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Experienced Facebook IFrame Designers Needed!


This is a fantastic opportunity for some ongoing and continuous work. I need iFrames made for Facebook users – you need to be able to do things such as:

– Custom Landing Tab
– Live Links from their Fan Page
– Side Profile Banner
– REVEAL Feature- FANs only Content
– Testimonial page
– Product and Services Image Gallery
– Opt-in box
– Graphics Intergration
– Integration of Web Properties and Design Themes

The successful candidate will be;

Motivated and ready to work. Have a quick turn around time, and be able to work closely with clients and send designed – with design revisions if necessary.

Fluent in English with excellent typing and grammatical skills

Have a real desire to work and earn money.

You will also have to be able to provide several different packages, ranging from Basic to Platinum, at competitive prices.

Please send me samples of your work when you reply so that I can evaluate the best clients.


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Web Designers Needed!!

I am adding Web and Graphics designers to my team!!!! Freshers are encourged to apply but I need to see some work/samples!!

I have lots of work for which I need team of designers so I will be selecting multiple designers!!

I will only be paying via freelancer and will setup 40%-50% milestone for each project when assigned!!

Only INDIVIDUALS to apply!! No teams please!!

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Chinese Website Designers Needed

I am looking for CHinese website designers for long term partnership.
the following skills are must:
C++, PHP, Graphic design, flash animation, photoshop, MySQL, Word press, Joomla, Shopping cart, Social media, and more

Pproject one

The brief details:
1.Improve the current website to bilingual website
2.Add all marketing functions
3.Make CMS

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Website Designers Needed

Website designers needed

Small tanning business website, Home pages needs to integrate flash, nice photo shop and designing work. Mainly display pictures and services on every page. There is no complex programming.
The details of the website more like, but you need to make flash on home page with nice photo shop work.
Also refer to following websites. more details will be given after sarting the work.

There are ongoing projects weekly or monthly. So, I need people wo can work for longer period and have a team. Individual designer is discouraged to bid.


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Developers And Designers Needed

My Company needs skilled developers and designers (only skilled ones)
here is the link
and the terms are:

– you will be paid per project
– if you get a client to post their project you get an additional 5% of the total cost
– only skilled persons needed as I will interview each developer and designer
who will not meet my needs will be deleted
– each project the team will get 80% and the company gets 20%
– this company will be growing bigger and bigger so you will have the honor to be the first generation of it
– the registration will be closed when there is sufficient number of developers and designers
– if some developers or designers were deleted after the interview the registration will open again.

I hope you will find it the right place for your skills

if you like it so register as a developer (even if you are a designer , this will be identified later)
and after registration closes the interviews will begin.


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Designers Needed: 3D And Flash.

I need a team of 2 or 3 web specialists; one for 3D, one for Flash and one for coding and development.
Here is what I want: I need a Virtual Exhibitions Center (VEC); you may also call it

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Graphic Designers Needed Urgently


We are looking for designers expert in HTML and Photoshop skills. We are looking for Long term contract with someone who is dedicated, having good English communication, willing to go the extra mile to earn big bucks! We pay handsomely and even distribute bonus to desrving employees.

Please reply with your Portfolio only. Serious long term bidders preffered. Companies preferred to individual designers.

We have 2 Urgent Projects at hand currently. On successful completion of these, we have many more in the pipeline.

Happy Bidding!

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Web Designers Needed

Will be discussed on PM.

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Graphic Designers Needed


*********************I am looking someone who will buy server . par day they can earn $30-$35usd.********************
===================== please contact me live chat (jack831000@yahoo.)=====================

========================we are selling data entry server and video upload server===================

———————Data entry server: par day you will do this work only 3 hours
1.If you buy data entry server then the server will give you daily payment
2.If you buy server then you can create many ids for you and your workers.
3.If you buy server then you can earn par day $30-$35usd.
4.Payment mode :Paypal,Mnoeybookers
5.server cost $20 usd for 5 years
——————-Video upload server:
1.If you buy video upload server then you can upload many videos in your server.
2.par video upload=12.5usd. if you upload 1 videos then you will get $12.5 usd.
3.par day you can upload 3-5 videos in your server.
4.the server will give you weekly payment.
5.If you buy video upload server then you can earn par day $20-$25 usd
6.Server cost $40 usd for 3 years
=========================== please contact me live chat (jack831000@yahoo.)=======================

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Flash Designers Needed

We need freelancers to design flash banners and sites – as simple as that.
We are located in Denmark and have a very good cliuent base. We have projects all the time – but not enough people.

If you are skilled in producing flash banners and sites – please let us know and – and we will be able to supply you with jobs..

Looking forward to hear from you.

DNA Design

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Unique PHPAS, GSS 3.0 Template Designers Needed.

We are using phpas and gss game script. We need unique css professional template.

example: (phpas)

we have more than 15 sites.

we need web designer to work with us .

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Artists And Graphic Designers Needed!!!

Opportunity with new clothing line.

What youll be doing:

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Graphic Designers Needed

We produce a dvd magazine and we are looking for graphic designers who will have work every month with us. They will be paid be the projects that are accomplised and according to the number they do. For more details please contact

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Programmers & Designers Needed

We are looking forward to hire a new team work in our new site , we need 2 professional programmers & Designers ,
our site concerns the lotto
waiting professionals only to Apply

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Web Developers And Designers Needed

Looking to expand my team of creative individuals in the area of Website Design and Development.
Seeking highly talented developers and designers who are keen working on CMS (Content Management Systems) and Ecommerce projects.

Web Designer:
– Strong foundation in Web Design and Site Mapping
– Proficient in Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash
– Delivery of Html sliced files
– Fast turn around time

Web Developer:
– Strong foundation in Drupal (highly preferred) only
– Can develop templates from photoshop concepts
– Timely Delivery
– Fast turn around time

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