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Need A Creative Banner For Website

Looking for someone who can create a very nice banner for Online store. The banner will be linked to a video that is already done,

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I Need To Place A Banner On My Website

My website is

The work is very easy. I just need to place a banner but I know nothing about html. So, I need your help.

Im ready to pay $15 for this work.

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Need Someone To Sell My Website

Heres the job: I want you to sell my website. I want it to be sold for around $250 or something similar. The more, the better of course, because you get 30% commission. So the higher you sell the website for, the more commission you get.

Once you find a buyer, send me a message and I will within hours send you a paypal link for the sum requested. Once the purchase takes place, within 7 days (just in case there are disputes about the website) I will transfer 30% of the earnings to you.

When the purchase takes place, I will send the usernames and the login details to the wordpress blog as well as the hosting provider to the seller.

Description of the website

Im selling an acting website which is about acting monologues, advice and tips for new actors. The reason Im selling this website is because I have no time to update it anymore – my main website became very popular and consumes most of my time.

The site has an Alexa rank of #782,30 and a Google pagerank of 1.

The bounce rate is 70.73%. is currently not monetized, but I will be able to give you some information about how you can create passive income streams with it. I have another website which gets over 900 unique visitors a day, and I live from the earnings of it, so I know which monetization strategies work.

The website is 6 months old and it was registered with Bluehost on 14 Dec 2009. The domain name and the hosting will need to be renewed on 14th Dec 2010. The Bluehost hosting cost is $84 a year (with domain included).

The whois privacy is enabled for this website.

Although the site has only 25 posts and I dont even remember the last time I updated it, it gets constant traffic, between 100-200 visitors a day. Click below to view the Analytics screenshot which shows the constant rising of the number of visitors to the site since it was registered.

Main visitors come from the US, followed by Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Although Google Analytics doesnt provide a pie chart for the demographics, here is the link to the screenshot of the Map Overlay of the visitors.

Its really easy to get a unique content for acting monologues. I will tell you how to do that after your order – this is a free way of creating unique content that is indexed by Google. So far all the pages that I created this way were indexed. You can, of course, create content the traditional way.

Revenue Details

Not monetized.

Traffic Details

100-200 unique visitors per day.

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I Need A Banner For A Website

Im looking for someone very experienced and creative to make a banner for my website
must have a portfolio

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Need A Banner For A Website

I need a banner for a website which is for a Mixed Martial Arts website called Elite Arsenal.

There should be a mix of logos within the banner. There should be the following logos blended within the banner:

-Miyama Ryu
-Combat Ju Jutsu
-Self Defense

The banner should be very tough looking with a mix of American and Japanese lettering. Perhaps an MMA fighter and a Judo fighter?

The banner size should be 1006 x 253. I need at least 5 different banners to choose from.

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Banner For My Website

I need banner for my website (sportbetting portal).
Size : 200×200, 250×250

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We Need Flash Animator For Our Website Banner

We need flash animator for our website banner
the flash banner should be based based on these sites:

-we need an animator to create the buildings like zozo banner. You can follow that feeling and follow the structure of Mexico architecture to make them into shops mixed with pic of Shibuya Buildings in japan.

-One click on the building, it will be like wwcity, the shop and the items will come out.

-Animation is people appear walking in the city, shopping base it in jewelry.

-if you can do this, please contact us immediately

*For more details, please contact me in mail: nevaniel(at)
and cc kakoikunai(at)

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