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Project For Mominur

build a backend with a batch upload for images either carrying file name or generating individual name or number

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Create Lead-Sheet From Midi-File Or Cubase 5-Project

You work preferably with Cubase 5 or Nuendo? Or Logic, Sonar or something like that? I want you to create Lead-Sheets from Midi-Files or Cubase 5-Projects of my songs. The Sheets should contain song-melody in scores, chord symbols and lyrics. 1 Song=1page.
Please give bid for 10 Songs=10 Sheets=10 Pages!

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Project For Daryl4jc7


I need some pages sorted in a particular file.

Budget $30


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Project For Daryl4jc7


I need some pages sorted in a particular file.

Budget $30


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Python Text Parsing

Write a Python script that does the following.

Read all files in a specific dictory, one by one, and after parsing write each file in another directory. The directories are parameters provided to the script.

The parsing does the following:
* All text that is not changed, is copied from the source to the destination file.
* Each time the string ” UNM_COVER(xxx)” is encountered, where xxx is pure numeric content (0-9) of any length, replace this string with ” UNM_COVER(i)”, where i is a counter that starts at 1 and is incremented by 1 each time a replacement is done.

The resulting effect is that the numbers in the UNM_COVER(x) sections effectively get renumbered and each get assigned a unique number.

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90%finished 2D-shooter_flash-game

With this task you can get next to payment also ingame-credits, this will be good for your resumme, it is a very good flashgame.

If you need safety -> I can do an escrow pre payment.

This is a 2D-shooter-game, 90% finished, I need 2 bugs removed, some new assets imported and some small functions implemented. I provide for the interested bidder here my task-document and a build of this flash-game.

Important: please send a flash demo (not too big filessize pls) of a flash game you created, thanks.

Overview – what is needed for this task:

– this job needs attention to details (for example correctly importing the graphics), I need both releases (German and English text) and the FLA and project files (I have flash MX for compiling, it has to be able to compile it)

– re-importing all Wall-Tiles and Map-Tiles (the 1st programmer was missing many), every tile is assigned to a number defined in the or map.wll as described in the original document

– please provide an invoice (a DOC file with your adress where you state how much I have to pay to you for this task)

– when the player_glider picks up some defined icons the player_glider will get new weapons (and the players max hitpoints will be changed). The collision of player-glider-to-icons is already defined, it is an easy task to change the actual_players_weapon.

– the player uses weapon1.xml at start, please enable that the player uses the sound defined in XML file.

– the amount of generated_health is changed for healing_icons 1 and 2 (very easy task)

– the text-messages of loading the xml-files are disabled in the final version, the counter for technology has 4 instead of 3 scales (very easy task)

– adding some new objects = enemies (and the shadows have to be created)

– end-of-game added: display of texture and jumping after 3 seconds to the Highscore menu, Highscore-display already created, also correcting the score-count (very easy task)

– compliling / exporting two versions/release-builds one with English ad one with German textures (texture on main screen, some texts and ingame tutorial textures), also texts in menus replaced (I will put all details about these tasks later in this DOC) This is the last step, first all the other thing should be completed and tested by me, then the two language versions should be created.

– correct the fire sequence for two weapon particle textures

– these is the only challenging tasks: debugging of movement when the playergilder is too near to an enemy-unit, it can create a strange movement-bug, also fix one walls/tiles-pixel-offset-bug

– importing/replacing background-sound-loops, changing the random-selection from 3 to 4. Also importing 4 new weapon graphics, replacing the pickup-sound and adding the bosskill.wav (to the event of boss-unit killed), also add/import three new weapon-sounds

– the profiles-load/save dont work, please make it work

– Low quality for saving space: This game should not have a too big SWF file, of course, I need good quality for walltiles, enemies and maptiles (you can see quality I think), low quality for background sound.loops and tutorial/mainscreen-textures.

You will need good Flash and AS3-programming skill, some basic graphic convert knowledge and XML/PHP programming skill. Please send me examples of flash games you created.

Thanks for your interest!

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Deploy struts project on hosting server

Hi I have a Struts project, which you will download from my repository. This project is to be deployed onto my hosting account, this involves uploading the project files, configuring and testing 2 cron jobs, and configuring a .properties file to integrate with my mail host.

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Repair or rebuild access DB system

This will need to be done via remote access. Here are described issues by user.

System does not populate "Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code" Fields with information entered. Instead, it automatically plugged in "Name (or a two digit number) , Address, City, State, Postal Code". This did not effect all the database just certain members.
If I need to search for a particular member, the database doesn’t recognize it by name because it plugged in a number (i.e. if you enter a #10 it brings up all the members affected).

Cannot send out membership cards because the information in the Contact Info. Screen formation also populates the letters that are to be mailed with membership cards.

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