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Jor Drop Entertainment

Heres what I want…

I am starting a small beat making website.. for buying beats etc.. basically I want it to be from this template design but I want everything thats above HOT BEATS FOR SALE removed and replaced with a big banner that takes up about the same space. Will need the photo changed, the about me changed, the links changed & the forms updated so the direct to my email.. This is basic, and you already have the template so this is really just updating a template & making a new banner.

This is a very small budget project..

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Dedicated Server Need

Hi. We need a Dedicated Server for few days..

IF any of you having a active Dedicated Server Please Bid here..

We want to Use ur server for Few Days.. and we will pay you…

plz bid here for more details..

Repeat. ***we need a Dedicated Server**

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Mail Server Need

Hello freelancers!

I am seeking freelancer who are skilled, honest and truthful. I am seeking simple smtp server with static IPs.

smtp: smtp. good. com
user: test
password:only 2 inbox

I will use this server with mail client software.

I will only pay monthly 50USD per month. Of course, important feature is can deliver to Inbox and send more than 30000 emails per day.

If you are skilled and experienced, please bid.

Thank you for carefully reading.


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Need A New Website

Hello Im in need a website i need this website pretty fast the price is open so name the price we will work somthing out here is what the main part needs. We need a TOS where you can not enter the website AT ALL without accepting the tos. Like u cant type /home.html and go to the home page it will take you to main page first to accept the TOS. It needs the following pages
Index Page For The TOS(WEBPAGE)
Home Page for The Game info.(WEBPAGE)
Needs a Server status box on the left.
Chatbox page we have a chatbox to put in there.(WEBPAGE)
Download Page.(WEBPAGE)
Donation page(WEBPAGE)
File your donation page(LINK)
And Another Link To a voting site(LINK)

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Need A Coder For Working With GWO On OScommerce

Need a coder who is skilled in google website optimizer and can easily help split test DYNAMIC pages eg product pages that is using OScommerce as a shopping cart.

Must be able to set up GWO with it and run smoothly, must be able to set up tests for shopping cart placements on DYNAMIC PAGES (cannot stress this enough).


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List Manipulator

Simple program to take a list, search another list, and gather data from the list.

list 1 is a text file with millions of emails
list 2 is a text file with thousands of emails

program will make list 3 by taking first email of list 2, searching list 1 and then gathering the email and the next X amount of emails after it. It will do this until list 2 is empty.

will need to run on windows server 2003

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Ecommerce Expert

Need a affiliate manager to take over and run three affiliate programs, generous ongoing payments available for the right candidate, first affiliate program will be the tester for two massive affiliate programs which should with the right candidate have the potential to generate massive ongoing revenue.

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Need A Simple Google Trends BOT

I need a bot developed in .net . What it should do:
1. accept a list of private proxies with username and password. (should be able to accept 100s of proxies) .
2. accept a list of keywords . ( thousands of keywords).
3. should check each keyword of file in google trends if keyword is gaining popularity ( graph will be rising) or loosing popularity in last 30 days.
4. If keyword is rising then save it in another text file and if loosing popularity then skip to next keyword and check whole list of keywords this way.
5. should have delay of 10 seconds to 15 seconds between two queries against google trends.should be able to run without proxies too.

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Fix Website Forms

Have website that was created with Frontpage 2003 3 to 5 years ago. Nothing has really been done since.
We are trying to modify and repair pages i.e. forms that are not working on net and sending correct info to database and email once form has been filled out. Need somebody to fix forms and make sure they are posting correctly to net and database. Site is

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Website – Need Coder

Hello all,

I have finished design for a website and now need coder to finalize it for me. Looking for longer term relationship with the right person.

On this project you would be required to do following:

1) I will send you all pages in PSD format, as well as XML driven photo gallery. Your job is to slice it and implement it as html / CSS website.

2) You will receive domain name and hosting; you need to place page under construction (you will receive template) and place actual page in beta folder so client can review it.

3) Complete integration, testing and quality control, comprehensive testing (of forms, Java scripts, links, etc)

4) Once client approves it place website live.

This should all be done within next 48 hours and I need top notch communication from you. This project is a carry on from a freelancer who did not follow line of communication and therefore lost a project.

I am willing to pay up to $50.00 USD per job.

If you are a web designer / coder that can deliver then I would like to hear from you!

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AspDotNetStoreFront – Prepare Product Upload Spreadsheets

Need a freelancer who has experience creating product upload spreadsheets for AspDotNetStoreFront. My drop ship vendors have sent me their products in an excel file but i need them to be formatted into an excel file for upload.

Ideal candidate will….
– have experience creating and running ecommerce websites
– have experience with drop shippers
– be proficient with Excel
– be very familiar with AspDotNetStoreFront

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Hello I need joomla 1.5 installed on to my server to two website.

Hello I need joomla 1.5 installed on to my server to two website.

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Facebook campaign

Need to run a Facebook campaign to promote a soccer website

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Captcha needed on two forms

We have had captchas installed before and spam bots are still getting through, this is unacceptable. If you have a captcha that prevents anything other than human entries getting through, youve got the job!

We will not pay until we are convinced that the Captcha is bullet proof, so please do not waste your time if you are not sure about the Captcha you plan to install!

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Paid Sign Up Need (Weekly Payment)

This is Offer To All Qualified Freelancer. Newer Also Welcome.

We run a website to provide money making idea with e books, Scripts, Supports, Softwares etc…

Our One year charges are 19.9 USD $.
We need paid sign up for this website.
We are not intrested in bulk traffic.
We are need real piad sign ups with CC or Paypal.
No Spam mail. Or any black hat methods.

We pay 10 $ per Sign Up. You can track real time your stat about how many sign us made through you and how many cancel through you.
You get website like
We paid weekly.

Kinldy PMB For your promotional methods.

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captcha workerssl project

i need people for workerssl captcha project. i have some idle id need to run quick. here i attached all details about project. thanks

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iPhone App Needed For Multiple Sources Of Content

I would like a iPhone app that bundles many different forms of content of my webshow. This includes our blog, youtube, twitter, request form, website etc. I would also like something similar to twitter, but have it only assessable to the people who have downloaded the iPhone app.

I have already set up a developer account with Apple.

Payment will be made in full, once i see the application running free of bugs.

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We run a website . We also own which is a direct divert to We are looking to initially build a relationship with someone who can do some seo for us by getting into google number 2 spot directly behind our .com ( where it used to be ) once you can prove you can do this we would like to have you also work further to inprove seo on various projects related to poker.

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