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Ipad App For Blog

We have a blog / news website and we would like to create an ipad app version. The existing site is built on linux / mysql / php / coldfusion. This is the first application in a long line of apps we currently plan on launching, therefore a longer term relationship can be forged with the successful freelancer.

Here is a brief outline of what we require.

1. A main page showing all the latest stories
2. Search functionality
3. A list of all categories ( we have about 50 ), and pages listing the latest stories in the specified category.
4. User sign in and commenting
5. subscription service, most likely using paypal pro as payment processor.

Proof of previously developed apps are required.

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Virtual Market Place

Would like to create a portal for listing products and services for my customers.

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oscommerce manufacturer category

In OSCOMMERCE when u choose a MANUFACTURER a drop down box appears at top which says SHOW and u choose ALL CATEGORIES or a particualr category

i dont like this

is it possible to have the categories for a manufacturer appear on left side as a list of links (NOT DROP DOWN)

or if it says SHOW all CATEGORIES to have it display the prodcuts with the CATEGORY TITLE appearing in PRODUCT LISTING instaed of a continuous list of PRODCUTS

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