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Quick Form Job

Need a smart and quick proagrammer who can use open source available php form script for multiple file submission. I already have a form in place but i need it 2 b Smart and look more trust worthy. More details to right provider in PM. lowest bid wins.

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Buttonsize Marketing Online

Our firm is doing online marketing from next week.
We have a deal with a newspaper firm that is going to show our "banner button" on size 230 x 110mm.
We need something nice to use as a button marketing on their newspapers site.

Our firm is selling solar awnings on the private and industrial market. We have alot of pictures if you need that.
Of course the size is very small so its a limit on how much you can put in the design, but people that is going to the newspaper site must "see" the button/banner.
When people are clicking on the banner, they will go to our website. (soon finished)

Please help us with that as soon as possible.

Solaflex AS

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Custom Headway Skin + Header Graphic & Opt In Form

Im starting a business blog 100 % dedicated to marketing.

I just purchased the headway theme and now i need you to create a customized skin for me.

This should be a very easy job…the most complex part being the header graphic.

HERES EXACTLY WHAT I NEED: and i need it within 2 days!

-a custom skin that i can upload and use with the headway theme (you must have previous experience with headway)
-i want the page to be a soft blue …but a little bit darker than the blues on this page.

– i want a huge opt in form within the header area similar to the one on ths page

– I want threaded comments

-I need a custom header that spans the entire width of the screen.

-i want this to be very web 2.0 looking and somewheat cartoonish, with bright colors and vector icons.

i will give you my site details after a successful bid on this job.

my budget is $90 it is here and i am ready to spend it today for a job well done.

here are are some ideas of the headers that look nice: (i like how this is one big cartoon) (i like how this one has the cartoon character sitting over the top with her feeting hanginging over the image, thats awesome)

so if you can find a way to incorporate everything that i asked for abouve then you will get the job and i will also hire you for my other blog, which is also anothr business blog.

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Design A Graphic Depicting Discrete Female Form

I have built a medical device designed for women and I require a suitable graphic for packaging/brochures etc. This will not be linked to a corporate identity. The device is of a (female) personal nature and not linked to any sexual activities.

The graphic should be distinctly feminine and would ideally be a brushstroke female form in one, or maximum two soft colors. The background will be white, and the colors of the image would ideally be a pink or light shaded color (e.g. pale blue or pale green.)

The form should be of good taste, simple, and convey a message of a feminine only product..

A two word product name will be given to the winning bidder on the basis of confidentiality.

A bid should contain a/some watermarked stylised offerings or ideas.

Intimate areas of the form should not be detailed or strongly discernable.

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Design An Online Form Using WordPress

Looking for a web developer who is extremely expert in WordPress and forms development in WordPress. Please have a portfolio of WordPress projects to show.

We have a small product web site that is currently static HTML. We want to link several dynamic forms to our product pages, and we want to run the forms on an outsourced web site. We think that WordPress might be a good platform for this development.

You will need to create the WordPress forms with the following requirements:

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Flash Banner Logo Image Graphic Photoshop Design Easy Job!

I am having 3 or 4 websites built so need some small images/designs made.

It is very hard to describe in words what I need so I will just show you examples.

Please click here:


Take a look at the flashing image (electrical certificates for £59 etc etc)

I need very similar images like that. The words will be different and the font will be different but they will be simple like the above design. I need 6 of these made with different words. They must flash like the example above.


Next, I have already chosen someone to design the back end of a website for me and he has also designed the front end. It is fine, and done to a good standard. What I need is for someone to take an image (I will provide that to you) and then take another image (which will be Paypal image and credit card logo) and combine the two. I will provide you with all images, you just need them to combine and work together. My website designer has also given me the dimensions to work to for the images.

If you need an example click below:

Combine one of these images:

with one of these images:

However, please understand that the above links are just examples so you know what to expect. I will provide the images for you to combine/mix.

I need 3 of these made.

SO, in total 9 images.

6 of these will be the same, except different wording.
3 will be for different websites and I will provide images.

Payment after work is completed. Lots more ongoing work for anyone looking for contract work on a short-medioum term babis. I will pay via Escrow.

Lowest bidder will win as this is an easy project for someone who knows what they are doing.

Prject completion date is by 15th August. Which means 2 days. NOTE- only one image is required by then, the other 8 will be spread over the next 2 weeks. SO you can take your time with the other 8, but one of them is required in 2 days.




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Joomla Small Job

Joomla small job (one page). Create a form and add some ajax.More details provide on PMB and Serious bidders only (Have to know AJAX and JAVA SCRIPTS)


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