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Make $20 Need Payoneer MasterCard With Funds.

PM me for details.

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Need Fb Accout With Australian Friends

As duscussed

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Need To Customize Opencart Script

I am using opencart for my online shop and need to customize it.
I provide VPN account and this is for a downloadable digital product .But it is not as a mp3 file or PDF ebooks that every customer download it.
I mean each customer must receive unique username and password for one month, 2 months, 3 months and more…
and other customer not able to download it (Sold accounts) again !
I need each customer has discount if order more than one month.
And need to customize this section of open cart.
In fact one of my friends has this module and it is good, but it is out of my budget.
Every body can sell this module to me ? I did contact with opencart and they told me this module is available in next version, but I need it soon.
Please note I need it for about 4 websites .
Please send your offer – $ 100 for 4 websites

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Need Website Building ASAP


i need a website building very similar to the following websites:

The webiste has to be professional looking user friendly for an end user, and very easy for an administrator with no web building skills to add new content and pages.

There is a lot of spamming on here so interested parties please start private messages with the following phrase in speech marks : "bidder".

Any questions please ask

Thanks in advance

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Hi there 🙂

I want someone skilled to REPLICATE me this website

My maximum budget is $200 ….

previously my budget was $250 andi got scammed and i lost $ now my budget is $200

PERIOD: 7 days

all u have to do is make me an exact C0PY of this website including the funcitonality 🙂

conact me if u think u can do it 🙂 MSG ME UR SKYPE OR MSN OR GTALK id and we can talk about it 🙂

thanks !!!

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Hi there 🙂

I want someone skilled to CL0NE me this website

My maximum budget is $200 ….

previously my budget was $250 but i got scammed and lost $100 here…

Period: within 7 days

all u have to do is make me an exact C0PY of this website including the funcitonality 🙂

conact me if u think u can do it 🙂

thanks !!!

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Need An Adsense Website $2+/day And A Long Term Partner

I am looking for someone who can build 2 Adsense websites which are constantly earning $2+ a day each. I have the following requirements:

– Must be 100% within the Google TOS
– Must be Adsense Optimized
– Traffic driven must be 100% white hat real people no bots
– Should earn consistant money for at least 12 months
– All Content MUST be original and SEO
– All Copyrights Belong to Me

I have registered domains below and need someone to build me 2 websites that will ear $2+/day You can choose any of the domains below to play with. I only want adsense to begin with and later you can add clickbank products if you wish to. I will pay for hosting and your design work once I see a steady income of $2 a day/ per website for 15 days. Not only that but Im looking for a partner to work with me and Im willing to give you 50% commission on all my profits. If I see that these 2 websites are going well I will give you a lot more work.
Due to past experiences I prefer to work with people from India mainly. I have about 48 projects in mind for next 6 months so consider the design of these 2 websites as an interview.

I would expect 2 weeks at the most for these 2 websites to be done. (already made website needs just seo)

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Need Referer Collection Or Some Promote Traffic Source

Need date or some promote traffic source.(only need collection or http request refferer form affiliate link)

1: email marketing
2: google adwords (keyword bid)
3: google adwords (content network)
4: social marketing: facebook
5: social marketing: Hi5
6: social marketing: POF
7: social marketing: MySpace

If you are doing any or list promoting , collect the refferer list , will pay for it.

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FB Friends

Hello freelancers

Need ids with FB US Friends

tell me
1) rate
2) exact date of delivery


I need email and password where u make email and fb email and password



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Need 10 Articles Of 300 Words Each-$1 Per Article-18 Hours!!

Hi There
Need 300 words articles to be done on various topics. The deadline is strictly 18 hours. Also, no escrow, and payment on successful, on time completion of project. Payment through GAF. Will send the work to be done through PMB so that you can start right away. Recently I faced a lot of problem due to various writers, so I will select bid after I see your work. If its good, it will be paid for.
10 articles in 20 hours. More if you can manage.
Maira Sarfraz

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Redesigner 2 Webpages All Logos

Redesigner 2 webpages all logos i need do fast. thanks

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1 Footer Redesign

I need one redesign footer fast.

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Need 3 Facebook Profiles

I need 3 facebook user accounts, each should have about 100 friends and not look spammy.

If you have what we are looking for please send me profiles to view.

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10k USA Fans Required

Hey Guyz,

Hope all are doing well..We have a lot of projects to be done…

1st project:

Need 10k USA fans only to a particular fan page…We will count only the USA Fans added…Your work will be checked by a third-party.Low bids will be considered…..The work must be fast…

2nd projects and other projects are also 10k..We will offer it to a provider who is interested…Surely more than 2 providers will be selected for this project and the best one in these will be given lots of new projects..



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Again Need Lot’s Of Writers For Big Project Starts From Mon.

Hello Guys..

I need again lots of writers..

From my last project i got around 5-6 good writers but those are not enough..

I need good writers..From Monday a huge project will start and for that i need writers..

No Limit of work..take as your capacity..though its regular work..need around 20,000 words rate is fix $1 per 500 words..payment daily..on the spot of submitting the work,

Payment only after CS pass,,so bid only those who want to really work.the most important thing is time must have to submit in time..Indians first preference because our time will be match.others also most welcome..

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Need Article Writer/Rewriter From The Philippines.1$ For 300


I need a new an Article Writer/Rewriter from the Philippines.

I will pay 1$ for 300word articles, and 1,50$ for 500word articles.

Your English must be good.
The articles should pass copyscape.
You must be able to write on any topic.

Please bid for 30 300word articles(30$). If I like your work, I will most likely be able to give you A LOT more.

Note! When I use the term rewriter above, its because you are free to base your article on another article with the same topic. However this will not be given to you, and you will need to find articles to rewrite yourself.

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Need A Writer From The US

Looking for some steady work? Well, I have work available everyday.

I am looking for a dependable writer that can write original articles and also do re-writes of articles. I need someone that has the time to produce a minimum of 6 articles a day, whether they are originals, re-writes or a combination of both. When articles are assigned I need them to be completed that day.

Projects may vary day to day. Articles are normally 400-600 words on a wide range of topics. I will pay a min. of 1.20 per article. I will pay you 0.30 per 100 words written with a min. of 1.20 per article. The pay will go up if it is longer. The pay is as follows:

400 word article= $1.20
500 word article= $1.50
600 word article= $1.80
700 word article= $2.10
800 word article= $2.40

I am looking for someone long term. I pay every Monday evening for the previous weeks work (Mon-Sun) through GAF or paypal for the articles that are completed with good grammar, punctuation, spelling and that pass copyscape premium. I do not do milestone payments. I can pay you weekly through GAF or paypal on Monday evenings.

I need someone that does check their email regularly and can communicate regularly. I need someone to have a gmail acct. If you are not serious and cannot supply a minimum of 6 per day please, do not bid. You will need to be available Mon-Sat.

I need someone that can start today.

You must be a native English Speaker, or have excellent knowledge of the language. I do prefer someone from the States just because I get a lot of articles that make no sense with terrible punctuation and spelling.

Articles will need to be written with good grammar, punctuation and spelling. You do need to proofread them before turning them in. These articles need to be unique and 100% copyscape Free and will be checked for plagiarism or you may not be eligible for payment. ***All articles have to pass copyscape premium to be paid.****


********When you write or re-write and article for me I receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, re-write or give away or use these articles in anyway.

When bidding, bid on 25 articles. Only bids of $30 will be considered. And please state what country you are from so I know you have read this.

If you are not chosen reapply, I always need more writers.

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{{{{{{LOOKING TO SPEND ONLY 50-80 dollars no MORE!!}}}}}}}

Terms and Conditions:
NEED 5000+ fans.,friends
1) Fans, must be real. Under NO circumstances do I want fake Facebook accounts following my service.

2) Fans must be local!! Fans must be from Canada

3) ***All members must have 20+ friends and photos Facebook.**********

4) All members must have status updates that go back 30 days

5) ****No spam and no unethical means of advertising. The groups (accounts) must NOT be banned for you actions.

6) The fans need to join over a period of 31 days. I do NOT want all the fans to come on one day.

7) We will pay half of the money after 15 days if at least 1500 Facebook, have joined the pages.

8) Final payment will be delivered 14 days after the deadline in order for us to investigate whether subscribers, fans and followers are real. Any persons (accounts) that are suspended after this period must be replaced.

9) I need to see a detailed plan about how you are going to achieve the target numbers.

10) You need to demonstrate that you have done this kind of work before.

If terms and conditions are not met, I have reserve the right to withhold any, all, or some of the payment.

YOU WILL NOT BE PAID IF THE ACCOUNT IS DELETED: You must not add fans in a way that will get the page banned or suspended – there will be no payment if the page is suspended within 30 days of delivery.

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Chromakey Expert Needed

I need a chromakey expert to key some footage.

First one is 7 secs long- if that is really good then there will be many more.

Footage was not shot against a proper greenscreen so, there is a lot of spill.

Fast turnaround needed!

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Need Sing-up For My Website

I need lot of sign-up for my website.
Expert Providers most well come.

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Myspace Accouns Need 500-1000

I need large quantities of myspace accounts. from 500-1000.

My Conditions:

1. All accounts are alive and have not been used before.
2. All accounts will be verified by me by hand.
3. Payment will be sent after the accounts have been verified.
4. I will need accounts regularly.
5. Accounts should have American names.
6. Accounts should have corresponding email access (the ones you used to verify).
7. My price is maximum of $100/1000 accounts with email.
8. Ill Give you maximum 24 hrs to create them. you must have team for accounts creation.
9. Replacement accounts will be needed if any accounts get deleted within 24-72hrs.

Please bid only if you have done this before and are sure the accounts will not get EVER deleted. Thanks.

These are my conditions and if you do not agree with any of them please dont bid. I already posted my price so please no more questions on how much. If you are interested please PM me.

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Writing Subjects

We need lots of good subjects written for our ads.

English must be your primary language. If it is not then please do not bid.

This is the web site for one of our products. tila6. com

This is the web site for another of our products. no-debt7. com

Please read about these 2 products that we offer and generate 3 subjects for each of these 2 products for us to review. Please do not bid if you do not submit the 6 examples of what you would write for us. If you do not submit these examples you will not be considered.

Please bid how much you would charge for 300 new subjects.

This will be an ongoing job.

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Subjects writing

We need lots of good subjects written for our ads.

English must be your primary language.

This is the web site for one of our products. tila6. com

This is the web site for another of our products. no-debt7. com

Please read about these 2 products that we offer and generate 3 subjects for each of these 2 products for us to review.

Please bid how much you would charge for 300 new subjects.

This will be an ongoing job.

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