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App Integration With Gps External Navigation Apps

We have an existing app for iPhone to find restaurants and pubs in seaside towns with Gps localization. The app is based on a database and the request to the database is managed through a web service.

Now we want to give users the possibility to integrate the search with two important Gps navigation apps running on iPhone. From the details page of the restaurants the user will launch the external Gps app to find the route.

Budget: 400 $.

Please bid only if you have experience in this kind of integration for iPhone.

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Android GPS Navigation Software

We are looking someone who develops an Android 2.3 GPS turn by turn navigation Software.

The features should be the same as our competitors, namely :

1. Compact fileformat for storing GPS data and associated user interface to create/update those filemaps.
2. Voice guided, turn by turn GPS Navigation(with manual on how to add new languages)
3. Routing with shortest path and/or quickest time (with route recomputing if the route changes while driving)
4. Speed limit and radars warning
5. GUI using OpenGL for different screen resolutions
6. Skinable user interface
7. POI management (add/update/delete)
9. Tracklog capability (record routes while navigating)
10. Replay recorded tracklog/routes

In addition, this software must be accompanied by a desktop tool able to compile, encrypt, compress and block per time the proprietary maps.

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GPS Navigation Software – Garmin

Im looking to build a Navigation engine software that uses garmin map. The software must also be able to transmit the current position, speed, orientation and etc to my server. The sotware will also receive the coordinates from my server and plot into the routes to enable the user to navigate to the specific area. Software also have a chat module, voip to connect to the control center (server).

We are looking for other suggestion to make this work. Currently we have a webbased tracking platfrom and we want to integrate the dispatching services to our customers. Software support android platform or windows mobile.

Once awarded, we will discuss further. Anyway, Im open to suggestions and options.

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Website Navigation Fix For Google Chrome

I have a drop down website navigation built with css, javascript and jquery.
It works fine in FF and IE, but in google chrome the dropdown menus do not retract when the mouse leaves them. They only retract when another nav option is activated.

I need this fixed so it works correctly in chrome. The menus must retract when the mouse pointer does not hover over them.

You will be given access to a test site with only the navigation on it. After you fix this issue, please highlight the changes you made so it can be applied to the main website.

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G P S Navigation System For Apple Iphone / Ipad

Hello Everyone

I need a GPS Navigation System for the Apple iphone / Ipad .

I would like application to be almost exactly with the Tom Tom application on the iphone.

I would need Maps also and updates to be done bugs and fixes ect.

Maps would be USA Canada and also Australia at this stage then more later down the track.

I would prefer a person who has done this sort of work before in the past or present time.

You must be creative also and need to upload the application on the Itunes and right a desciption for me also if possible.

There will be a 30 or 60 day free trial then if they decide to upgrade there will be a yearly price.

You must be confident and experience in the mobile application industry and must be done professionaly.

So basically i need a GPS Navigation system with bells and wistles e.g all maps store in the iphone, speedalert, turn by turn aasistance, maybe a google results such as petrol staions, atm, shopping centre ect.

Must be compatible with iphone 3/ 3g and 4 supports ios.

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Web Design

Professionally Designed Website Templates Wanted!

I am looking for a professional web designer who can
design three clean, elegant and modern 2-page
websites for law firms.

This could be the start of a long lasting business
relationship – if you can deliver quality work!

* Templates must be clean, valid html and css.
* There should be one index page (used for front page) and one content page (used for inside pages).
* One navigation per page with room for up to 10 pages.
* Also the navigation needs to be an <ul><li><a>Nav Item</a></li></ul> construct.

* Required to have each page built out in HTML+CSS
* Required the PSD or Fireworks PNG

Due date: 3/23/11

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Navigation And Supporting Pages

General purpose: navigation will be used on the website and java code should be easy to integrate and use on the webpage (easy to integrate)
– Navigation1: design should be implemented same way as the top navigation and should have easy color change config
– Navigation2: design should be implemented same way as the left navigation and should have easy color change config
By default, please use neutral colors.

— Functionality

Ability to indicate if category should be displayed or not (top and/or left)

Navigation1: TOP
a. the bar should display letters A through Z and symbol "#"
b. all categories and sub categories which have a NAME or ALIAS of that letter, should be diplayed on the dropdown menu when that letter is pointed out
Example: Category "Processors" should come up when letter "P" in navigation is poited by a mouse coursor. In addition, if category "Processors" has an ALIAS "CPU" then "CPU" category will appear under letter "C" in top navigation. Neverhteless, both will point to the same category.
c. all categories which start from something other than a letter(number or symbol), will be displayed under symbol "#"
d. navigation should not display letters if no categories or aliases exist.
e. categories should not be displayed if no active items exist
f. If category with children is shown, ability to see its tree by pointing to it.

Navigation2: LEFT
a. should display categories based on their display rank
b. subcategories should be displayed in chain
c. categories/subcategories should not be displayed if no active items available in that particular category

Sitemap Page – separated into 3 equal columns. Should have ability to show SHOW categories Alphabetically, or show categories and their sub-categories.

I need the following:
– MySQL Table or tables – you can use attached information in order to start with(I took categories from eBay – for testing purposes), but feel free to perform any modifications to it!
– Java class(s)
– JSP/HTML code and pages
– no bugs/lags
– cross browser compatibility
– Good quality work; I will use your services on occasion

As the final deliverable I need:
index.jsp page that shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: main page
categories.jsp page that shows shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: main page(link) – category1(link) – sub category1(link) – selected category(link)
sitemap.jsp page page that shows top, left navigation and below top navigation current position: site map and list of all categories

Budget- around $30
Time to deliver – 1-2 days

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Iphone App – Streaming Stock Market Prices


We need a pretty simple iphone app with 3 pages / screens. The bottom of the app will have the navigation to get to these 3 different pages:

The first page will have the company logo and some text about the company. There will be 3 navigation buttons on the bottom of this page and all other pages of the app "Spot Prices", "Top 40", and "Information".

Spot Prices – This page will show the current trading prices for metals such as gold, silver, platinum etc… It will also show bid price, ask price and change. There will be a refresh button on the top of the page that will get the current trading prices whenever the user clicks it. The date and time will also be displayed next to the refresh button. This page will also contain the app navigation on the bottom of the screen.

Will show a list of the top 40 coins that are being traded. We have a service that you will need to integrate with. This page will also have a refresh button, date and time and app navigation.

Additional Notes:
We will also provide you with a loading screen graphic. We have a service that you will need to integrate with to get the prices for the metals and coins. This app is going to be very similar to the current app that is on the iphone from Gold Line.

Upon Bid acceptance we will send you over screenshots of exactly what the app will look like. We will provide all graphics for the app. We will also give you more info on the software you will need to integrate with to get the streaming data.

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HTML / CSS Header/Navigation Rewrite

I need the header and navigation from recreated.
* do NOT include the flash
* use only html / css
* do NOT copy their code – rewrite it from scratch.
* use 39- in front of all class names

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Apple Style Navigation Bar.

I need an apple glossy style navigation bar. (

3 files, 1 folder.

#1 Header.php (Html to be placed in this file, this file will be the one placed into the website using the php include function)

#2 Header_Styles.css (The css)

#3 (Header_Script.js (The Javascript / Jquery)

and the folder Header_images (where the images will be placed)

On the roll over will need to use the JQuery functions fadeIn() and fadeOut() to give it a smooth appearance.

Also to use the fadeIn() function on the whole navigation bar, to give a smooth page loading effect.

Lastly a CSS3 drop shadow to be added.

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Private Project For Jimmy Tayag: IPhone App Layout

IOS App icon (various sizes)
Welcome Screen (1 screen)
app UI layout (top navigation bar, tab navigation bar and buttons, some simple backgrounds)
resizing of old project (emoticons) to desire sizes and png. (easy job)
Facebook app icon (14×14)
Facebook welcome screen (1 screen)

Budget: $100

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Magento Custom Top Navigation

I need to edit our top navigation bar.

Currently it just contains HOMEPAGE and CATEGORIES

What I require is for it to contain the following;


Brands (which when hovered over should display a dropdown list of all brands to click) Like at the site

Special Offers (which should go to a new CMS which you will create and list all items which are currently on SALE ie reduced)

Wholesale (just link it to # and I will edit later)

Customer Service (just link to # and I will edit later)

Guides (just link to # and I will edit later)

I assume this will be done by editing TOP.PHTML

I need to have details of all changes which are made. If any changes to the database are required I need to know about them before they are made.

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Project Only For Nebojsa

Install WP on clients web host along with the following plugins and activate the plugins –

* All-in-One SEO Pack
* Easy Contact form
* Featured Content Gallery (home page only, images provided)
* E-commerce plugin

Choose and refine a template to provide a look and feel as the reference websites.

Integrate client logo into the website.

Create global top navigation and left hand shopping cart navigation menus. Style menus to compliment the template look and feel.

Integrate a newsletter signup box in the header that gathers subscribers first name, email address and emails those details to defined inbox.

Install Google Analytics site wide.

Establish checkout integration with PayPal/Google checkout.

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Reduce ColorCombos Menu To 960 Pixels Wide

We recently had our menu bar converted to HTML / CSS.

We need to have it reduced in size to 960 pixels wide.

Starting with the HTML found at and the CSS found at

We need to reduce the top menu section to 960 pixels wide (it is currently 1000)

The following items needs to be changed.

1. The Home button needs to be replaced with a little house ICON that will act as the "Home" navigation tab.
2. The House Icon should have rollover and selected CSS styling.
3. There will be one additional menu tab added titled: Color Library
4. The Navigation Tab backgrounds should be reduced so that the Logo, House Icon and 4 Navigation Tabs fit within 660 pixels so that it lines up with the content below.
5. The Navigation Tabs will include: Combo Tester, Combo Library, Color Blog, Color Library
6. The area that includes the Login and Join links and the Search field need to be reduced to 300 pixels.
7. The Search Image can be reduced in width, but needs to be big enough to show the current text Search for Colors…
8. The HTML should not have to change at all except for adding the new Color Library tab.

If you have any questions or need for clarification, let me know.

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Fix Navigation On NopCommerce Website ASP.NET

I need help of integrating my nopcommerce navigation on top to automatically add categories to the navigation when i add categories in the admin. I installed it in the localhost rather than in the server. I am pretty sure it is only one variable that needs to be changed. I just cant figure it.

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Oracle Apex 4 Development

Initially requirement is for navigation window and 4 forms. Comprises of 10% of final application. So further work in the pipeline subject to satisfactory completion of this work package. Forms required;
1. Navigation menu tree.
Main navigation to application screens. Explode/implode type nodes, hierarchical tree.
2. Users and privileges
Create, update and delete users. Apply screen access rights to application.
3. Configuration.
Three Columns, all records 1:1 screen to table form. Provide add, update and delete record/item functionality.
4. Upload File.
Screen permits uploading of a csv file.
Underlying upload code not required just the control. File browser dialogue required so that path and filename can be located.
5. Object Details
Scrollable Read only screen to display all records 1:1 screen to single table.

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Custom JavaScript Navigation *US Bidders Only*

*US Bidders Only*

Existing Site:

Project: Custom Navigation for dirtbike parts.

Details: Click on the "airbox" section below the seat you will see your courser turn into a hand when you find it. This will direct you to the category associated with airbox.

This link nav will need to be available for 42 categories and 5 different views of the image (left, right, top, rear, front). Each view will have any where from a few links to about 20-30.

Provided: All graphics are provided or can be developed for you we just need the hard code developed.

Reference: this is the type of effect we are going for but it doesnt have to scroll, it only needs the ability to click on a small icon such as the right. Ours will have small icons at the top referencing the view so when clicked the image swaps.

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Exp/collapse Joomla Tree Menu & Syncs With Page Navigation

Require a tree menu for Joomla with the following features:

1. expandable and collapsible folders (via clicking plus and minus signs that appear to the left of the folder)
2. navigating the tree menu via expanding and collapsing folders should not force a page reload – this should occur when a folder or node element of the tree menu is selected.
3. folders click-able and the linked article should be displayed in the main area of the web page
4. the tree menu should be kept in sync with the displayed page when the pages are navigated using joomlas page navigation feature or other page navigation extensions like jnavigation.
5. ideally built by reading a mod_mainmenu instance
6. css styling of the tree menu
7. proper indenting and text wrapping of menu items at nested levels

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Attn Magento Experts – Need Template Created – PSD Ready

I have a Magento store design ready. The design has been approved and finalized. I need someone to slice it up and create a Magento template.

– The template has a vertical navigation. I have already added the vertical navigation mod to the store, so the navigation appears in the left column.
– The rest of the elements are very similar to the default Magento template.
– I need this done by Monday Feb 21 (CST).
– The store is on a Windows box.

Other things to note:

– Complete payment will be in escrow and released upon completion. No upfront payments please.
– Time is of the essence.
– You must have designed/sliced/created at least one Magento template.
– Bidders with less than 5 reviews will not be considered unless they have a very strong Magento portfolio.

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Fancy Navigation Menu

I need same navigation menu exactly similar to the one in

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Carnival TV App

Fairly simple app. The navigation will be 2 levels deep and will be constructed on start up from an xml file that will be downloaded from the web. The first navigation level will list all events in chronological order.

example event listing (in table form):
Trinidad Carnival 2011
Barbados Crop Over 2011
St. Vincent Carnival 2011

When the user taps on an event, the second level navigation will display:
Live Video
More Info

Each on of these will have its own appropriate view:

Live Video – The live video will be a HTTP stream.
Photos – a view to display a list of photos and the option to enlarge.
More Info – simple write up of event details such as time and history of the carnival event
Videos – a view to display a listing of recorded video from the event

All event assets will be hosted online and the location will be defined in the xml file that is downloaded on application opening.

I am open to design tweaks or architecture changes. For this implementation, we can keep it as simple as possible.

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E-commerce With CMS

I need an e-commerce site with admin panel to add or modify content and products. There will be identical English and Traditional Chinese versions on the same domain.

This will be a fairly low cost project, so open source code or template can be used and modified. Before the project is awarded, please give me suggestions on the best open source solution you would use

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New Navigation Bar For My Website

My website is

I need someone who will make us new navigation bar.
Lil better loking and one more "button"-Blog before FAQ and Contact

So it should look like

Home Shop For Beats Samples Blog FAQ Contact

This will take you 10 min of your time so im not planing to give you more than $15-$30

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Sports Navigation Menu

Sports navigation menu

Build a basic Web page divided into a menu section to the left and an odds section in the middle

On start/refresh of page:
* Make a server request to get sportsdata (xml).
* Using this xml to display first level of sportsdata (sports, e.g. Tennis, Soccer, Basketball….)

Local navigation
* User can navigate locally in the menu without any server communication (java?)
* User can expand/collapse different levels of data determined by xml file (e.g. Soccer->League->Match)

Click on match
* When click on a match marked as a match, make a server request for oddsdata (defined in xml)
* Display result (new xml) on screen in mid-section
* Poll server (defined in xml) for updated data every x second and refresh only this part of screen (ajax/soap?)

Coder with experience with sport/betting exchanges will be preferred, so please enter any experience you may have

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Magento Expert Required

We require the services of a magento developer to carry out theme management and content management work on our site, which is ready to go live in a few days. Brief will include the installation and configuration of compatible extensions.
Specific issues include:
Theme is JM Morganite
Rearrangement of login/text/etc which is overlapping on the website
Installation, positioning, and configuration of Fabrice Becks Live Chat
Installation of suitable ACCORDION STYLE vertical category navigation to replace existing very long navigation.
Repositioning of small images and graphics
Rearrangement of Footer
Other minor tweaks.
Only developers with proof of existing work in these areas should bid.

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WordPress Theme Edit

I currently have installed a wordpress theme,

This template currently does not have a top navigation. I need a top navigation added that I can manage through the WP-Admin easily just like any other navigation in wordpress.

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CSS And Joomla Expert

I need a CSS Expert to finish off a few websites styling for me. Here is what I need.

1. A user menu/main Menu styled.
2. I need a category layout styled for a contact section.
3. I need all links to be the same color except the top navigation links, those will remain the same.
4. I need rounded corners on my navigation menu on IE, the menu has no images. It looks good on all browsers except Internet Explorer.

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Simple Book Portal Website.

1. This site will feature an index of books.
2. Each book entry will have an image, title, author, ISBN, subject, age,
and description and a link to buy the book.
3. The site will NOT have a shopping cart; the links will be to other sites
(mostly amazon).

1. It should have kid-friendly colors (pastels). We have a specific design already chosen we will send you, you need only to implement it.
2. It must be mobile-browser friendly.
3. Back-end makes it easy to add new books. (WordPress is fine, or
other platform)
4. Backend is easy to EDIT books also.
5. Backend will include standard button to add product
6. Backend will allow admin to edit all elements of site layout, including titles, buttons, etc.
7. We provide you with initial dataset to build the site. Data is already ready.

1. The home page first has an option to either search or browse by 2
(the search is just a simple search option)
2. Under browse, user chooses to browse all the titles, or browse by age or
3. Under search or browse, user will see a page of thumbnail images, titles
and first few words of description. Thumbnails should be laid out in tile-fashion.
4. When user clicks on a book, a new window opens with the full-size image,
full description, link, etc.
5. There will be an ABOUT page with a user response form.
6. The home page will have at the top bottom links to post this site on users
twitter and facebook pages.

1. You will upload the site. URL has already been purchased.

1. 30% upon completion of theme to our satisfaction
2. 30% upon completion of navigation to our satisfaction
3. 30% upon completion of admin backend to our satisfaction.
4. 10% upon uploading to our server.

If you have done a site like this before, please bid and show us your portfolio.
If you have NOT done a site like this before, please do not bid. We will ignore all bids that do not have at least one similar site in portfolio.

This is a relatively simple site, no shopping cart, just a searchable index. But the look and feel of the site matters to us. For example, the site must be user-friendly for a grandmother who needs big navigation buttons and clear instructions. Therefore, expect to have a lot of back-and-forth with us to get the theme and navigation "just right"
Therefore, you must be available to work and communicate in real-time between 9:00-13:00 New York time. If you will not be available during those hours, do not bid on this project. Good communication is essential to us, we cannot compromise on this, and we will cancel the project if we get a contractor who is unavailable at those times.

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