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OSC Pro Needed Now

Ok… Im getting frustrated :/

Problem: Site is configured to use ssl.
When user is at login.php, all is great.
User logs in and is redirected to index.php (but SSL).

This is not proper and shouldnt be happening.
Once user logs in, they should be redirected to index.php (no ssl)

Once again, Im looking for a pro to find the actual problem, fix it and let me know what it was 🙂

I want someone who knows osc well enough and can started on this right away and get it done quickly!

Best price with fastest turnaround = Winner!

I dont want a simple hack job like adding a line in .htaccess to force non ssl 🙂

The current problem is simple enough to fix properly 🙂

Please note: I make no upfront payments of any kind.
I pay in full upon successful completion. See my feedback and youll see that Im fair, honest and prompt. If thats not acceptable to you, please dont bid 🙂

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OSC Custom Design

I have hosted a OSC shopping cart which is not completed, were seeking for a professional who can help as follow:

1) Modify some layout on the cart.
2) install module (CSV import/export) so that we can upload all listing in bulk

Of course, we need some help and guide after the job completed.

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Oscommerce Based Site Upgrade From 2.2 To 2.3.1 OSC Version

I need an OSCommerce expert in order to upgrade my e-commerce shop from 2.2 to 2.3.1 OSC version.
We have some important contributions installed such Paypal payment module and advance html code based on jQuery and Prototype libraries.
For that reason we will consinder ONLY project bids from professional freelancers.

Please completely check my live site before post a bid and write the word SUN in your offer detail if you have analyzed and understood all the needed modifications.
The project will be fully tested from us on a test domain and then uploaded to live site.

We will accept milestone payments ONLY if the freelancer will show his professionality.
Please dont make bids if you are not sure to fully complete the project.

This is a simple project and i will consider only low-cost offers.

Please contact me for further details.


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Osc Fixes And Changes For Zeldaze

Various fixes and changes needed on an oscommerce website as discussed with Zeldaze.

Please do not bid – the project has already been agreed with a specific freelancer. Thanks!

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HTML CSS Webpage Layouts Required

I am looking for the following html css templates.

OScommerce style (must work on STS templates)
Themes:- Football Products
Adult Toy Products
Fancy Dress Products
Lingerie Products
Perfume Products
Wedding Waistcoat and tie products
Designer Watches products
Mobile phone accessories
Novelty Giftware

Static html website, for Roofer, Event Management

Please note I dont expect you you to supply an example of each one you can provide, but it must be your own work and I must be able to redistribute it.

The OSC sites will require buttons making for standard OSC functions and a few others besides.

Examples of sites

There maybe future work for custom designs for my clients and I need to establish a relationship with good reliabe and value for money designers.

Please show me your work only and preferably for a theme one from OSC side and one from Static html side.

Any questions post on clarification board, no feedback is likely to lead to not being accepted sorry.

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Osc Addons And Mods

As discussed with ZELDAZE:
Rewrite Attributes function completely to include it in categories.php
Modify presentation of attributes on site front-end to show in table format
Modify specials to work with start and end date
Create / install a function that allows customers to create custom PDF brochures on the fly
Various other smaller mods and changes

This project is for Zeldaze only. Agreed fee is $900.

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OSc Site Change Banner. New One Designed Just Needs Implemen

I have an osc site with sts templates and need the top banner changed for a new one. I have designed a banner so its a case of swapping them over. I also need some text changed on the bottom of 3 or 4 pages. company details etc

also coppermine gallery not working properly, it doesnt allow us to add any images and just crashes

Very small job for those familiar with osc and completion should take a couple of hours at most

please bid accordingly

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Converting Oscommerce Mobiles Module For Xtcommerce

Our shop is written in a Oscommerce (Osc) version Xtcommerce (Xtc). Main difference is that Xtc use separate HTML code assigned with Smarty. From Osc we have a mobile contrib that can be used to add an extra theme pure for mobile users. By using this contrib our shop can support mobile phones access.
We like to get contact with a programmer well-known in Osc+ Smarty if you are familiar with Xtc v3.04 Sp2 would be very nice. You can see in the attachment the code for Osc. The complete front shop presentation as you can see in the attachment has to rewrite (splitting html from the rest). The css design included is only an basic design.

-Rewrite the contrib in Xtc formats.
-Upgrade the code with the changes of Xtc (tmp orders_id, google checkout, etc.)
-Functionality is same as active shop
-Some presentations must be rewrite f.e. home page: instead of rows the items are listed in icons

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MIgrate OSC To Magento Shopping Cart

I need a very budget programmer to migrate my existing OSC website to Maganto.

1) To migrate my existing OSC website database, including product information, categories, photo and payment shipment setting to magento. Including paypal checkout setting. All static pages and new contents to be included in the new site

2) Install a new premium theme , provide by myself

3) install facebook, twitter and social media

4) SEO friendly setting and extension

Budget $75-$100

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Coupon Code Implementation On OSC For AnishSahu

As discussed, we need to implement & customize the coupon code contribution on OScommerce

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Osc Admin Move/ Copy Categories & Products

I need to modify my osc /admin/categories.php to successfully copy categories and sub categories. Currently there is a copy category function/button, but it just copies the top category and not the sub categories or products under it. I basically just want a way to copy a category and all of its products and sub categories along with it. Also, it would be nice to be able to have the option to choose whether to duplicate or link the products in the sub categories being copied.

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I have an osc site amd want to chang box colours, text tyes and colours and also the banner, i have a banner designed which needs to replace the existing one. i will release milestone payments when each task is completed eg banner, boxes, text

please only bid if you know how to work osc

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Osc One Page, One Click Checkout

I need a one click checkout form converted to work with osc.

Ive created their form from an old site that they used to use. It was originally integrated with paypal pro subscription. But they wanted to use ARB and AIM instead. Since i have a working oscmax installation that accomodates both modules i thought it best to use OSC. But this form does not work with osc checkout, but we need it to work.

Here is the form ive already transferred over.

There are 2 products as you can see… and if the subscription product is selected, then Authnet ARB module needs to load in the cc area or at least the hidden fields, if the other radio button for one time payment is selected, then AUthnet AIM module needs to be activated etc..

I basically just need this form setup to work with osc. WHich would probably mean, adding several hidden fields and creating some javascript with some autoload and onclick features. Client does not want the customers to log in or create an account at all, so purchase without an account is enabled on this osc, so if we have to somehow use that we can as well.

If youre interested in doing this project, keep in mind that there will be more paid work involved on this site in the near future.

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OSCommerce/STS Template System

We have an OSCommerce 2.2 Storefront and would like to do a complete redesign of the interface. We currently utilize STS Template System version 2 for the customization of the interface.

The freelancer we are looking for will have the following experience:

Most important experience:
*** OSCOMMERCE: Expert level experience
*** STS TEMPLATE SYSTEM (OSC Contribution): to create special tags for header and footer elements and for template pages

Other important skills to be utilized:
*** CSS for sophisticated interface elements such as dropdown menus, rounded corners, buttons, etc. (we will supply the basic stylesheets to be integrated into the OSC store)
*** JQUERY for galleries and sliders (we can supply the basic JQuery template to be integrated into the OSC store)

Please provide a bid for the following four steps:

Step One: Update of STS Template System to the latest version (v 4.6)
Step Two: Design of the OSC Homepage utilizing the STS system
Step Three: Integration of CSS menu system for navigation
Step Four: Integration of NivoSlider JQuery Gallery based on our specifications

We would like all changes to be made on our development OSC system (not on our live store) and once satisfactorily completed, explained to us step by step so that we can update our system without the freelancer having direct access to our live server.

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Migrate From OSC To Magento Shopping Cart

I need a budget programmer to migrate an existing OSC website to become a magento shopping cart.

Limited budget, looking for new freelancer who can give such services.

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Need Title And Description Edited On Osc Site

I need ttle and description edited in oscommerce site

-header seo mod and seo g is conflicting with my edit

Need fixed asap


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Activate OSC MAX E-Comerce Site

– Active OSC MAX that we have already downloaded to our server
– Activate admin

– Connect the e-commerce module to our Domain name

– connect via API paypal & our credit card processor to except payments

– add our company Logo to top right of the front page of the website

– ip specific currency masking. If your in UK you see Pounds, if viewing from France pay in Euro etc.

– make sure language modules are installed for French, German, Italian, Spanish Languages

Experience required:

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Private Job For Wildcat For Osc V3.0

Private job for wildcat

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Osc Cart – Add A New Product

you job is to add a new product to the cart.

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OSCommerce Expert Needed: Adding Contributions/addons

We build a LOT on online stores. (100+ per year) We use OScommerce as our e-commerce solution. We are continually adding contributions to these stores as we build them. We realized that a lot of time its the same ones, over and over. So we decided to create a master version of OSC that has ALL the contributions we normally add, already built in.

We need a quote on creating this master version of OSC for us.

Here are the contributions we want installed:
We know there are sometimes more than one version of a contribution, so thats why we need an OSC expert who can guide us on the best ones to use.

pay without account:
Easy Populate & Products Attributes
Product Extra Fields
Additional Images Module
Order Editor
wishlist 2.0
image zoom tool (we will supply this as its 3rd party)
Simple Template System
ultimate SEO URLS
Quantity Price Breaks Per Product
Article Manager v1.0
Discount Coupon Codes

i selected the small task $30 – $250 but if your bid is a higher i understand, please still post it….I am very aware that some take a while to install and some are quick.

Please be VERY familiar with OSC. Do not bid otherwise


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ThisOkay New Web Template/design

We have a website currently running a standard "boring" template. The website is, the shop sells streetwaer, primary t-shirts.

The project is:
– design a logo for us (in vector graphics would be bonus)
– design a new website template
– give us the design as PSD file
– give us the design in tableless xhtml/css (can be optional if your price is cheap enough)

Inspiration for the website, and just inspiration

Inspiration for the logo (See the above webpages) and:

If you are doing a good job we also in ne near future needs banners, email templates and more.

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OSC Shipping Contrib Installation & Customisation

Hello, i need to install this contrib under my shop :

In addition i have to customise this contrib for two carriers not listed in official OSC page.

Its important to insert tracking list in order page and in account history info customer page.
Please note that my two carriers use different tracking methods.

Im looking for a quick installation ( at maximum 2 days ).

All offers will be considered!

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OSC Order Tracking Contrib Customisation & Installation

Hello, i need to install this contrib under my shop :,1742

Some little modifications will be added in order to display the correct italian carrier tracking link.

All offers will be considered!

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Customize Osc Shopping Cart

Customize Osc Shopping Cart

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OSC To CSS Installation And Google Adwords Setup

I would like an experienced php coder to install OSC to CSS onto my oscommerce website that is heavily modified and also be able to setup Google adwords for my website (Removed by Admin)

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Full Web Shop With Template Design

We need a Programmer/Designer who create us a full shop site in osCommerce or xt:Commerce for our exclusive products! Inclusive Logo, header, graphic and module design inclusive Language tool and currency converter functionality in SEO Friendly way.


We are selling self crafted wooden ashtrays so the sample of this shop template has to be changed in such style of wooden graphics and themes.

So the whole shop must have an eye catching awesome design like in the sample!

Thanks in advance!

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OSC Vs. Magento – Tip Me!


I´m currently using OSC but considering changing to Magento in 2011.
Please give me a PM with reasons why I should stick with OSC or go with Magento.

Best tip will be awarded USD5 (And I might use that programmer for the job of coding/modding the shop in 2011).

Thank you for the help!

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