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Camera Manager

We would like to have a solution for management of IP cameras
Solution will be separated on two parts
First- It will be a client applications -for Windows platform + WEB with following features:
-Connect to IP camera(or multiple cameras at the same time)
-Show live picture from cameras, at the separated windows
-Camera control- Zoom (+ -), rotating ,etc.
-Load history, with availability of navigate by date, hours, minutes, second,etc.

Second- Its server side.
-Loading feeds from cameras to datacenter
-Main application under Windows platform – which will allow operator to navigate through stored feeds from different cameras, operate with disk space for particular camera,reporting,etc.

As example we would like to have somthing like this
Before bidding be sure that you are really can provide us with such software!
ONLY serious bidders. We do not want to spend our and your time for nothing.


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Delphi Navigate In Site

I need to navigate in a website from Delphi 2007 using Indy 10 idHttp.

There is only one step:

(1) Post a search to the site, and extract the result into a tMemo

The code must be as simple as possible, and the tIdhttp must be created in code – not visual.

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Simple To Navigate Website With Just 4 Key Pages

I am looking to update the current website to a content management type system. The site has key pages : Home, A-Z of Developments, Map, and Links …. Any building is listed in the same template page that will have to show the following info as seen here: I would like alot of social site interaction so that site updates can be shown through twitter and photo gallery is linked to flickr.

The main issues are fast data input which I will complete myself and easy to navigate pictures on the building pages.

Any questions just ask….

Please note that as this is a non commercial project and I am currently studying the project budget is important and to keep this low I will be undertaking all data input on the website template.

I am also keen to develop a logo which I will pay extra for

Thanks for taking the time to read my ad!!
Look forward to hearing from you!

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IPad Free Pdf Magazine App

Goal : to develop an iPad app that can read selected online pdf magazines

Requirements :

_ One app per magazine. This app must notify by a push message when a new magazine copy is available.
_ Allow to display a full screen ad when the app starts
_ Allow to navigate to the different sections through the contents page
_ Allow to display all the pages in a miniature state and navigate to the selected one.
_ Allow to read the magazine in 2 formats : portrait and landscape. When in landscape mode the app displays two pages side by side.
_ A tap on an article area displays the text in a column in order to ease the reading
_ Allow to have a link in the ads leading to a website or an email address
_ Allow to access old copies of the magazine
_ This app must enable the publisher to easily update to a new magazine copy

Example of app models to copy : the app for "Show Boat" or "20 minutes", without the news part.

Please let me know how many days and how much you would ask for such a development.
Thank you.

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AppMobi – Company SmartPhone App Development

Looking for someone to takeover an existing project using appmobi development tools. Your task will be to link an external website address and allow it to be viewed from within the app without going to browser. Very similar to using Iframes but you need to be able to navigate, zoom in and zoom out.

We are having difficulty in linking to external url using iframe. You cannot seem to navigate or zoom in or out. We need a solution to be able to show external website information from a appmobi project.

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Youtube Spam Bot

I need a Youtube Comment Spam Bot.!

That mean:

I add a video URL and a User (who has post a comment)
and then i add like 100 Youtube Accounts and 100 Proxys
and the software make:

1. Clear Cookies
2. Change Proxy (i add like 100 Proxys)
3. Login Youtube
4. Navigate to the Video
5. "Mark as SPam" the comment from the User that i choose
6. Logout
7. Clear Cookies
8. Change Proxy (i add like 100 Proxys)
9. Login Youtube
10. Navigate to the Video
11. "Mark as SPam" the comment what i put in.
The Software have to click 4 times with 4 different IPs and 4 different User the comment as "spam".


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Need Small Navigation And Field Calculations Added To An Ex

We currently have asp pages that we use as a calling script for agents on the phone. When an agent gets a call this script is called and fields w/ contact data are populated from a MSSQL table. This is working well but we have a couple of specific projects that need some branch logic added. Mostly for navigation. I.e. We would define a field in the script and based on the value in the field we would navigate to the desired next page. For example…if the field is greater than 2 then the next navigation would go to page 3 but if the field is less than or equal to 2 then it would navigate to page 4). We also need a couple of the fields to be summed up and multiplied out and have the value stored to a separate field. We would need this done on one script and would need some technical training on how to paste this code into future scripts.

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Need Someone To Help Recover Site Tables

This web site was up and running months ago but client left for months and just came back
some tables from database seem to have been corupted
Need someone to recover corrupted databases on mobilityscootersinc(dot)com
Unfortunately, it looks like the database was corrupt at the time it was
backed up. It appears to be missing all the tables aside from products and
users, and I have not found a way to recover them. If you navigate the
database through phpmyadmin, youll notice it thinks there are 30+ tables, but
only two show up to navigate. You can attempt to search the other ones, but
they return a table does not exist error.

Sadly it does not look like the database can be recovered.

Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.

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Client/server programe


Im willing to hire someone who can program me some sort of client , who allow my customer to connect to a server ( choosing from a list ), and navigate to internet through it.

What i want to achive this way , is for example , a client who live in UK want to browse HULU.COM wich is blocked outside US.
Ill provide this client a dedicated server with a US IP , he will then connect with the client you will have coded , then choose on wich browser he want to navigate , then the browser will get configured as the client was a proxy.

You can have an example here : its a similare service expect i want something WAY simplier.

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Generous Monkey

Unfortunately, I’m under contract to not discuss the specific concept of the site. The basic site, however, involves users being able to buy items from different companies online. The companies in return pay the site for users buying stuff from our site. Because our goals are long term, we basically want to get a website out as quickly as possible to give us something to look at. What we want is a web designer who can do the following: make the website aesthetically pleasing by following our ideas and concepts for the "feel" of the site, make the site as easy to navigate as possible, give users the option to make a profile, give users the option to buy things (the product list, however,is 0, because we don’t have any clients yet). Lastly, we want a three-dimensional monkey on the home page that is interactive and fun, who can navigate confused users trough the site and serve as a "help" button on any given page.
Note: I am very amateur in web design, making it difficult for me to assess how much money to spend for your services. I need someone who is fair in charging prices and very confident in their design ability.

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