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We Need A Webdesigner

We need a webdesigner to redesign(remake) our existing website!

The bidder that will win our project, will get a zipped folder with more information.

In the folder " Image for background" you will find our background pictures that you need to use it in your new job.
For heading ,or for on the right site of each page as kind of background, you can use a picture from a part of a brewhouse.
You will find also in the zipped file, the pages of our current site.

Please send your CV with the websites that you have done in the past.

Best Regards,
Carmen Sava

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Ecommerce Expert

Need a affiliate manager to take over and run three affiliate programs, generous ongoing payments available for the right candidate, first affiliate program will be the tester for two massive affiliate programs which should with the right candidate have the potential to generate massive ongoing revenue.

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Need 100 Twitter Accounts With Or Without Follwers

Hello I need about 100 twitter accounts with or without followers and these accounts can have a mix of U.S and U.K will also accept some ( no more than 25)from India and other locations. PLEASE accounts must be valid and have emails attached to them (of course) they should be spam free as any accounts that are invalid will need to be replaced by the sellers cost/time. I need these asap, let me know what you can do, thank you.

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VBulletin Image Upload to External Site Plugin


I need somebody that can code me a VBulletin plugin which makes users able to upload a picture to an Image Hosting website. The Image Hosting website is

The Plugin I need is the same like this plugin:
The only improvements to this scripts functionality is that the plugin needs the following things:
#1 I need to be able to select which USERGROUPS are able to see+use this plugin
#2 There should be a + button so users can upload up to 5 pictures at once instead one after another

Just try out the plugin from to see what it should be like.

You also need to tell me then what kinda PHP file I have to code and place on, so the forum-plugins request to a upload a picture will work.

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.htaccess php special charset modrewrite

I need some fix to display special charset in my friendly urls.
My .htaccess and some php files are limiting my friendly urls

so it does not display charecters like ÉÁÜŐ in the link and also does not let users register with those names.

Only bids 30 or under would be considered.

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Required Indian article writers


I need Indian Content writers (2-3).

The pay will be Rs 30/article. Article length: 300 words.

The number of articles I need is endless but I need copyscape and error free samples. Payment will be bi-weekly.

Bids without samples will be ignored!

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Linux Training /Administration

I need a Linux administrator to logon to my Xen Linux and Openfiler Linux (openfiler is rpath) that are apliances and help me install some sort of file manager like midnight comander and maybe gnome or an X application so I can manage it a bit better.

I would like about an hour linux support so I can laarn a bit on Linux.

Please be ready to to the job stright away by some teamviewer and skype.


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Good Full Time Python Programmer with knowledge of QT

Hey as usual I require full time guys, This time I need a good Python programmer that knows QT ( The job is creating a file management tool with a GUI. It will be done with Python scripting.

More details about the way we work and the company:
I work for a company that provides remote staffing. To find the right staff we usually work with offshore companies in more affordable destinations such as India, Pakistan, Philippines and Eastern Europe and Latin America. The company will need to have proper infrastructure in term of broadband internet and generator to make sure we provide a professional working environment.
For this specific project we require a qualified online a good C++ programmer
although this contract is only for a month, our target is to keep you on a permanent basis.
Our process usually consists of interviewing the staff before supplying him to the client under our Brand. We actually going to do most of the management so there won

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Flash forms to php submission needed

I have a FLash game, all completed, and I have 2 php forms that are completed and work when a HTML form is used

I need the Flash movie to be able to submit these forms. I have the forms made in Flash, just need to get them submitting to the php files. I cant see to get it working

URGENT JOB, need to be able to start immediately and do the job quickly

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as3 to as2

i need these files writen in cs4/as2…..not as3.

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