You should be comfortable with basic PHP5 classes as well as non-basic MySQL features, such as JOINs and some of the date/time formatting functions, etc.
Most of the work that you will be doing will be modification of an interface that interacts with a database.
Please include your hourly rate in your reply. Once I interview you, I will also request that you provide me with a reference of a past client who can attest to your reliability and good work.

Thank you!

09/25/2010 at 17:16 EDT:

(Python skills are a bonus but not necessary!)

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Link Between Webpage And SQL Database PHP ONLY

To Set up link between webpage and SQL Database
to set up registration page so users sign up and user name and password is sent and user is created in database
payment 50% when databse is linked to website (test log in given)
Rest when complete
must be completed within 7 days
it is a PHP Project
example of previous job a MUST

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