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Idea Entrepreneur For A Portal Of 4500 Domains


We are a company that recently bought a bundle of 4500 domains.
Our first idea was to build adsense websites on all domains, but we need one or more entrepreneurs to make the right structure, because we also would like the domains to do more than Google Adsense.

We need to create the right setup, so we do not need to change 4500 websites manually when we get a new idea, so before we start building sites, we must know :
– How can we get most out of the domains
– How to get most traffic on Domains.
– Is Google Adsense the right choice or should we combine with clickbank and other ads.
– Should we have same CMS on all Domains or 1500 WP, 1500 Joomla etc.
– We want to build 5-10 "backlinks shops" and use our portal of 4500 Domains for backlinks, is that possible ?
If it is possible, how should setup be ?
– How can we earn extra money while we have 4500 domains
etc. etc

In a few words : We have 4500 Domains that must be optimized and generate as much money as posible – how should the setup be ?
You should only come up with the ideas and structure of the portal, you do not build the sites.

If you have no experiense in handling this kind of project, please do not bid.
As bidder on this project, you need to come up with a detailed plan and winner(s) will be awarded with 50$.
Maybe winner(s) will be given long term jobs after this.

Thanks for bidding.

Best regards

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Basic Landing Page FAST!

Hello I need a basic landing page to capture B2B clients and use the page for google ad words. I would need this page optimized for google specifications. I will need this done asap! Please PM me for website samples.

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Articles On Homeschooling

I am looking for someone to produce 30 articles on homeschooling. I will provide you with the keywords. They must make sense and be positive in nature. I am only able to pay $1.00 per article at this time but I will provide you with an increase in pay as my profits increase if I decide to keep you as a long term employee.

The articles only need to be 400-500 words a piece. I will provide you with a keyword. They should be SEO optimized.

I will require a sample article before I hire you but it will count as your first article if I choose you as my provider.

I will pay through freelancer and provide good feedback upon completion of the work. I will escrow payment after 15 articles and release upon completion.

I retain full rights to your articles and you may not use them anywhere else even as a sample.

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