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Need 1000 Paul And Angela Back Links Pr5 Asap

I need 1000 Angela and Paul style profile links. All links should be PR4+, dofollow and permanent.

Lowest bid wins. Looking for a guy with long term trust relation for ongoing projects.

pls send me sample or your work

Happy bidding!
cheers 🙂

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Need A Specialist SEO, Which Will Provide Increased Sales

Seeking SEO expert who will provide regular sales for my online store [Removed by Admin]
The store will sell mens and womens clothing and shoes. Amount of goods will first be 5-10 thousand
Prices of goods will be 10-50 dollars, not including shipping is $ 16.
My requirements are:
First of all, I need to sell every day from 10 units sold.
Once you reach the result of sales from 10 units a day and it will be a regular for more than 20 days, Ill pay you for your work.
If necessary, you can change the design of the site.

Please describe in the first message:
plan to achieve that result;
time it takes for the implementation of Projects;
how much will need to invest money;

I think that I put to you the actual requirements so as 5-10 thousand is a good choice and as you saw on the website the prices are low.

I am interested in a specialist for ongoing collaboration. Sale of 10 units per day is my minimum.
After successfully achieving the result, I will invite you to continued cooperation.

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Need CL Poster

I need an expert CL poster, to post my ads there.
3-4 posts a day that stick. If your ad got flagged or removed, I wont pay for it.
Single ad should stay alive for 2-3 hours.

Ones you add new post on CL you may send me a link on my e-mail. Ill check it in 2 hours if its still there youll got your money.
If you see that ad got deleted, you need to post new one and make sure that it stays alive for couple of hours.

As Im in US you need to post these ads from 10am-4 pm EST.

So 3 good ads per day for 5 days = 15 alive ads. Ill pay $30 for it.

If you are good, you will get $30 for each 5 days.

So please, put $30 for your bid and 5 days for time to complete 🙂

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Need Freelancers To Bid On Projects For Me


I am in need of freelancers who can bid on projects for me and do whatever is necessary to win the project. Each project that is won, once the project has been completed by my team, I will give you 5% of the cut. If our relationship is going well then within a few months itll go up to 10% and possibly higher depending how good you are. I will have a seperate account created just for you to bid with. I will give you all the necessary qualifications and project types I want once the winner is selected.

This is basically free money for people putting in very little time. You need to be able to give a good sales pitch to win the bid. In your PM please give me information how you feel you will be able to provide that for me.

Its a win win situation for both of us! Good luck!

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Need A Boost For My SERPS!

My SERPS for my main keywords are in very good position. Actually Google
first page. But I still want to boost it a little bit more to get to
position 1 and win my competitors. So, basically your job will be to
research where are my competitors linked to and try to create backlinks
from those sites. Also, look for relative sites with high PR and create
some backlinks too. The projects target is to have my 4 main Keywords
in position 1 at the end of 30 days.

Only whitehat ethical and clean SEO techniques MUST be used.
and full report of work, links and submission must be delivered
before escrow is released. Your payment will be put in escrow and
released after you finish the job and deliver your report.

It is IMPERATIVE that you keep me updated at least once a week until
the 30 days are completed or until the objective is achieved (Google 1st place).

Again; Your job will be raising 4 keywords already at Googles first page to
the same first page but to top position (first place). It is really a boost
job that can be made with no extraordinary work or effort. If you have a good
plan and link to the right sites it can be done. My site have already dominated
and got to the first place before and I have done it by my self with the help
of a partner. But right now we are involved in other projects and dont have the
time to concentrate on this.

Let me know what will be your work plan, what methods would you use and how
many links do you project to complete in a 30 days time frame.

As this is a boosting job my budget will be under $100. So, the best bid and
work plan proposal will get job. But if you pass this test bigger jobs with much
better budgets may be in your way.

*Please try to create only new PERMANENT backlinks. DO NOT repeat links from sites
and/or pages the site is already liked to.

The quality, responsibility and performance may make this a long term work!

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50 Sales For

I sell love spells, money spells, health, luck, wish, and protection spells.
I sell at 25.00 plus 3.00 shipping, I need 50 sells, for 100.00

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