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We are done with our design part and now need someone to slice it to HTML. You must be smart enough to slice zen-cart store PSD as boxes with products remain dynamic. There are currently 2 PSDs.. one is of home page and other is of product description page.

You must be zen-cart exp designer otherwise we wont consider your bid.

IMPORTANT: We need this done within 1-2 days time frame.

Happy Bidding.

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Need Fulltime Webdesigner And Developer For Ecommerce Site

I am looking for a full-time developer and designer for my ecommerce site. There will be a lot of customization involved and the platform is Zen Cart.

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ACM Email Project

This is for an email software

We are on a Linux VPS server right now.

-CSV Uploading of the files
-The email sending process.
-Cron Job set up.

Need a recommendation for a better server for performance.

Emails are sent from a different server.

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Live Radio Stream

We are looking for someone to build an app that can stream a rtmp: stream from a flash encoder no other functions needed we need to be able to change a picture set within the app on a regular basis

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Zen-cart Expert Need To Fix Some Bugs

We have recently Zencart installation that has some problems loading category pages properly.

Example: When category page is loaded the images are missing and the image paths seem to be wrong. It may have something to do with cache or seo urls, .htaccess. Also the header graphic disappears but the main layout objects are still in place. Plus some other related issues.

I need a Zencart expert to try to fix this IMMEDIATELY. I need it fixed today. If you are bidding, you are bidding to work right away.

PM for URL to look at the issues.

Terms: $30 -$50 immediate – if additional payments are required we can work off-line via PayPal. Bid between $30 -$50 to be considered.

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ZEN CART Professional, Need To Update Our Site

We have a zencart store with around 200k products and 55 categories.
i need an expert in zencart professional to accomplish design updates and new functionality. i have around 20-25hours of work now that needs to be accomplish.
candidate should have a lot of experience in zencart and plugging dynamic modules with the admin section.
candidate should have some design experience as well.
please send me portfolio and big functionality you have done on zcart.
work starts this weekend since its urgent.

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Data Entry Project For Zen Cart Store

We are a Zen Cart store which works as an affiliate with another store.

You must copy over items from their website to ours.

You must copy over description, add photos and add the price using the Zen Cart admin.

This project is for 100 items.

Any questions ask.

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Need Article Writers

Need excellent article writer…
there are 20 articles to be written.each 400 words.
i am willing to pay $30 for the set..
kind regards

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Upload Products From Vendor Site To Zen-cart Store

We get a daily and monthly product data feed from our supplier. We are looking for a company to add products to our website and also add product description.

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Need Webalizer / Analytics Help

We have had to provide Webalizer stats to a business partner to show our "traffic" and they are doubting the validity of the Webalizer stats we are showing as they are very high. We need someone to analyze the settings on our Webalizer and see if it is set up correctly, and to possibly run our logfiles through another type of analytical software to verify the traffic that Webalizer is showing. I put this down as a simple project but not sure what is really involved so quotes are needed.

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Magento Newsletter Issue


I have magento store, I want to get newsletter mail send to subscribers as currently there is some issue in sending the mails. Need to be fixed asap.

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Silverstripe integration

I need an experienced programmer to work with SilverStripe ( with a design Ive made.

I will provide you with a very precise specifications sheet (every interfaces are well explained), youll need to set up: CMS, form management and incorporate my design.

Its english and french, all informative except one form to adapt with silverstripe (no database).

I can provide one page as an example of the detailed specs, all other material will be given to you once we agreed on terms.

100% of the amount will be escrowed and paid when site is final, on my clients server.

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Facebook Application Needed

I am looking for a facebook application to be written.

The application will allow users to pay (Paypal / mobile phone / micro payments) to download PDF and swf files.

The PDF and SWFs need to be in a secure area. Users should be supplied with a use once and expire link to the file. They will select from named lists in categories.

I will need to be able to modify the lists (Ive set up a Zen Cart store – so you can assume I have some skills) add new categories add new files and set new prices.

Your initial bid should include:
An outline of your previous work
Cost for the whole project

If shortlisted I will ask you for
An hourly work rate
Suggested milestones for delivery

There may well be follow up work (twitter / myspace / linkedin).

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OsCommerce store creatio


I need someone to quickly create a good looking OsCommerce skin(logo + design) for a PHP script selling business and integrate the PLIMUS checkout gateway into it. I would be doing it myself but I have NO time.

Simple no thrills project. I will provide you with the domain and login details.

Payment via GAF Escrow

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magento store development to existing store

need the following work done to an existing Magento based store:

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Cube Cart experts

I need someone to template a cubecart skin and setup a couple plugins to my specifications… not a big job but I have multiple sites to do

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xhtml css2


Need to set template in xhtml transitionnal + css2 + php contact form.
This project must be improve on ie6 ie7 ie8 and firefox3, no bug no script error is available. you have to done 2 pages in xhtml, first home page and second page contact form, and a php file to send mail.
this is a very small project.

Regards gnzr

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Web Hosting Installation

I need someone to set up some domains and install a few scripts (jobberbase) on 3 domains and upload some files unzipped to a server.

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Brushed DC Motor Controller

Need someone to write a code for an Atmel ATTINY25 for a Brushed DC Motor Controller.

The unit can be used with unregulated DC supply. Motor loading can be compensated with inbuilt RxI-type adjustment using Back EMF and a PID algorithm. H-bridge is driven per PWM at 25kHz, thus achieves high efficiency and extensive controlling options.

Speed control value can be set with potentiometer. The ramp feature is used to limit the motor start and brake speed, in other words soften the operation and prevent the occurrence of current spikes and cam be set from 0s – 3s. The current limit limits motor torque that is current; this protects the motor and the mechanics. The unit has separate inputs for brake, freewheel and reverse. Brake short-circuits the motor poles and produces powerful braking. Freewheel detaches the power stage from the motor and leaves motor rotating freely. Reverse changes motor rotating direction; this is done using the set ramp times.
Brake and freewheel bypass the ramp feature.

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Microcontroller and Printer

Need someone to engineer and program PIC (or similar) microcontroller. PIC will be connected to a standard USB point-of-sale thermal printer (Epson TM-T88IV), and a momentary pushbutton.

Simple application will be used in stores where customers are waiting for service (think bakery shop). Customer will push button and printer will print next consecutive number and time of day. When number gets to 100 should loop back to 1. Must have any easy method for merchant to set time of day.

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Zope / Plone Install

I need someone to set up Zope and Plone on my server. This should be a very quick and easy project for anyone who knows what they are doing.

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Set-up Autoresponder Today

I need someone to finish work on setting up autoresponder…cut n paste html sign up form and place on homepage. set-up ebook download page which is simply 2 weblinks for 2 ebooks. upload 2 ebooks to server and test to make sure that when someone completes autoresponder (name & email) they will automatically be emailed access to download page with ebook weblinks.

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AuntErma’s Zen Cart

Need to update the main page to my web site please have a look at:

Then check out the attahced .jpg for the revisions

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no ot_tax fields

I have a store set to charge taxes to NC residents only. It is charging the tax to the customer, but it is not entering the tax into the database.

There are no ot_tax entries into the orders_total table. The ot_tax module is installed and shows up in the configuration table.

I need this fixed. The store is heavily modded and is using the Order Editor contribution, although this problem seems to have existed before that contrib was installed. There are NO ot_tax entries in the orders_total table at all.

I need someone with experience who can fix this quickly at a low price. Thats all I need. Thank you so much and happy bidding!

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Omegle Script (Random Chat)

I need someone who already did such a script and have some experiences in coding Chat scripts. I dont know what script languages should be used best for such a script, but I think that someone with experience in that stuff can do it easily. The script should work like the OMEGLE.COM script and based on the same functions. It should be also open, for future modifications (maybe if another coder wants to mod something). If possible, a multiple language-function would be great. I wish that it would have such as a backend, where I can set some things up. It would be great, if you could send me some references of your scripts by private message.

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Set up wiki

Need someone to set up a wiki on our domain and password protect it. Please make an offer

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Email server BP needed with set-up

I need someone with a server that I can get hosted on for smtp to inbox mass emailing and that can install send-safe or interspire for me and set me up so its ready to email. P.M me for ore details

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zen cart expert in need


i am looking for an zen cart expert.

thank you

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