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Need Great Coder For Good PTC Project

Hello everyone

We are looking for Person which have great knowledge in PTC (pay to click) with Gen4 script which can do modifications

Also if you have knowledge in Desing is better for us

The most importat , what we need to work long time with us becouse PTC work need permanently person with this knowledge for any bugs ,new modifications ect …

IMPORTANT NOTES – we need people with good review

During work need to be online allways on YM,GTALK, MSN, SKYPE

Happy biding


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Need To Collect 1000 Quotes

I need to collect 1000 short quotes in English for a social networking iPhone app. The qoutes can be either found on the web or composed by a provider. I will review each quote on the quality.

The right candidate should be an English native speaker and should have a good sense of humor.

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Need Interesting Facts About The Internet

Im looking for an experienced Internet researcher for this work.
I need 10 interesting and unquestionable facts to support my messages for a presentation I have to do on the trends of the Internet.
The info need to have a respected source that I will mention in this presentation.
Xxx % of the traffic on the Internet is video
The most successful publications or advertising, feature people on their cover page rather than objects
The users on the web spend xxx seconds in average per page.

I will give you a short list of statements that I need facts for, but I also welcome any interesting facts about the Internet that you may suggest.
Thank you

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Anty Boss Key Application


I am looking for C++ or Delphi application with functionality like this: You deliver source codes plus installer.

Please post approximate price/language and time to make something similar.

Dont need to have many functions. Key is to hide web wbrowser windows, applications from task bar and taks list and tray icons.



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