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OSC MAX E-Comerce Site Modifications

We are currently using v2.5 and need these modifications below.

Job Details

– Activate OSC MAX mirror site to our current www.hiphopville/testsite1 (offline) for "testing" so when changes are made they are made on test site first before being uploaded to main site.

– Activate our old OS Commerce site on a test site www.hiphopville/testsite2 (offline) so that we can see some of the customizations we did from 1998-2005 and reference them in our next phases of development.

– add language packs USA & UK seperately, they are currently combined for some reason. Also install Italian language package. all must work properly and pass our check out tests to be deemed completed.

– IP Masking for country to currency module. complete back end admin for IF IP is UK, then show GBP prices (forced), example 2 if IP is france , then show EURO prices. we used this in our old site and still have this code on our server so if you need it when can dig it out but in the admin i need a place to monitor which ips are forced to which prices and also add new ips to other prices as they become available. One of our biggest markets is in France which we charge in euro, our site is international so this is a very important part of this job.

– IP banner exchange. just as currency ip masking, we want to be able to uplaod front page banners per country to show in respective IP groups. so italian ip gets italian front page banners. with admin access to change and remove these banners.

– install our old auction blox system from our old os commerce site to be developed into the new one. im sure it will not work straight away, but we want to start to lay the foundation of the development which we will continue on a per hour basis after this project is finished.

– check affiliate module and fix banner photos, currently they are not showing after we upload them, you go to the generate code page but cant see the banner just a box with an X.

– MUST SPEAK ENGLISH and be able to communicate via skype, phone COMMUNICATION IS KEY.
– MUST be online working your hours or this project while I am online so that we can help you through each project.

– check our SSL with godaddy and make sure its installed correctly

Experience required:

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— Need Joomla Expert For Ongoing Operations (ASAP) —

Heres the situation:

We have a website that is active with a growing and consistent customer-base. The previous programmer & company who wokred on our site did a good job overall. The problem is they seem to have forgotten to have their programmer do a site-wide assessment of our site before turning it over to us. As a result we have had a multitude of different bugs appear up. Some bugs were not priority-sensitive, and it was OK for them to take their time resolving them. The issue among us now is we have some bugs that are priority-sensitive and the Company seem to be taking their sweet time resolving these issues.

We need a expert Joomla programmer to assist us in our needs. We need the entire site thouroughly checked over for bugs. This includes every popular browser (ie, firefox, chrome, opera, safari). We will also need these bugs corrected when found. Any suggestions from the programmer is also warranted.

The immediate problem is this:

Some customers complain that they cannot click on the add to cart button sometimes. We need this issue to be recreated and resolved. We also need it tested in all of the popular browsers.

In every browser but Chrome customers get a network error when trying to access a custom script that is on the site. We need to learn what casues this, and we need it resolved browser-wide. This may also appear up in Chrome sometimes, depending on the customer.

Again we need an expert Joomla programmer for ongoing needs. We need someone professional with great communication skills who can be ready to assist us when needed. We often have new ideas that we need added to the site. We just need a great person to call "Our Programmer" to make this happen when the need arises. If this can be completed we have other projects we need assistance with directly following this project.

Thank you

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Cloud SIte – Joomla – HwdVideoShare – CB Community


I nee help with my site. Its been up for years, messy code, slow.

Site is running on Cloud Sites.

Joomla CMS with a Video sharing (hwdVideoShare) Community Builder Community.

I need somone to help me.

1. Backup the site
2. Re-install components and current subscribers.

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Need A Duplicate Of The Website

Need duplicate of website. Also I need Joomla Admin panel where I can modify this website on the click. More information will be given to the winner.

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Joomla Small Project

Need some assistance on a revamp of my site

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Need SEO Service For New Joomla Site

I want to optimize my joomla for job search keyword.
Also, want to change my final link to be more seo friendly (my mean not any component category again) on my link.
You can check on my website first
This step so important.
Please optimize for search engine mainly for google, for USA and Canada visitors
I need you to write exact plan and time to finished.
Please serious bidders only.
I have enough money I think
Please give me your bid.

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Need To Install Rokbox

I need to have install Rokbox for a joomla site.
I need to have the videos grouped into categories.

Other details will be provided in the pmb

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Modifications To Existing Illustration

I have an illustration of the "Ghosts of the founding fathers with children" and I need to make some modifications to that illustration.

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Need To Fix Permission Issues In A Joomla Site

We have a problem with regards to permission issues in our session folder.
When one tries to log in joomla admin and phpmyadmin, the site just resets itself.

Our coder said that this has something to do with our server settings.
Our host has already did the following:
changed these:
php_flag register_globals off
php_value session.save_path /tmp #
php_value open_basedir

however, the same issue persists.

This is a similar issue to what we are experiencing

I need someone to look into this and fix it.

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Data Entry Project – For Herod

Need to insert links on 15 WordPress blogs, 10-12 links on each homepage + 3 links on inner pages (up to 10 inner pages on each blog). All 15 blogs should be linked to 60 target sites, and used as a support for those sites.
To start working you would get the following Excell spreadsheets:
1. A list of target 60 sites with anchors, each site has from 1 to 4 different anchors that need to be used when inserting them on blogs
2. A list of blogs with links that should be placed on each.

– All links MUST be inside content, that means that link insertion would require some text modifications.
– 3 blogs are in German, French and Italian, need in-content links there too.(Could use Google translate)

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Need New Payment Processing Into Website

I need someone who is good at implementing a payment processing system into a website I currently have. Currently, I am utilizing PayPal, but am unable to because of a large dispute I have with them. So I need to implement a new one. I really dont care what it is as long as its easy to use.

The site is written in Joomla and uses VirtueMart.

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Virtuemart changes

I have an existing joomla site using virtuemart.
I need a solution for adding virtuemart products into multiple categories without having copied content.
The products should remain within their respective categories when selected.
The URLs need to remain SEO friendly.
These changes should not harm and of the existing site functions.
Also i need a way to create better SEO page titles. Right now the page titles are only the product item name. I would like a setting to add the category and product name as the page title. I don

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Joomla 1.0 to 1.5 upgrade

I need to upgrade a Website from Joomla 1.0 to 1.5. The site is using ecommerce plus with as the gateway.

The winning bidder needs to backup the site, copy it on another server and test it successfully before upgrading the live site.

I am willing to consider alternate methods of getting the site to Joomla 1.5 that will offer the least downtime possible.

NOTE: Only bids that include references of at least 2 Joomla upgrades from 1.0 to 1.5 will be responded to or considered. Thank you for paying attention to this important detail.

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Joomla Websites

I will need two joomla sites built. Thank you for bids.

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Apply new Joomla template to existing Joomla site with content

We need to apply this template to our existing site

The template has already been purchased but we need the project done by Wednesday. Any questions or other details let me know asap so we can get the ball rolling. It needs to be done with as little down time possible.

For clarification purposes: I need the new template applied to my existing content.

I had this project open before and the service provider couldnt handle the job, so please only bid if your able to complete the job. So please review the template demo site and the existing site before bidding as well.

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Joomla 1.5 Search Needs Improvements

I need a Joomla 1.5 developer to quote for delivering the tasks outlined below.

To be completed in the next 4 weeks for a personal website.

The work will include three deliverables:

1. Increase the size of the current search box in the header of each page. This will mean creation of a more simpler homepage template than what is currently being used. May also require slight changes to the internal template. (this should take no more than 1 hour of work)so my Joomla site has the following search:

2. Implement a great search function which is similar to, so that only the dictionary entries and related entries are displayed on the page. I have c-panel, myphp and mysql access. I require a certain category for the results first and then articles. The look and feel of the search will need to be in line with the website.

3. Back end – ensure that dictionary entries can be added to the search and not a site search functionality. Therefore, all entries under a certain category will display in the search results, so other articles on the site will not mess with the results. Currently my searches show articles as well as dictionary definitions.

Please provide a breakdown of cost and time required to deliver the project, including your experience and how the dictionary functionality will work. I can provide a fuller brief.

Thanks very much for reading and I will get back to everyone with feedback.

I add in the dictionary entries myself via the articles, so every dictionary entry will have its own page – I would like the first 56 words displayed and then a "Read more" button so that the user can Most important thing is for you to quote on the most cost effective and easier option. Thanks for reading.

If you have any questions or need more info just let me know. Thanks.

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Need a fantastic website for Flash in Joomla site (Chuch site)

Hi, I need a simple magazine flash church website, the site will have incoparation of media upload, with CMS, will be a very straightforward informatic site, and fantastic design. Will have a flash intro plan, with nice christian song.

Please email me some of your most recent project.

Good luck bidding.


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Joomla Site needed

I need a website for promoting a medical service, it should have the option to allow people subscription by emial and generics information very graphical

a sample site should be something smilar to this is needed

budget is US$300

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easy joomla adsmanager and jevents

i need to fix 2 thingS on my joomla site… the adsmanager and jevents modules … first one i need to upload bigger images with adsmanager … and i need to redesign the css calendar to addapt to the site, mainly colours and some dimensions…

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fix joomla adsmanager and jevents

i need to fix 2 thingS on my joomla site… the adsmanager and jevents modules … first one i need to upload bigger images with adsmanager … and i need to redesign the css calendar to addapt to the site, mainly colours and some dimensions…

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hi… i did the frontpage myself but i need to fix 2 thingS on my joomla site… the adsmanager and jevents modules … first one i need to upload bigger images, i cant with adsmanager … and i need to redesign the css calendar to addapt to the site, mainly colours and some dimensions…

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inventory – nkakwani

I have a joomla site already need an extension to list inventory. Front-end needs to list all inventory in categories, include price, just like shopping cart with out the buy part. Back-end needs to be easy. Virtuemart is a great example.

05/01/2009 at 1:51 EDT:

actually there is an error in virtuemart that i am having problems creating a listing.

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Inventory System – Joomla

I have a joomla site already need an extension to list inventory. Front-end needs to list all inventory in categories, include price, just like shopping cart with out the buy part. Back-end needs to be easy. Virtuemart is a great example.

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2 JOOMLA sites need easy modifications TODAY!

I have three sites that need some easy modifications made to them…

easy pay to complete all three within 24 hours

-if you are proficient in joomla – PM for more details

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