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Web 2.0 Or 3.0 Require , I Need Good Design That Attract

I am looking for developer who can develop websites and I have bulk projects but I want perfect websites or all are related to academic projects so If you can provide attractive websites with unique ideas then do not hesitate to bid

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Google SOE Ranking Australia

An Australian Website needing to rank (on the first page if possible) for a number of key words.
The site is around 6 months old and is ranking first page for some differnet words already.
Site has been optimized for SOE Google – happy to make further changes if you require them.

Site Name:

Already Ranking first page for "botox hobart" & "botox darwin" – 2 Australian Smaller Cities

Project – Need the site to rank much higher for the following key words:
– "Botox"
– "Botox Australia"
– "Botox Injections"
– "Botox Clinics"
– "Botox Cost"
– "Botox Melbourne"
– "Botox Sydney"
– "Botox Brisbane"
– "Botox Perth"
– "Botox Adelaide"

In your bid I need to understand how long it will take, the realistic ranking you believe you can obtain (please be realistic) and the techniques you would use. Like all other people I dont want any techniques used that would be against Google Policy (Black Hat as they say).

Would be good to be supplied with links so I can review them and looking for long lasting links in quality locations.
Not interested in reciprocal links unless the site had very high PR and some relevance to Botox.
Preferably links from Australian Sites but some overseas is ok.
Not looking for link farms, link exchange programs, web rings, paid link sites, banned sites, illegal sites etc etc…

Would also like a weekly report to show the improvements.
An honest good quality best effort is what Im looking for.


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Need Help Ranking For A Few Keywords

I would would like to rank for a few keywords:

how to start a saltwater aquarium
reef tank
salt water fish tanks

and probably more.

I would also like some keyword research done to better rank this site

Currently I have not done any SEO to the site. I need an SEO expert to help me get to the top of Google.

This bid is ONLY to rank in the top 8 spots for all keywords.



Thanks for your help and I look forward to working with you.

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Iproperty Bug Fixes

Hello, we need to fix the advanced search module in IProperty (Joomla 1.5).

Google map dont work.
We have an API key.

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Customer Services – Web Site Graphics

We are developing an extension to our current website – the extension is using Joomla for content management
We need designed the main banners and approximately 5 further images

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Need Visitors From Facebook And Other Social Network

I need more visitors surfing my site from facebook or other social network. I dont care if its a real traffic or fake traffic but it must be reconized by Google Analytic and other analytic software. When I mean visitors, I dont just mean number of hits. I want the visitors surfing my site in some certain amount of time, browsing some certain amount of web page.

Please only bid if you can provide a software or able to send me real traffic.

Budget: $30

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Need 510 Angelina Backlinks


I will provide you with my list of sites (170 forums) to build links on. If you are familiar with Angela/Paul Johnson link building techniques, thats exactly what I am looking for.

I will send you URLs, keywords and a username.

Each profile should contain 3 links with corresponding anchor texts and each URL should be available publicly for search engine spiders to access.

Mandatory Requirements:

1. All the profiles should be publicly viewable (without logging in)
2. You should ping all profiles to top pinging services
3. All the profile sites must be used only once for each site that is linked to.

Important: If a profile does not meet any of the above mentioned criteria, that profile will not count in the total list and will not be paid for.

What you will need to provide:

1. A list of Profile URL with the publicly viewable links that does not require logging in.
2. Login details of each profile.


*You need to have prior experience in this link building technique.
*You need to send me a report after the first 100 profiles to check if everything is going as planned.
*You need to complete this work in 7/10 days.

EASY PROJECT – LOWEST BIDDER WILL BE CHOSEN. Payment will be sent upon verification of project completion.

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Need To Collect 1000 Quotes

I need to collect 1000 short quotes in English for a social networking iPhone app. The qoutes can be either found on the web or composed by a provider. I will review each quote on the quality.

The right candidate should be an English native speaker and should have a good sense of humor.

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Programmer/Developer API

Programmer/Developer API

We are looking for a talented web programmer who has both theoretical knowledge and practical working experience in the following:

WSDL based web services and SOAP based data fetching and parsing and thereafter storing the data on MySQL tables for further processing and viewing.

We represent companies who have web API based data feeds for their products and services and usually XML formatted data are returned. We need to extract those product and service data and store it onto our MySQL database.

CSV formatted data to be imported to MySQL database.

Practical experience in implementing Affiliate service provided client services. Experience working with (PHP 5 / MYSQL

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C# Twitter Bot – Must Use Web NOT Twitter API

I need a twitter bot. Bot would ask for twitter username, password, and tweet text. Bot would then login to twitter and post tweet. Bot must then check to verify that tweet was successfully submitted and is live on

Please read all requirement carefully before bidding:

– Bot MUST be programmed in C# – you will be required to provide all original source code or visual studio project with final product so code can be maintained and updated in future.

– Bot MUST use twitters website NOT their API. Bot should use C# httpwebrequest and httpwebresponse to submit http requests to and process http responses. The goal of this bot is too look exactly like a user whos using their web browser to access twitter. If you create a bot that just uses twitters API your work will be rejected.

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Submit 175 Blog Rss Feeds

Take a look at

We are currently expanding this site to include categories for each NFL Football team, so there will be 32 categories.

Your job is to find and submit 5 blog rss feeds about each NFL Team and then find and submit 10 blogs about NFL football in General.

The finding blogs part is pretty easy because I have some blog directories that you can search through to get all or most of these blogs. If you still need any, you can do a google search for "atlanta falcons blog" to find blogs for the atlanta falcons, or any other team.

You have to look on the blog to see if it has an rss feed, which most do, and then copy the feed url for submission.

The submission is easy, you just put the feed in and click submit.

please ask any questions for more info & thanks for reading

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Google Adwords Back-end (simplified…)

Back-end platform similar to Google Ad words but much simpler.
Can be written in Drupal or alike.

1. Advertiser / Publisher sign-up.
2. Campaign creation
3. Reports

Candidates must have a broad knowledge both with web development technologies and with Google Ad words platform.
Should also have basic design capabilities.
Detailed design will be supplied.

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Need To Build A Production Website

I need to build a production website for tv ads and commercials, tv programs, below are the sites that would further help describe what exactly im looking for.

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Need Interesting Facts About The Internet

Im looking for an experienced Internet researcher for this work.
I need 10 interesting and unquestionable facts to support my messages for a presentation I have to do on the trends of the Internet.
The info need to have a respected source that I will mention in this presentation.
Xxx % of the traffic on the Internet is video
The most successful publications or advertising, feature people on their cover page rather than objects
The users on the web spend xxx seconds in average per page.

I will give you a short list of statements that I need facts for, but I also welcome any interesting facts about the Internet that you may suggest.
Thank you

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Soap Middleware

Here is the block diagram of the project.

Software application—->web services(axis2/c)—>Convert layer in c only—->DLL—->Hardware device

we want a SOAP middle ware that will integrate the software application and the hardware device.

we will provide the Dll and other necessary documents.

The operating system will be Linux .

The developer must have hands on experience in developing a middleware .

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Need Turn-key Operational Web Site

I am looking for 1 completely turn-key operational web site. The site or sites must to be able to generate a minimum of US $30 per day in real revenue.
The revenue could be made through any means as long as it is legal. The language and location is not important as long as the income target is met.


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Need Senior Web Designer

Dear All,

I am in need of senior designer urgently. This position would be for full time basis(40 hours a week.)so bid for a week time.

Persons should have atleast 2-3 years of web designing experience and well versed in div based(table less), W3C validations and design should be compatible in all major browsers IE6/7/8, FF, Google Chrom, Safari etc.

Show me your samples in PM, bid without samples will not be considerd. Start bid with keyword "Design Expert" so that I could come to know you have read the details.

Thank you!

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Anty Boss Key Application


I am looking for C++ or Delphi application with functionality like this: You deliver source codes plus installer.

Please post approximate price/language and time to make something similar.

Dont need to have many functions. Key is to hide web wbrowser windows, applications from task bar and taks list and tray icons.



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Need A List Of About 10k Offline Small Businesses In US

I need someone to generate a list of 10,000 Offline Small Businesses only.
An offline business is a traditional business in which products or services are sold directly in face-to-face contact with customers.
We will verify that the list contains only offline small businesses.
Must have the list in 3 days after awarding project.

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API Programmer needed for

Need an API programmer to program Web services API for social networking site

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Scribd API integration on WordPress site

Need to get the Scribd API working on my WordPress website. The API documentation can be found here:

It needs to be customized so that users cannot embed or e-mail our documents. Also, the option to upload our documents to Scribd must be turned off.

Very simply, all we need is the ability to create a page where our documents load in the Scribd viewer. I will provide you with my Scribd API key and other variables, as well as some PDFs to experiment with.

This can be as simple as having the Scribd viewer fill the browser window using a (blank) page template on my WordPress site. Another option is having the Scribd viewer appear within a blog post. Regardless, it must be easy to reproduce and easy to organize for me going forward.

This should be an easy project to knock out in an hour or two for someone who knows what theyre doing.

I need this project done by Sunday.

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SOAP Web Service

Construct a SOAP call from PHP 5 in the format specified in the attached file querydetails1.txt and receive the raw SOAP response. All that is required is the code to generate and send the soap call.

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Need Google SOAP API Key…

I am looking for a Google SOAP Api Key which Google has stopped giving. I do not mind sharing it with someone. Should give me 2-3 searches in a week. So usage would not be very high.

Do let me know if anyone wishes to share one with me.

Lowest bid would be considered. Please do not go according to budget of project as that was the least option I had.


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find website rank on google

We need an excellent coder who can write a script for us that will get us the actual rank of the website for a list of keywords on google and yahoo.
I want to use it on 100 websites and more than 500 keywords..

so whenever script will run it should give me the rank for all those websites for all those 500 keywords

Most importantly, we should not be banned from google or yahoo for getting this data.

TO select the coder – I need to see a demo and a logical explanation of how will you make sure that it will not get banned.

We tried it at our end but google banned us in 3 days.

I know it could work with Google SOAP Api which they have stopped givng now.

So you have to come up with better solution.

we need to get this done pretty soon..


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Joomla custom contact component

Currently overwhelmed with projects and need help with custom joomla component for current version of joomla… I need this component to be self maintained, meaning it does not tie into joomla core files as I need this component to be compatible with future versions of Joomla… Any custom scripting that has been done to joomla core will be deleted once joomla gets updated and we need to prevent that from happening with a full self contained component. What I need is you to bid on creating this component and utilizing the existing contact database within joomla… I need this component to be able to have custom fields added into contact details along with the ability to add custom fields with category list view… For example when selecting a contact category I need to see a list of contact by name, location, phone, and if the facility is open or closed.

Look at my images that are attach to see a mock up of what I am expecting to see as results.

Please do not bid if this project will take a long time, I am very familiar with programing and need help to meet demands with time line. When communicating with me please understand that I need fast and prompt service.

Thank you so much!


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