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Auto Insert Full RSS Feed In Joomla EZ Realty

We need an RSS-feed-reader component that auto inserts RSS feed-data into the EZ-Realty database.

This has nothing to do with EZ-Realty coding but all with writing a piece of code that reads the feeds and adds the data to the database.

Feasible requirements (to be discussed with chosen provider> we are open for ideas):

* Not integrated with EZ-Realty. Stand alone component. No code changes to EZR (Mandatory!)
* CRON – automatic start up import
* Fully configurable XML import templates (something like in CSV Importer)
* We can start XML import manually from Joomla administration
* Import from XML file created from RSS feed URL
* Importing does not include duplicate listings
* Import includes full RSS feed information including pictures
* During next update from XML listings synchronization (missing/deleted/changes etc (timestamp?)…
* Log of Imported Listings where in case of errors
* Property Images import (stored in ezr-file system)

Copy of EZR-installation XML can be provided

Happy Bidding!

Time to deliver 1 week

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Get Images From RSS Feed And Display Them Full Screen

I need a simple app that will take all the images from, and display them full screen as a tab bar application.

– I dont need any titles or descriptions – just the images to be displayed full screen.
– It must be a tab bar application with a tab for an info screen
– The user must be able to "swipe" back and fourth in order to change pictures
– It should have a spot on the bottom for an ad view

I need this app to be done in 1-2 days MAX, so please ONLY bid if you are able to do it in a day or two.

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I need to have installed rss feed on
1. two rss feed needs to show in the footer area of
2. The rss should replace the existing latest news column.
3. The first rss feed should be connected to
4. The second rss feed should be connected to
5. The layout of the rss feed should match the existing design of the footer.

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Installing RSS Feed On Joomla Website

I need installed on a joomla website the following for every new content on my site:

RSS feed

ping the search engines when new pages are published

make XML sitemaps and automatic updates when new content and the search engines alerted to changes?

I need someone that have done it in the past and I will pay for the right plugin if we have to pay.

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